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She deserves this, right? But, I am worthless, right? ***This story has a harsh storyline and should not be read by anyone triggered by bullying, eating disorders, or suicide***

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Dear Bully,
I guess you started when I was young. I had my little blue jeans, tee shirt, and sneakers on the first day, every other girl was wearing a dress. But I don’t like dresses. No one liked to hang out with me. Then it got worse in middle school. I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t as skinny as some of the other girls. They called me fat.
Skip up to now, I don’t eat, yet I am fat. I’ve kissed one guy, still a virgin, yet I’m a slut, whore, and a skank. I am nothing but nice, yet I’m the bitch. I look like any other person, yet I am the freak.

Why, why did I deserve this?
Why didn’t I just wear the dress my stepmother picked out?
Please just tell me why,

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