Brighter Than Imagined - A Short Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romance Story

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Though she threatened to take everything away, right now all he wanted was to lie down next to her & hold her close until the world existed no more."  KIM: I've been trying to escape this farm for so many years. But yet here I find myself, back in the place I feared the most. And I'm not planning on facing my demons anytime soon.  LEVI: This farm is everything to me. It's the reason I get up and try again. I have no family, no reputation, no future. Without it...I have nothing. And I won't let anyone take it away from me.  When Kim's dad starts getting ill she has no choice but to go back to the town and the farm she left behind after a horrible event changed her life. But now she's returned. And she's planning on making it her last trip. But when a stubborn Rancher refuses to give up on the farm, she has to choose between running away - like she always does - or following her heart and hoping for something brighter than imagined.

Romance / Drama
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Kim always laughed when she saw travel ads for the city she lived in. They made it look so beautiful, so happy, so fun. But it was everything but that.

She could tell you.

It was filled with people like her stuck in jobs that they didn’t like. Jobs that made them feel more dead than alive, seeping away any humanity they had left every day slowly but surely.

She had no friends, no family, no loved one and she was all alone in a big city.

She’d learned the hard way that no one cared about anyone around here. It was every man for themselves. She missed the days when she was innocent and felt like the world was hers to take.

Every day was the same thing and she was tired of it. She needed a break. She had been thinking of booking a vacation. It wasn’t like there were a lot of people to spend it on.

She was getting older and she was still alone. She tried dating but the people in the city were different from where she came from. They didn’t care about each other. That wasn’t the kind of person she wanted to be with.

So instead she chose to be alone.

Kim had to grow up a lot. A lot of things she needed to fix on her own. There was no one around to help her up, to step in. She learned very quickly that if you didn’t do it yourself no one would.

She would’ve continued this boring, static and cold life if it wasn’t for the phone call.

Stella, sweet old Stella that worked for her father as a maid on the farm she grew up with, called frantically. She had to calm her down first. She hadn’t heard her voice in so long it brought back so many memories. Then Stella told her about her dad. He had suffered from a heart attack. She felt her knees buckle. She feared the worse. But he was still alive. He was going to be okay.

But Kim knew it was time. Time to face her demons. The things she’d been trying so hard to leave behind. The reason she was here in the city living this static cold life in the first place.

She had to go back to Home Coming. There was nothing wrong with the town. It was a beautiful place with friendly people and it had expanded a lot over the years.

But the memories it held. That was the problem.

She didn’t hesitate. It was her father after all. But she had one goal in her mind, only one.

She was going home to bring him with her, back to the city.

But she knew she needed to get rid of one thing for that to happen.

The farm.

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