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Priya a naive yet brave young lady has to run from her home in order to escape a scandalous marriage planned by her rich father-Wolf of illegal empire Priya Rai, a sweet, intelligent but compassionate woman, whose father is adamant to marry her off as a part of his black market enterprise. With the help of one trustworthy friend she runaways and start a brand new life. Before long, she gets into a toxic relationship, that ends on a bitter note. After a long self-imposed ban on relationships, she starts dating again. As per her pushy friend, a better way to meet and fall in love is online. However, Blake and Priya's online encounter is nothing but uncommon. Two people from two different sides of the world, when finally meet, they sizzle away their kinship. The unique yet too attractive to resist persona of Blake also carries a deep secret that will destroy Priya's confidence in him. As she is unaware of imminent danger trailing them and their forbidden romance was just a portal to a dangerous path to hell. She had two options either get evidence of all illegal activities of her father or marry the guy chosen for her. A choice between Blake and her father is the last string, the last hope for her in humanity as decides to unravel the illegal dynasty. it's a road with fatal consequences brimming with deceit & the ugly lies.

Romance / Mystery
Kaitlyn Winters
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Chapter One


Sweeping the loose tendrils of dark hair behind her ear, typing in a hurried state of excitement, Priya finishes the day’s report. The buzzing of the phone accompanying the slight vibration in her purse causes a melodic rhythm in her heart; she recognises it’s the sound of the kik messenger.

After a steely glance around the office, she dives into her bag, fishing for her phone. Breathing in and out, her chest rise and fall and says, ‘Relax it’s just a text.’

Her phone continuing to thump in her palm, reminding her of a new text from Blake. A strong sense of wild fervour runs down her nerves. Raking her fingers through her long hair, her lips curling upward into a broad grin as she reads it.

Hi.′ Blake texts.

In a swift movement of her fingers, she replies, ′Hi, how are you?′

I am good. you?′ he asks.

I am good too. Just winding up the work.′

‘Winding? Where are you from?’

‘I live in New York. You?’

Minnesota. Is that you in the picture?′

No, Khloe Kardashian.′ Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Priya types, ‘who else would it be? Of course, it’s me.😔’

Since there is no instant reply from him, she texts him back.

’Knock. Knock. You there?′ Resting her phone on the desk, Priya returns to finish her report.

Just minutes later, her phone quivers once more. Her fingers stop at their action and grab it. Unlocking the screen, she reads the push notification and smiles. ‘Yes, I’m here.’

’So. Are you for real? or just another catfish? 😉she asks.

As she waits for his reply, anxiety builds up, and though she continues working, she can barely concentrate. The random pick by the matchmaking app seems surreal, and on top of it, his unique, charming profile and some phenomenal vibes to his aura, makes it impossible for Priya to fight the attraction. In her heart, she knows, Blake is special, unlike many she meets online every day.

What do you think?′ asks Blake.

Hmmm. Let me check?′

She enlarges the display picture and gazes at it for a couple of minutes, his baby blue eyes and his sinful smile captivates her.

With the faint curve of her lips, slight movements in rosy cheeks, she responds, ’I think you are for real. But I will never know 😉.′

LOL! that’s really me, woman.😔

Okay, then prove it.😝.′

Tapping her fingers against the wooden desk and chewing the nails of her other hand, she eagerly waits for his answer. A notification pops, saying, ‘New image message’.

She grasps her phone and unlocks the screen as she opens his dazzling picture. Laying on the bed, his waist to lower body is covered in a red blanket while his upper body is bare, flaunting his sexy six packs. One of his hand rests on his muddled golden hair whilst the other one takes a selfie.

A provocative grin broadens as she reads on. ′Now, do you believe me? I am not a catfish.′

She shoots a quick reply. ’LMAO! I believe you now. You gotta hot body😍,′

‘Shit.’ Thumping her palm on her forehead, she puts her phone back on the desk and clamps her hand over her mouth, regretting and processing in her head, what she had done. Drooling over his hotness is not the first impression she wants to make on him.

The dampening vibration noise across the desk from the phone draws her attention again. ′Now it’s your turn. Show me what you got! 😜.′

Biting her lower lip and smiling, she props up on her chair, peering around her cubicle. Realising that everybody is immersed in their work, she takes hold of her handbag and sneaks into her office’s ladies room.

She glances across the washroom, checking every single door, making sure it’s empty. Once she confirms no one is there, she rushes to the washbasin and lays her bag on the slab. Turning her head, side to side, examining herself in the mirror, her makeup still intact, ‘Ugh! Still me,’ she mumbles to herself.

Swiftly running her finger on her dark hair, Priya rearranges the bangs over her forehead, then, glosses her lips with lavish pink, smacking them together, making a poppysmic sound, spreading the colour evenly across her soft surfaces.

In a jiff, she removes her chic black blazer and adjusts her red bra strap and pinches her cheeks for a blush effect. Taking her phone, posing and pouting, she captures a sexy selfie and sends it across.

Blake’s face lit up with a sly knowing grin of triumph. ’Red is your colour. Very hot,′ he responds, feeling proud as he successfully, wins her confidence.

That’s just the first step sweetheart. I have much more surprises stored for you.

Tapping her feet against the floor, she types, italicizing, ’Thank you 😍 So, tell me something, what’s a hot guy like you doing on kik?′ She asks. Unaware of Blake’s ulterior motives.

A jittery sensation in her gut like butterfiles flapping their wings, only lasting for short time as she pressed send.

Soon, her smile fades and her heart skips a beat when she hears her colleague calling out for her. ‘Priya.’

The invasion of privacy startling her, she loses the grip on her phone as it falls into her purse. She turns, watching Julia, strolling in, placing her bag on the smooth stone slab.

Acting like everything is normal, Priya asks in a surprising tone but guilt-stricken face. She can feel her cheeks burning. ‘Hey, Julia. What’s up?’ She pulls her comb out and starts grooming her hair.

’Nothing. The new project is exhausting and The dragon,′ rolling her eyes and shaking the head at the same time, she continues with her ranting, ‘Doesn’t approve of anything. Argh! I’m so glad the weekend is here, already,’ Julia complains, painting her lips with a red lipstick.

‘What’ve you been up to?’ Her eyes moving to the figure next to her, reflecting on the mirror as she places the lipstick back in her purse.

‘Hmmm. The usual you know,’ answers Priya, shrugging her shoulders and avoiding the eye contact.

‘Why are you blushing?’

‘What?’ Priya takes a gander at Julia and looks back in the mirror. Leaning in, her scrutinising glare narrows at her own reflection. ‘No I’m not.’

‘Yes, you are. Like you’re caught stealing or something. Ha-ha.’ Shaking her head, Julia places her hand on Priya’s shoulder. ‘Don’t worry. I know, it’s been hectic lately, and that’s why we’re going clubbing tonight.’ She squeals with excitement.

But Priya is in no mood for clubbing. Before she can reply, her phone vibrates, yet again.

Julia brows creasing and face tenses. ‘What’s that?’ She picks up the dull quivers of the phone coming from Priya’s bag.

‘Oh, that’s nothing, just my phone vibrating.’ Priya brings it out, putting it on mute and says, ‘I’m not sure about clubbing, babe. Maybe next time?’

‘What? Don’t be ridiculous.’ Julia faces the mirror, running her slender fingers through her hair and continues, ‘Besides it’s been awhile since they’ve been touched.’ She moves her hands in circles around her bosoms and winks.

‘Argh! Julia, you always hook me up with a douche. I’m not up for another, self-demoralizing weekend.’ Priya washes her hands and pulls the napkin from the wall mounted-paper towel holder. Wiping the water off her palms, she tosses it in the dustbi and grabs her handbag as she exits the room.

‘What? It’s not demoralising. What’re you talking about? I thought you liked that guy from the IT department?’ Julia follows, trying to convince her.

‘Noo. I don’t.’ Sighing, Priya turns, placing her hand on Julia’s shoulder and says, ‘Look can we please do this later? I’m so exhausted and I really want to have this weekend for myself.’ She innocently flashes her long eyelashes, pouting.

Julia rolls her eyes. ‘Ugh! Fine. But. You. Owe. me!’ She points her index finger at Priya.

‘Sure.’ Relieved by the idea that she doesn’t have to go with her, Priya’s happy smile returns and hugs her.

‘So, I’ll see you on Monday then.’ States Priya, matter-of-factly.

‘I’ll call you and we can carpool or something,’ Julia retorts as she walks away.

Nodding back, ‘Sure. Ciao!’ They both return to their respective cubicle.

As soon as Priya settles in her swivel chair, she retrieves the phone from her bag. Adjusting the mobile settings to normal, she checks the latest text from Blake.

LOL! I could ask you the same. A hot girl like you on kik? gee, I think you are a catfish, not me.′

What? Is he crazy? I just sent him a selfie.

DUDE! I just sent you my live image?′

’Hmmm. Point well made. anyway gotta go, see you soon sexy. I hope my phone will be spammed by your cute sexy body pictures😉. Looking forward to it.′ He goes offline, leaving her baffled to his enigmatic charm.

Priya cannot stop blushing after reading his message. Placing the phone on her desk, she winds up her work; it’s been a long week and a hectic day with new project assignment.

Everything happens for a good reason, she kept saying to herself.

Their initial encounter thrills her, and for the first time in a long time, she feels happy and inspired, although at this point she is becoming restless. The desperation and curiosity to know him more summons every emotion in her fibre that dwells on the kinky side of her.

The naughty thoughts start to reel, an indistinct grin appearing as she turns off her system and is ready to leave the office.

She steps out of her cubicle when she sees Michelle approaching her. ‘Hey, you ready to go?’

‘Oh, yes.’ Collecting her handbag, they walk towards the elevator.

‘So, you clubbing tonight?’ Michelle asks, punching the main elevator button as they wait for its arrival.

‘Uh! I think I’m gonna pass on that. I’m so tired and I need this weekend for myself.’ Priya tugs at her ear, her cold hazel eyes fluttering with waves of apprehension. Lying is not her forte and every time she does, it’s easy to catch her.

The elevator door opens with a couple of people already in it as they step-in, smiling.

’Hmmm. I wish, had that me time. Jamie wants to hang out and chill. You know,′ Michelle shrugs and tilts her head to the side. ‘I sometimes envy you, girl.’ She mumbles as her phone rings. ‘Hey love, be there in five and before I forget, Priya has other plans for the night.’

She keenly listens to him, squinting her eyes at Priya. ‘Ya, just a sec,’ she says. Putting her hand over the receiver, Michelle asks, ‘Hey babe, Jamie likes to know the drop point?’

‘Ya. I think if you guys can drop me off at the Bushwick. I will take the subway from there.’

‘Coolio.’ Michelle informs Jamie and cuts the call.

Priya jerks, the feel of shivers and the dull ringtone coming from her bag make her anxious but she dreads to check it. Online dating is new to her and she is not comfortable texting around complete strangers who may or may not steal a peek at her screen. As they reach the basement, the lift door slides open and they march toward Jamie’s car, who is busy talking on the phone.

Michelle races and hugs him from behind. ′Shelley! I’m on the phone,′ he snaps at her. She pouts and releases him from her grip. Stomping her feet hard, she walks to the other side of the car, unlocks the door and settles in.

Seeing they’re friends, Priya lets out an audible laugh, and shaking her head she slides in the backseat.

‘Hey, Jamie.’ Priya greets him. He puts his phone back in his trouser pocket and hops into the driver’s seat.

‘Hey. How are you?’ asks Jamie.

‘I’m good.’

Michelle clears her throat, ensuring Jamie notices her very presence.

‘And how is my love?’ Jamie rubs her shoulder but she looks away, ignoring him completely.

‘Seriously? You gonna give me the silent treatment now?’ He waits for her reply but knowing that she won’t be easy on him, he groans and mutters, ′Fine. Suit yourself.′ Lifting his hand in the air he surrenders to her torture.

‘Ha-ha. You guys are adorable.’ She shakes her, laughing and tugs her seat-belt. She notices Jamie looking around the parking lot. ‘Jamie, are you waiting for someone?’ Priya asks when the door to her right opens.

‘Sorry guys. I’m late.’ Brandon apologises as he hops in and settles next to Priya. He passes an infectious smile but she doesn’t budge, instead, she throws a stern glance at him.

‘Brandon! What are you doing here?’ she asks.

Jamie gazes through the rearview mirror, flexing his fists, struggling to explain the situation to her. He blinks a few times and opens his mouth to speak, but no words come out. Michelle’s gaze narrows, throwing an annoying glare at him.

He breaks the eye contact with Priya and turns to Michelle, knitting his brows together and mouths ′help me.′

‘Would someone tell me what’s going on here?’ Priya crosses her arms, looking back and forth as she waits for a good explanation.

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