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Does anyone believe in fate? I hope they do, because this a story about a girl named Skylar and her family, and they do. He ask me “My name is Skylar Tala.” I said smiling “What a beautiful name.” He said smiling at me “My name is Matt Dakota.” He said to me “It’s nice to meet you too.” I says to him and out of the corner of my eyes I see other two guys laughing with each other and they remind me of Chris and Leo. Matt looks back at them “Kyou and Taro! Behave this is you Luna!” He said in his Alpha voice, both of then bowed there head to me “Please don’t bow to me.” I said to them, Matt looked at me “Skylar?” He looked confused “I’ll explain the reason I don’t like to be bowed to later.” I said to him smiling “Ok then dear, have you had lunch yet?” I shook my head “ No I haven’t.” I said to him. All of a sudden we all a roar in the cafeteria and Tyler was standing face to face with a next in line Alpha from a pack that ours doesn’t get along with that well, the pack is called ‘White Autumn’ I looked over there and so did Matt. Then I started to run as fast as I could because this get out of hand really fast, Matt followed me. ‘Chris, Leo WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?’ I said in the mind link using my half Luna voice ‘Thank moon goddess your hear Skylar. It’s bad this time.’ Chris said ‘WHAT HAPPENED?!?’

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Hello to my readers out there, how are you all doing, hope life is going good for you all. I’m sure I can guess what you are thinking as you start to read this, your all thinking ‘What the hell is on’ or maybe ‘Why the fuck am I getting ask how I’m doing’ bet I’m close, because I would be thinking the same thing if I was you all, but hey I just want to be friendly, that is all.

Well now that we have that taken care of, let me tell you who I am. My name is Skylar Koko Tala, I live in North America, I’m a werewolf. I live at home with my mother and big brother, my father past away a few years again. But this story is about my big brother Tyler, who is the Alpha of our pack, and about my friends and family who I love. As I have said my father past away a few years ago, but you may be wondering about my mother, well she is alive, but she was so heartbroken after my father away that my big brother Tyler told her that he would become the Alpha of the pack, and told my mother that I would become the step in Luna for the pack. Our mother told us she was thankful and she was proud of what we did for her and the pack.

Well that is a bit of information, but I still have not told you the name of my pack it is The Blood River Moon. The pack is really cool I love everyone in it. But even with me being the step in Luna everyone can tell that something is missing, and that my big brother Tyler’s mate. Sure mom is the Luna, but Tyler is the Alpha and he has not found his mate yet, and I can tell it is driving him and his wolf insane. I hate to see my big brother who I love like this, he is eighteen years old and he has been looking for his mate a year now. I pray to moon goddess that he find his mate soon and they are happy together. I’m four years younger than Tyler and we are close, we always have been. We talk about stuff that normal sibling wouldn’t dream they would talk about. We have talked about we thought our mate’s would be like, things about the pack; such as how many guards should be at each border, to helping out other packs. Some things we talk about at the end of the day after everyone else has gone to bed, we can just chat find anything to chat about normal, most of the time it all ways ends up on the pack. To both of us the pack the important and special, I think that is why most of the times our conversations end up on the pack.

To the pack Tyler is special, not just because he is the Alpha but because he is always trying to help anyone in the pack who needs it. In a pack the Alpha is the strongest but without his Luna he is not as strong as he can be. I’m just a step in for my mother, but the pack needs its Alpha’s Luna. I do believe that the moon goodness will give Tyler his mate, and also give my friends and me our mates also.

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