I Thought You Were by my Side

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"It's always about him!" yelled James as he drove along the road.

"About Alex?"

"Yes Kayla! He likes you, and you're too ignorant to notice!"

"James get ahold of yourself, you don't know what you're saying!"

James gripped the steering wheel. His cold gray eyes stared at the road but he wasn't really paying attention. Why didn't Kayla understand? Why didn't she understand that her best friend, Alex, was trying to steal her away? Alex was a horrible person. Alex was trying to steal Kayla. He could hear Kayla yelling but it was all background. He couldn't focus. James gripped the steering wheel harder.

"James! Stop speeding up you're going to crash!"

James broke out of his trance and looked at Kayla.

"Wait what?"

He heard a crash, felt glass cutting through his arms, everything was swirling around, he couldn't breath. Then everything went dark.

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