Loving the Broken

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Chapter 2-Memories

Music: Start’s With Goodbye-Carrie Underwood


As soon as the buses all left I dropped to my knees and sobbed. I can’t explain this fear I have, deep inside I know one of the two men I love will not be coming back alive. Dan my brother and best friend, Damien the man I have loved since I was six years old. I remember that day, the first time we set eyes upon each other.

“Who’s the girl?” I hear a boy say; I follow the voice and look up to see two boys my age sitting in a tree. The one boy had eyes the color of that brown sauce Mrs. Woods puts on my ice cream sometimes. It tastes really sweet so I wonder if he’s sweet too. The other boy is my foster brother Dan. His kind blue eyes set on me at the bottom and gave me a smile. Since I came to live with the Wood’s, Dan was the one to make me feel the most welcome. He says he’s happy I’m here because he had always wanted a sister. Dan is the youngest of three brothers.

“She’s my new Sister Emily.” He tells his friend. “She’s been through a lot so be nice Damien, I mean it. I’ll beat you up if you hurt her feelings.” My little six-year-old heart melted at Dan’s words, he’s the only one who really knows how I ended up here beside his parents. His friend starts climbing down the tree and I watched how he so gracefully climbed down. He must do this a lot. Within a minute he was standing in front of me and holding out his hand.

“Hi Emily, I’m Damien Michael Reed and one day I’m gonna marry you.” His light brown eyes shimmer in the sunlight and I take his hand in mine.

“I’m going to hold you that.” I giggle then run away.

That was the day Dan, Damien and I all became a family. Damien spent a lot of time at our house and I know it wasn’t just for me even though I wanted to be the reason. His father was a mean drunk and would beat on him and his Mom a lot, so he used our house as his safe haven. There were quite a few times when I would be the one to clean up his wounds because he didn’t want Dan or our parents to know, plus he knew I would understand better than one else.

“Daddy, please don’t hurt me,” I beg my Daddy in my innocent four-year-old voice. Daddy would hurt me when he was high. Mommy took her pills while Daddy was out and is now sleeping. Mommy doesn’t stop him anyway, she’s always sleeping or not at home. Daddy sits down on my bed and touches my leg, his touch makes my skin crawl. I scoot on my bed and move closer to the wall, just hoping it would suck me in and take me away. I put my knees up to my stomach and pull my nightgown over them. I won’t let him touch me again, I can’t.

“Shush, baby girl, it’s all okay. You’re such a good girl and Daddy loves you so much. Do you love your Daddy?”

“Y...yes, Sir.” I have to play along because he will hurt me more if I don’t.

“If you love me then show me how much.” His hand moves up my leg and goes underneath my nightgown. His hand inched closer to my underwear and I just want to disappear. I don’t say a word and just let him do what he wants to me because it will be so much worse.”

That was the night my real father didn’t just use his hand. The next day a lady came to the house when the police and told my Mother they had reason to suspect abuse and neglect. My Mom was too high to even care and let them take me. I lived in a group home until Mr. and Mrs. Woods came to bring me home. I was adopted a year later. That was the happiest day in my life, well until the day Damien asked me to be his girlfriend.

I slammed my locker shut and my only girl best friend Danika appeared. “I hear a certain brown-eyed boy is looking for you.” She smiles and my heart thumps wildly in my chest. The brown-eyed boy is Damien Reed, my crush and my brother’s best friend. What could he want to see me about? We were all friends but when we started High School him and Dan and I kind of went our own ways. They both played football and basketball; both of them were captains for their teams. Damien was the most popular and all the girls wanted a shot with him, even me.

Danika grabs my hand, without a care of what’s going through my head. “Come on Em, there on the football field. I wanna watch Dan practice.” Oh, sweet Danika, she doesn’t stand a chance with Dan. She is definitely not his type. That’s where I was so off, Dan was so completely taken with Danika.

"Look there they are.” She points out to the field and I see both my brother and crush running drills. Damien stands out among all of them; he’s 6′1 and has the body of a God. A blush comes to my face when I picture the day I saw him shirtless. I wanted to run my fingers down his chiseled chest. The muscles ripple as he throws the ball back and forth. I probably look like some crazy stalker but who cares, he’s eye candy. His head turns in our direction and he says something to Dan, who goes back to running drills. The two are brutal together.

My heart races when I see him running towards me. I go to leave but Danika grips my arm, preventing me from leaving. Amusement shows in her eyes and she flashed me a mischievous grin. I want to say something to her but I don’t get to because he is standing right here, in front of me. Sweat slides down his face and onto his bare chest, and his blue football pants cling to him like saran wrap. I suddenly feel jealous of those pants. “Get a grip Em, he’s just a boy.” I chide myself.

“Hey, Em. His voice is a deep tenor which always makes me shiver. He lifts a hand and runs his through his damp hair, and I stand there like a freaking moron watching this. “I was wondering if we could talk for a minute.” He shifts his feet, something I notice he does when he’s nervous. I figure if he’s this nervous I’m going to give him a hard time.

“I don’t know Day, I’m pretty busy. You know with Derrick.” A low rumble comes from him and I see his face. He doesn’t like Derrick, he’s been sniffing around me for years. Damien and Dan have warned him off many times. I don’t even like him, he’s really creepy. He gives off the rapist vibe and reminds me of him. The man from my past, the one I’ve worked so hard to forget.

“What are you doing with him, Emily? You know he is bad news and Dan and I will kick his ass if he comes within an inch of you.” His need to protect me is so adorable and it gets him so upset when Derrick is around me. I inch myself closer to him and now our bodies are only centimeters apart. I feel his warm breath on my skin and his hands on my shoulders. He’s pushing me away and I can’t help but feel dejected.

“Em, I’m all sweaty and stinky from practice. Can we talk after I shower?” I didn’t want to wait and I had to get going or I would be late for my therapy appointment

“I can’t Day, I have an appt with Dr. Jean.” His eyes widen when he realizes what I said. I’ve always been able to talk to him about my feeling regarding my Sperm Donor but I feel close to him but my parents suggested I see a therapist as well.

“Well..umm...I wanted to ask you something?” I arch my brow and give him the best sexy smile I could come up with.

“Oh, and what’s that?” I suck at this teasing thing but it seems to be making him more nervous since he shifts his feet and runs his hand through his hair again.

“I was wondering if you would go to the dance with me and if youwouldliketobemygirlfriend.” I stare at him, with a dumbfounded look on my face. I understood the first part and I felt like a giddy little school girl. I thought he asked me if I would be his girlfriend but he said it so fast I didn’t quite understand.

“Would you mind repeating the last part?” I giggled again. He takes a step closer to me and I suck in a breath when he tucks my hair behind my ears. Damien doesn’t understand what his touch does to me.

“Would you be my girlfriend?” Yep, I was right but why me? He could have any girl in this school and wants me.

“Why? Why would you want me when you can have a girl like Jennifer.” The residential tramp, he makes a disgusted face and I smile at the look. He’s disgusted by her and this I know because he has told me.

“Eww! Why would I want her when I can have the most beautiful girl in the world? The same girl I met when we were six and the same girl who I can’t get out of my thoughts. The girl I’m so head over heels in love with.”

If I were capable of becoming a mushy pile of goo I would have. Not caring about how sweaty or stinky he is I throw my arms around him, he lifts up my legs and I wrap them around his waist.

“Yes, Damien, I will be your girlfriend. I’ve dreamed of this since I was six years old.” With that, he pressed his mouth to mine and gives me the first best kiss of my life. Damien is mine and everything is right in the world.

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