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Auto and Frankie fall in love despite a very odd set of circumstances including twins, cancer, and a terriost organization, Auto and Grim have been best friends since they were born. But when Auto meets Frankie and accidentally impregnates her, he finds that there is more to life than sex and killing. Meanwhile, Grim and Frankie's adoptive sister Tonya hit it off. But Grim is captured and everything changes. Everything. Filled with twists, and heartwrenching turns, you'll love every chapter.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Auto took a sip of his drink, watching her move. Gods, her body. Brown skin, looked soft to the touch. Her hips curved, giving her an hourglass figure. She and her friend grinded on each other, making every man drool.

He’d have her. He had to. His cock stiffened, as he imagined all the interesting positions he could get her into.

His shift was over at three, and it was already pushing two thirty. She was going home with him tonight. Or at least, she was going to the bathroom. Or the lobby. Parking lot.

As long as he got inside her he didn’t give a fuck where he was.

A customer asked for a drink, snapping him out of his inappropriate musings. Auto fixed up the drink, his eyes rarely leaving his target.

She had red fuck me heels on, short black dress. It would beautiful on the floor. Sliding the glass down the bar to the customer he bit his lip.

He could already see it. Her hair was brushing her shoulders, thick enough and long enough to pull on while he pounded into her.

His hand would look gorgeous on her throat, so feminine and perfect.

He would leave bruises everywhere he touched.

Auto served drinks until three rolled around. Smirking, he threw in his towel, and made his way across the bar.

She was unaware of the predator lurking, unaware that his sights were set on her.

Frankie danced the night away, her mind a little blurry, but otherwise fine. Tonya went to get water, but Frankie couldn’t stop dancing. She never had fun, never went anywhere. Never did anything. Or anyone.

Which was why she was single. Apparently, if you don’t put out, you’re just not worthy of a boyfriend. If he’s got a dick, he has to use it. So if not on you, he’ll stick it in someone else. Like your big sister.

Thanks, Donny.

The music pulsed around her, but she wasn’t listening to the lyrics. She loved her body with beat, knowing she looked crazy as hell.

Her eyes were closed, her mind clear. Suddenly, two strong hands rested on her hips, moving them back and forth.

Frankie stiffened.

“I’ve been watching you all night,” He murmured in her ear, moving one tattooed hand to her lower belly.

Frankie bit her lip, loving the low, deep voice. It sounded so authoritative.

Unlike Donny.

“Isn’t that kinda creepy?”

Auto chuckled lowly in her ear, his minty breath fanning her neck sending a shiver down her spine.

“Maybe. Maybe not. How old are you?”

Frankie knew not to talk to strangers. However, tequila disputed that fact.

“23. You?”

Auto silently thanked the gods. She was legal. He did not need another charge.

(Any previous charges have nothing to do with sexual activity/misconduct with minors.)

“Hm, and what’s your name Beauty?”

Snorting at the cliche nickname she offered her name. “Frankie.”

“Frankie, huh? Short for—”
“Frankie.” she cut him off, “Daddy wanted a boy.”

Auto pushed her body back on his, rocking them in tandem with a groan. “He sure didn’t get one.”

This wasn’t like Frankie. Frankie didn’t go to bar/clubs. Frankie didn’t drink tequila. Frankie didn’t grind on random strangers.

But Frankie wasn’t feeling like herself. She was pissed, buzzed and she had little to no morals left.

Those went after the fifth shot of tequila.

“What do you say we get outta here, go to my place, huh?”

Normal Frankie would say no. Tipsy Frankie murmured, “Convince me.”

Auto grinned, running his fingers over the slip of fabric covering her sex. His mouth went to her neck, sucking and biting, marking her.

He fought hard not to just bend her over and fuck her right there.

“Mmh, let’s go.”

Auto didn’t hesitate.

Auto’s apartment wasn’t far, so it took no time. He took the woman home, attacking her as soon as they reached the threshold.

Auto didn’t kiss when he fucked. Actually, he didn’t kiss at all. He’d only kissed one woman in his life, and she turned out to be...


Still, even though his rule was never to kiss a woman, he found his lips attached to hers, fiercely devouring her. His tongue danced with hers, tasting her.

He ripped her dress off, she hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt.

Frankie was wet. Desire pooled at her core. This man was so strong, and vicious. So determined and sexy. His arms and hands were colored with tattoos he had a nose ring and tongue ring that scraped her mouth deliciously.

His hand gripped her breast, his thumb playing with the sensitive nipple.

Both of them, now undressed, kissed obscenely stumbling onto the couch where they kept kissing.

Auto ripped his mouth away from hers, panting.

Fisting his shaft he looked down at the small trembling woman. “You sure you want this?”

Frankie nodded frantically.

“Words. I need words.”

A smirk took over Auto’s face. She was panting for it—for him. Stroking himself once, he watched her eyes transfixed on his hardness.

She licked her lips like a thirsty little kitten. Don’t worry. You’ll get a taste later, he promised mentally.

His first rule of sexual relations: always, always, always, wear a condom.

Vaguely, Auto felt a nagging feeling, something telling him he was forgetting something important.

But he was so concentrated on getting inside of the goddess in front of him, he paid it no mind, instead, stroking her once, and fingering her gently.

She was wet as rain. Damn it, he couldn’t wait.

Lifting her legs, Auto positioned her so he could sink into her depths. With no warning he thrust into her not noticing the barriers.

An animalistic groan escaped him at the feel of his cock being swallowed by her tight wet pussy.

Frankie’s mouth was ajar the pain subsiding. She couldn’t hardly move, but Auto placed her on his lap, lifting her bodyweight with ease, sinking her down onto his cock.

“Ah, yes. Fuck yes.”

Auto powered into her, the urge building up until he pounding into her, bumping her hips up with every thrusts.

Frankie cried out, feeling her insides being ravaged, the pain and pleasure tearing at her.

“Fuck, you feel so good, so fucking good, baby.”

Rule number three: Never used nicknames.

Frankie moaned, the fullness spreading a warm feeling throughout her body.

This man was taking her like a savage, like an animal.

She loved it.

“S’good,” she cried, tears actually streaming down her face.

Auto got up, keeping them connected, getting them off the couch into the nearest bedroom.

They didn’t make it that far.

Moments later he had her pressed into the wall, his hand clutching her throat, as he fucked her into oblivion.

“You like it, baby doll?”

“Yes, I love it!”
“You love it? Love it when I fuck your tight pussy?
“Yez,” she sobbed.

“Such a good girl, fuck, yes.”

His head rested in the crook of her neck, biting, licking, kissing.

“Are you pain slut, baby doll?”

She whimpered shaking her head no. Auto chuckled, fucking her harder, pulling her hair, tightening his grip on her throat.

Then he sank his teeth into the juncture of her shoulder making her cry out. Her pussy spasmed, telling him she was close to orgasm. He plowed into her as hard as he could, slowing down his thrusts to fuck her deeper and harder.

Then a slapped her clit, smirking as she fell apart. “Looks like you are a pain slut, Ms. Frankie.”

His balls boiled over, tightening. He thrusted into her once more, pressing her until the wall, forcing his length as deep into her as possible. That sent her to orgasm, opening her womb just as he came inside her.

“Ah, fuck yes, baby. Good girl.”

Panting, he rested his sweaty head on her shoulder.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

Sliding out of her, he watched his cum drip out of her hot pussy.

“Look at there. You would make such a pretty cum dumpster.”

Frankie felt her skin heat as he talked dirty to her. His tone at times was condescending some of what he said was offensive, but she loved it.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?”

He stepped back, letting her tired body sink to the floor.


Looking up at him, she tentatively wrapped her mouth around him, sucking his head. His cock was still half mast, and get planned to gave his cum dumpster drain his balls.

“Take all of me, baby. That’s right, keep going.”

She started to gag, but before she could pull back, he fisted her hair forcing her down on his cock.

“Ah-Ah, be a good girl and take all of me.”

She choked on his cock, but he paid her no mind loving her throat.

“Good girl. I’m going to use your throat to drain my balls, and you are going to swallow my seed. Do you understand.”

She nodded.

Auto bit his lip as his balls started tightening once more. Without warning he shot he seed down her throat, warming her belly with his cum.

“Don’t waste a drop, baby.”

Licking her lips, she slumped boneless, when he pulled out of her mouth.

“I’m not done. I’ve got one more load and you’re gonna take it in your cunt.”

Effortlessly he pushed her head down, raised her ass up.

“Perfect pose for a cum dumpster. Ready to be used whenever. Do you like being my fuck toy, my personal cocksleeve?”

“Yes, sir.′

Why did she say sir?

“I know you do, slut. I can tell by you slippery cunt.”

Gettiing down on knee he lined his cock up with her sec dipping inside her at a new angle.

She gasped everytime he went in, his pelvis smashing hers painfully.

“Take it slut! Don’t you fucking dare try to tap out.”

He kept ducking into her, disregarding her cries pleas, and her hands trying to push him back.

“Does it hurt?” He taunted.

She nodded, tears flooding her eyes.

“You want go stop now?”

Nodded again. “Too fucking bad, baby. I asked if you wanted it. You said you did, now fucking take it.”

He slapped her ass hard. “Are you gonna be a good girl and take this load up your cunt?”

“Yes sir.′

“Are you gonna cum from my seed filling your dirty pussy, dripping out of you, like the fuck doll you are?”

“Yes sir.′

“Good girl.”

With that he thrusted in, sitting letting his cock sink down, coating her insides with his warm cum.

“Cum, little girl. Cum for me. Feel my seed fill you to the brim. Fucking cum, bitch.”

With a scream she did. Hard.

“Good girl. You did good cum dumpster, such a good girl. Come here.”

Tiredly, she crawled in his lap. He pinched her chin, ravishing her with kisses, licking her mouth, sucking her tongue.

“You tired, baby?”

Nodding tiredly., she yawned cutely, her arms around his neck, burying her face in his neck.

Without another word he broke rule number four: never let a woman stay in your bed.

Auto cleaned her up, laid her down, made a quick call and came to back to bed to lay with her.

The little woman clutched on to him as soon as he slipped into bed, throwing her leg over his, snuggling into his strong chest.

Smiling down at her, he let his thoughts wander, knowing he wouldn’t be sleeping.

Babydoll. It fit her. She had soft, delicate features, a small little button nose and cute little lips. Her eyes were big and brown, and her lashes kissed her cheeks as she slept.

And as cute as she was, damn if she couldn’t take the pipe. He let his fingers lightly brush her arms.

When he first saw her, he thought she was as innocent as a lamb. No lamb could fuck like that.

Her hips rolled against his, her nails raking down his back, teeth sinking in his skin. When he bent her, she bent, she offered herself in ways he didn’t think was invented yet.

Her soft mewls didn’t stay quiet for long, she was a screamer. He hadn’t had some good pussy in a while.

Ever really. Auto’s eyes went to his alarm clock. He'd give a few hours before he woke her up for round six.

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