Dear Lucy

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Lucy Was Not Her Real Name.... 'Curious?' He repeated his dark eyes gazing at me with anger. 'About what, my wallpaper?' I swallowed, my fingers gripping the diary behind my back as I tried to move slowly towards the door. 'Your room. You know, whether it's true what they say...' 'What do they say?' He moved closer to me, his peppermint breath fanning my face as I tried not to stare at the scar above his eyebrow. 'That you have OCD.' ************************ Harper Richmond is the secret mind behind 'Dear Lucy.'- the school newspapers problem page. No one knows her identity except for her teacher, Mr Milton. Students write in via email and it goes to the Dear Lucy inbox which only Harper has access to. The problems are varied; how to get rid of spots to more serious problems like bullying. But one email catches her eye and she decides not to print it, but to continue to email the person back. Suddenly the curiosity gets the better of her and she begins to take on Lucy's persona, forming a deeper relationship with the person on the other end of the email. But sooner or later the truth has to come out...right?

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Work work work work work

I stifled a yawn as I glanced around me, making sure Anna and Carl weren't watching me log in. I quickly typed the email log on, before entering my password. Carl was photoshopping something, deep in concentration, whilst Anna was researching the latest news in all things school related. No one else was in the office today, and as far as they were aware, I just did odd jobs here and there on the paper. I watched as the page loaded, countless emails coming through. I deleted the junk ones, turning my screen towards me more as I clicked on the first one.

Subject: unrequited love.

Maybe I should do an entire page of love related problems. At first they were exciting, but they were so common they'd become boring. Plus the lack of a capital letter on the first word annoyed me, as I dutifully read the email content.

Dear Lucy,

I'm helplessly in love with someone who doesn't even know I exist. He's popular and gorgeous, and plays sports. We don't have any of the same classes, or even the same friends. I have tried smiling and waving at him but he just looks straight through me. What can I do?


I sighed, before penning a response in the reply tab, before taking a screenshot for the paper.

Dear GuttedGail,

I'm sorry to say it, but that's not love. Not even unrequited love. How can you be in love with someone who doesn't even know you exist? I know I sound cruel, but trust me on this one; you need to tone it down a notch. Why don't you try speaking to him, maybe you'll find you have nothing in common with him- or maybe you will. Does he do after school activities? Maybe you could sign up to one and see if you click. The thing is, what is it about him you actually like? (Other than his dastardly good looks...) You say he plays sports- do sports interest you? Maybe go see a game with him in. Other than that, maybe you could just outright ask him out on a date. Unless he has a girlfriend. In which case I do not recommend that course of action.

Good luck,

Lucy x

I took the screen shot before copying and pasting it onto the page to be loaded with problems from my fellow students, and I wondered why people didn't hide their identities when they wrote in. There was one girl in the whole school called Gail, so the chances were high that it was her. As for the popular guy- there were so many it was silly. She didn't describe him anymore than to say he was good looking and played sports- whoop. That could be any of the football team, or the baseball team come to think of it. I closed down the email, dutifully deleting it before opening the next.

Subject: Missing her.

This got my attention.

Dear Lucy,

I don't want to say too much, because I think it will be obvious who I am. But let's just say I'm struggling. My sister moved away a few months back to another state and I miss her so much. We were more than sisters, we were best friends. At first she called constantly, but now Mom and Dad say she has her own friends, and that's why we don't hear from her as much. I'm so lonely. Please help x


Charlotte Grane. Her sister was her best friend, but also her only friend. It wasn't lack of option either, Charlotte didn't want anyone else. It was borderline obsession. I wrote back a reply about possibly speaking to her parents about how she was feeling, and joining clubs to see if she made any new friends. I knew she didn't want that, but I wasn't sure what else to say. I couldn't bring her sister back.

I stretched, my back aching. Carl glanced over at me, and I quickly hit some buttons to change my screen to that of a shopping site, flashing him a broad smile.

'What's he got you doing today?' He smiled, his blue eyes dancing with amusement as I rolled my eyes.

'Litter, working after school, fundraising for the gym...' I lied, shrugging my shoulders. He nodded with empathy as he leaned forward.

'I reckon Suzanna is Lucy.' He whispered, his voice low as I allowed my eyes to widen.

'You don't say?' I murmured, my eyes drifting around the room suspiciously.

'Yeah. She makes out she is always researching things, but her page is so fucking boring it can't be true. Who really gives a shit about how to plant flowers? No one.' He huffed, folding his arms across his scrawny chest. I shrugged nonchalantly, trying to appear disinterested.

'I'm doing the football game later. If you want to come.' He cleared his throat as he stared at a spot on the floor, my eyes genuinely widening. Was he-

'Not as a date!' He croaked awkwardly as I bit my lip.

'No, I know. I am going already, Todd is playing remember?' I said softly, his eyes dimming.

'Yeah, of course. Todd. Well I'll see you there?' He said hopefully as I smiled.

'Yeah. Of course.'

Todd was my boyfriend, for some bizarre reason. We were complete opposites in most ways, but we somehow had ended up together at the beginning of school. He was the handsome jock, all blond hair and blue eyes, whilst I was a book lover who worked at the school paper. Even he didn't know I was Lucy. I heard a rap on the door as I jumped guiltily, slapping my laptop screen shut.

'Finished yet?' A voice drawled as I looked up to see Todd and his best friend Bruce staring at me from the doorway. My heart skipped a beat as he smiled at me, that come to bed stare perfected to a tee.

'I can finish it later.' I shrugged, sliding the laptop into my bag as he waited, watching me.

'Its the game later.' He reminded me as I groaned inwardly.

'Yeah I know.' I lied. 'After that.'

'Its the after party.' He frowned as I reached him, standing on tiptoe to kiss his lips. He wrapped his arms around me, deepening the kiss as Bruce groaned beside us.

'Guys come on...'

We broke apart, as I buried my head in Todd's neck, breathing in his delicious scent. Bruce glared at me as I smiled awkwardly, walking past him into the corridor. He didn't like me, purely because I stopped Todd from 'having a life' apparently. I reached down to pull my socks up, annoyed my uniform mimicked a Britney Spears music video. White shirt, deep red tie and a black skirt, teamed with black knee high socks. I refused to wear make up, otherwise I would be a walking fantasy for most of the horny school guys who would fuck anything given the option. Bruce wore his tie loose, his dark hair contrasting his grey eyes as he clenched his jaw, hoisting his kit onto his back. He caught my eye, and made a face at me. I quickly looked away, not before I caught the look of disgust on his face.

'Why don't you consider cheerleading baby. The outfit is hot.' Todd murmured as his fingers grazed my ass under the skirt. I smirked as his fingers touched my shorts that I wore underneath, his face falling as he groaned at me. 'Such a fucking tease.' He muttered as I laughed, shaking my head at him.

'Because I have zero coordination, and I don't want to be a cliche. Sorry.'

'Plus you aren't hot enough.' Snorted Bruce as Todd shot him a warning look. I didn't say anything, refusing to rise to his jibes.

'Dude...' said Todd as Bruce shrugged, walking over to another jock that stood by the lockers. Todd turned to me, holding me by the wrist.

'You're plenty hot enough. He's jealous. He doesn't have a hot girl like I do.' He whispered into my ear, his lips catching my skin and sending shivers down my spine.

'He's just a dick. I don't know why you are friends with him.' I shrugged as he kissed my cheek softly.

'Because he's a nice guy under that tough exterior. You know the drill.'

I chewed on my lip as we walked away, feeling Bruce's eyes on us as we did so.

What was his problem?

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