Loving the Broken

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Chapter 9-Michael


“Come on Emily, you got this.” My mom encourages me as I push and hope this time he comes out. I’ve been pushing for over twenty minutes and he hasn’t budged. Mom pushes my damp hair off my face and presses the wet and cold washcloth on my forehead. “You’re doing great Sweetheart; just give us one more big push.”

I suck in my breath and push down as hard as I can but when I don’t feel anything I cry out, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m so tired and resigning to the fact that this kid doesn’t want to come out. Maybe he’s better staying in there.” Dr. Middleson giggles then glances up from between my legs.

“I know you are worried and scared but you are going to be a great mom.” She supports. “I want to try one more thing and it doesn’t change we will have to take him out via c-section.” I didn’t want that, I’ve read up on them and they looked brutal. Plus I would have a nasty scar on my stomach. Dr. Middleson moved away from my legs and stepped over to the monitor, which was keeping track of the baby’s heartbeat. After a minute she turns to me and puts her hand over mine.

“What is it? Is the baby okay?” I ask.

“He’s distressed and his rate is extremely high because of your blood pressure. If we have you push anymore we could take the risk of sending you into a stroke.” She frowns but still has hope in her voice.

“So what does that mean?” Panic sets in when I think I could lose my baby.

“I’m going to have to do a c-section in order to ensure both of your safety. It’s the quickest way without causing more damage.” Dr. Middleson notices my breathing and me on the verge of hyperventilating. “Emily, you need to calm down, everything will be okay as well as your baby. I need you to take deep slow breaths, okay?” I nod and begin to slow my breathing, she speaks again.

“I’m going to go and get the OR ready and Nurse Rena here is going to get you prepared. I’ll see you in a few minutes and in just think you’ll get to meet your baby boy in less than an hour.” I’m excited to meet my Son but still nervous about the surgery. I trust Dr. Middleson since she was my mom’s doctor and delivered all my brothers. She also knows about my situation with Zeek and has made this so much easier on me.

She gives me one more encouraging glance then leaves the room and I burst into tears. Mom comes over and pulls me into her arms, I’m so glad I have her with me. If Zeek and his Mom had their way it would be them calling all the shots, so I didn’t even tell him when I went into labor last night. He couldn’t come to the hospital anyway since Dad insisted I get a protection order. Zeek just couldn’t take no for an answer and has been calling nonstop and even coming into my place of work. He would make a scene and my boss told me if I didn’t put an end to it he was going to fire me. So that’s when Dad drove me to the courthouse and used his lawyer ways to get it signed quickly.

He’s made a few attempts by coming to my parent’s house and each time the police were called. He was told if he tried again he would be going to jail, but I don’t see that happening. They know who is Dad is and don’t want to mess with him. So having my Mom here is comforting to me and I would be even more terrified without her.

“You know I had a c-section with Dan?” She quietly giggles.

“Really?” Mom laughs again and gives me an incredulous look.

“Have you seen that boy, he was a giant when he was born?” This time I’m the one to giggle, and I’m grateful she is offering me this distraction.

“Now that I can believe,” I say. Mom gets quiet and her eyes fill with tears, she has been struggling with Dan being overseas and in the middle of a war zone but she’s good at keeping it together for the rest of us.

“He’s upset with himself because he’s not here for you.” I know he is, we’ve written and talked on skype but I’ve kept the worst of everything out of our conversations, I didn’t need him to worry about my crazy ex-fiancé slash stalker.

“Mom, what does he know?” Before she could respond my nurse comes in my room.

“They are ready for you in the OR.” She smiles warmly then wheels me out of the room.

When I get to OR, I don’t see my mom anywhere. “Where’s my Mom?” I’m frantic now and shivering, not sure if it’s fear or the chill in the room. The Surgical nurse stands in front of me, she has on bright pink yellow scrubs with the minions.

“Emily, my name is Savannah. This is going to be a tad bit uncomfortable but I will help guide you through this part.” She holds her arms out and asks permission to put her hands on my shoulders. I nod as I fight back tears. “Okay, now I need you to lean forward and hold on to me.” I do as she says and I wrap my arms around her waist. “Now you are going to feel a pinch but don’t move cause we will have to do it again.” That’s when I feel something pierce my spine, I don’t move but I do cry out in pain. Savannah brushed my hair out of my face and says,

“You’re doing great Emily, what are you having?”

“A boy.” I feel the needle press further into my spine and it takes everything to not flinch.

“A little boy, that’s amazing.” Savannah gleams. “I’m going to guess this is your first?”

“Yeah,” The person behind me finally pulled the needle out then a warm liquid fills my veins and I get really sleepy. Savannah and the guy behind her help lay me down, then the door opens and my mom comes in. More tears spring free and I feel like I can breathe again. Mom swishes as she walks and I wanted to giggle with the site of her. She is dressed in head to toe surgical scrubs.

“You’re a walking fashion statement.” I joke and she does a little shimmy. “I thought I was going to have to do this by myself.” She pulls up the chair and sits next to me, and holds my hand. My arms are strapped down couldn’t move my lower half. A blue drape was set in front of me leaving me cut off from watching. Not like I wanted to anyway.

It was at least another five minutes before the Dr. comes in and explains the process to me. “Just relax and enjoy these last few quiet minutes.

“I’ll try.” She moves back behind the drape and gets to work.

“Emily, sweetheart, wake up so you can meet your Son.” I hear my Mom say. I must have dozed off because I don’t remember anything after Dr. Middleson telling me to relax. I slowly open my eyes and flick my gaze over to her, she’s holding a bundle of blue and smiling.

“Is he alright?”

“He’s perfect and healthy. He sure is a big boy though.”

“Can I hold him?” She lays my Son down on the bed next to me but stayed very close since I can’t really hold him. My body is still numb and I’m still weak. Once my eyes fall on him everything else just melts away and he becomes my whole world.

“Do you have a name picked out? Savannah asks. I did but I was afraid to say it until he was born. I’m not sure how everyone will react to it.

“I do, it’s Michael Steven Woods.” I refused to give him Zeeks last name, I don’t want him to be associated with that family any more then he is. My son is innocent and pure; I will not allow him to suffer the kind of pain I endured for the first four years of my life. I’m giving him a good strong name, after both my hero’s. My Brother and the only man I will ever truly love.

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