Brighter Than Imagined - A Short Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romance Story

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When it was time for Kim and Mr. Sawyer to leave, Levi wasn’t in sight. Instead he left early morning to go to visit his mother. He was sitting opposite her, trying to act normal and talking about everything on the farm, but inside he knew that even if his mother could say it she’d catch on that something was wrong. His mother hadn’t been the same since Heather’s death. Since that fateful day she hasn’t spoken a word ever again. He came to visit her sometimes, trying to be there regularly, but it hurt so much to see her in this condition, only humming to herself contently, that he sometimes preferred not to be around her. He also hated the way it felt to come visit his own mother, his own mother who he loved for so many years and had so many great memories with that now felt like a stranger to him. The retirement home where she lived felt cold and unfriendly. He wished he could take her somewhere else, somewhere where she’d feel normal again. But he knew she’d never be normal. The mother he used to know was gone.

And today more than anything he really wanted to talk to her. He needed to tell someone about how he felt. But instead he continued like normal and only thought about everything that occurred these past weeks.

Levi should’ve known this would happen. He was warned against Kim. He knew she was here for one purpose. But he thought she’d changed since she came back. She’d become a different person around him. She showed him pieces of her that no one knew. But yet here he was making ready to say good bye to his beloved farm. But that didn’t even matter. Because all that mattered right now was that she was leaving. He was never going to see her again. And it was all his fault for falling for her. So many times in his life he’d been hurt. But he never learned it seems. Why did he ever open his heart to her? This girl that could never be happy. This girl that was searching for something that he couldn’t give.

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