Once Upon A Dream - A Short Best Friends To Lovers Romance Story

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Ember leaned in closer. And then suddenly his eyes trailed down to her lips and Garrett began to close his eyes. Thalia." Garrett wants nothing more than to go back in time and regain the love of his life, Thalia, who he lost because of her parents' disapproval. But instead he's stuck in a life without her. Ember wants Garrett to realize that the person he needs is his best friend who's been there for him since they were school kids. But instead Garrett's heart lies with someone else. But after a car accident, when Garrett gets a second chance at love when he wakes up in his old town that same year he met and lost Thalia, he wants to take the leap to get her back. But as he spends more time with his best friend, Ember, he has to ask himself; at what cost?

Romance / Fantasy
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Garrett smiled graciously to the camera. He loved doing interviews. It always made him feel more successful. He showed the crew and the interviewer around his lavish apartment, his girlfriend trailing along. He had it made. And today was his shot to show the world just how much. When they sat down again in the living room he completed the interview. He thought they were done but the interviewer told him she had one more question.

“No problem. Ask me anything,” he said, with a smile again.

“I see your girlfriend is here as well. Are you planning on settling down anytime soon? You have been dating for quite a few years.”

Garrett opened his mouth to speak but he had no words. What was he supposed to say? He looked at his girlfriend who eyed him incredulously. It was like she was yelling at him, “Answer, you fool!”

“We have been in a relationship for a quite some time, you’re right about that. But we’re not planning on settling just yet. Thank you for your time today but I think we can call it a wrap.”

He stood up. He wanted this to end right now.

When the cameras were off the interviewer, a young woman, who probably didn’t know any better, stretched out her hand for him to take, wanting to thank him for the interview. But Garrett didn’t give her time to and started yelling at her.

“How dare you put me on the spot like that! I told you my personal life is none of your damn business!”

“I’m sorry, sir. I just thought our readers would like to know.”

“Well you were wrong. Your boss is going to hear about this!”

“Please, sir, I didn’t mean any harm.”

“Just get out! You and your crew. There’s the door, get out!”

When they left he paced around, angry, his chest burning like it was inflamed. He turned to his girlfriend who was still sitting on the couch silently. But her stare told him everything. He was in trouble and the conversation he was dreading was coming.

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