Brighter Than Imagined - A Short Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romance Story

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Levi tried not to laugh.

“Well then you’ll just have to wait and find out.”

Kim rolled her eyes, a goofy smile on her face, walked back towards him and bent down to sit again. Halfway through her hand slipped and she fell to her side and landed against him. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around her.

She looked up and their faces were inches apart.

“It looks like you’re the one doing all the moves,” he said.

But she didn’t say anything. Instead she concentrated on him. He wished he could know her thoughts. He hoped she didn’t know his.

But did it really matter? Didn’t he want her to know?

You could blame it on them being in the middle of darkness with the moonlight shining on them, or the fact that she was so close to him, maybe even the fact that he just told her his personal problems.

But Levi leaned in and kissed her. He tasted the warm comfortable feeling of falling. And he really was falling. In that moment he felt everything, every emotion, every temperature, every thought, every memory. And when she pulled away, a smile still on her face, he thought,“Levi Hennessy. You’re in deep trouble.”

And that only made his smile wider.

“You know i was thinking about the farm,” she said.


“If you promise to take care of it...”

“I will,” Levi answered. “I promise.”

“I might not sell the farm.”

“Really? Why the sudden change?”

“I guess i just realized it means more than i thought.”

He let out a relieved gasp and said softly,

“Thank you.”

Kim smiled.

They talked for a while until she started getting sleepy. And the next thing he knew she fell asleep next to him. He’d helped her to lie down and covered her up with the blanket they brought. He watched her sleep for a moment and smiled.

And even though this woman might take away everything that ever meant anything to him, right now this moment he wanted nothing more than to lie down next to her and hold her close until the world existed no more. But he knew that when morning light came things would go back to the way it was. But right now he wanted to enjoy this. He stroked her cheek and she moved slightly. And the rest of the night he looked out towards the open sky watching the stars until he fell asleep and dreamed of a world that existed around her.

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