Brighter Than Imagined - A Short Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romance Story

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“You’ve been different lately,” Miss Stella said.

Levi was helping her again in the kitchen.

“How different?”

“You’re usually so talkative and all smiles. Now you look like a wilted flower.”

He sighed.

“I guess I feel like one too.”

“Is it because of a certain city girl?”

“I tried to stop her from going.”

“Did you tell her how you feel?”

He shook his head.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I wanted to. But I walked in as she was packing up.”

He turned to the older woman.

“She said nothing was holding her back here.”

“Remember, this place has a lot of bad memories for her. It’s been hard on her,” Stella said.

She walked over to him and touched his shoulder.

“But since she’s met you, she’s been able to see it in a different light.”

He looked up, anger in his eyes.

“Then why did she leave?”

“Maybe she’s afraid that the place still sees her the same way,” Miss Stella said. “Maybe she thinks you can’t see her the way she wants you to.”

She paused.

“Maybe she’s afraid you’ll judge her.”

“Of course I won’t judge her!” Levi said, his voice raised. “I’m not a saint.”

Miss Stella gave him a knowing look.

“She doesn’t know that. Maybe you should tell her that.”

“But how? She’s back there in the city.”

Miss Stella laughed.

“We have a phone, don’t we?”

A determined looked flashed on Levi’s face.

“What’s her number?”

A few minutes later he called.

The phone rang on the other side but no one answered.

Then suddenly there was a voice.


Levi felt his heart beat faster at the sound.

“Hi, Kim. It’s Levi.”

“Levi? Is something wrong on the farm?”

“No, I...I wanted to know how you are?”

There was a pause.

“I’m good. Thank you..I...and you?”

“Yeah, I’m good.”


There was silence for a while. He looked towards Miss Stella who was urging him on to tell her.

“Uh, actually I wanted to...”

“I’m actually going to...”

She laughed.

“Sorry, you go ahead.”

“No, ladies first.”

“Okay, well, I’m actually coming down this weekend.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Yeah, I’m finally selling the place. So I just need to get some minor details sorted.”

His expression darkened and he shook his head at Stella.

“I see,” he said his voice hardened.

“So...I’ll see you then,” she said softer.

“Yeah. Bye.”

There was a pause and Levi couldn’t help himself. He quickly said,


“Yes?” she asked.

His heart beat through his chest. He needed to do it now. It was his only chance. He could still change her mind.

“Save trip.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

He put the phone down loudly and punched the wall next to it.

“You should’ve told her,” Miss Stella said.

“I couldn’t.”

Miss Stella looked at him confused.

“I can’t give her what she wants.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because she’s happy. And that’s all I want for her.”

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