Brighter Than Imagined - A Short Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romance Story

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Her dad had been doing well since they arrived in the city. But Kim on the other hand was restless. She couldn’t sleep at night. Every time she closed her eyes she’d see the welcoming beautiful face of Levi, the man she’d never have. She felt angry at herself for hurting him but she knew she had no choice. If he’d have known who she was, who’d know what would’ve happened. But yet there was this part of her that wishfully wondered if perhaps he would’ve been able to forgive her. After all she wasn’t found guilty of anything. But yet she knew he’d probably misunderstand. Just like the whole town has. And she never wanted to go back there again. She couldn’t help thinking about that night in the tree house. She was so happy back then. But that wasn’t real, she had to remind herself of that. Besides this was best for her father. He would soon be doing much better, she knew it. But yet still the image of that first time she met Levi, that day when he was sweaty and dirty in the barn, handing her to feed for the horses, came regularly in her mind. She didn’t understand what was going on with her. She hadn’t eaten properly in days even though she made sure her dad didn’t notice that. She didn’t want to worry him. And she wouldn’t know how to explain to him what was going on with her. It was like her mind was wrapped around him and she couldn’t break lose even if she wanted to. And she didn’t know why. Because what was so special about that rancher? What did he do to her that no one else seemed to be able to in so many years? But as soon as she’d catch herself thinking like that, she’d turn her thoughts to something else. Because she knew the answer. Of course she did. And even though she’d love to deny it, it was there. The problem was to forget it.

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