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I knew I was miles from where I was supposed to be, in Portland, Oregon. This definitely was not a city. Instead of tall buildings, I was surrounded by dense tree lines. I drove up to a small parking lot that seemed to have a gas station and a three story hotel.

Stepping out of my charcoal Subaru Legacy, I locked my car and grabbed my clutch as I looked around. It was already 10pm. I should have been at Emily's apartment by now...

I walked inside the hotel toward the front desk. A small group of people seemed to be chatting with the front desk. They all were very attractive making me feel a little apprehensive about interrupting them to ask for a room.

I stood by the door. Maybe I can text Emily and let her know I wasn't going to make it...Maybe they will leave once I'm done. I slowly text Emily that I was going to stay at the hotel I found along the way and try again in the morning. Emily text back of course, teasing me about my sense of direction. We text back and forth for a bit. She wanted to introduce me to her husband to be. Anyone that could date Emily for more than a few days was a keeper. Not that she was a bad person, she is very kind and very sociable. Her life consisted of fluttering from one group outing to the next. I was some what envious of her busy and exciting life style.

I looked up and saw that the beautiful people were still talking to the front desk. The couple guys in the group seemed to be flirting with the girl in uniform. Much to the distaste of the couple of girls with them.

I was too exhausted to wait any longer. As I made my way to the desk, one of the guys turned toward me almost making me stop dead in my tracks. He was mouth watering gorgeous. He had these alluring hazel eyes and long light brown hair that almost dusted his shoulders. His gaze held mine as a slow smile crept onto his handsome face. I broke our gaze and walked up to the front desk getting the girl's attention. Her eyes were wide as she stared at me making me feel even more out of place. I cleared my throat hoping to shed some of my nerves. I could feel the group's heated gaze on me. Especially the really cute one. "Sorry to interrupt...I was wondering if there was a room available?" My voice had stared out strong but faded slightly at the end. The girl turned her gaze to Mr. Sexy then back to me.

He leaned against the desk as he faced me. I looked up at him wondering if I should stay and get to know the god before me or run back to my car.

He smiled showing his pearly white teeth. I melted. "You're not from around here." He said warmly. His voice was like silk. So smooth.

"No, I was trying to get to Portland...but..." I trailed off embarrassed. I shouldn't of said that. Now I look like an idiot.

"You're far from Portland, Dorothy." One girl snickered. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was very pretty. She reminded me of Emily. Like a model. She pressed herself into his side as if possessively.

My shoulders slumped as I turned to the front desk again. "Well, is there a room I can use for the night? Or do you have a map I can use? My phone does not have signal out here."

"Of course you can stay." His sexy hazel eyes glanced away from mine to the front desk. "Give me a key Pamela." He ordered the front desk girl. She quickly gave him a key. "I own this hotel. You're welcome to stay one night free. Or more if you like." He smirked at the last part. Is offer had been quite tempting. I never have felt this attracted to a guy before. Dating him would be a dream.

He gave me a dazzling smile as he passed me the key to my room. "Thank you." I reached for the key but when our skin touched, it felt like static. I jumped at the feeling with the key held tightly in my hand. He looked at his hand in shock. "Sorry. Must have been my wool sweater.." I tugged on the sleeve in demonstration.

He smiled lazily. "Sure. You're welcome to join us. We are heading to the lounge for some drinks..." His gaze became something between curiosity and disbelief as he held out his hand again in greeting. "My name is Nicklaus by the way..." He waited expectantly for me to shake his hand.

Not wanting to be rude or shock him again, I covered my hand in my long woolly sleeve and shook his hand. That way I could not shock him again. "Alex and that sounds great. I will join once I've cleaned up."

He smiled at my wool covered hand and chuckled. His eyes met mine. "It's a date then. See you soon Als." I blushed already liking the nickname. Or Nick name.

I quickly made my way upstairs dropping my clutch on the bed. I was contemplating taking a shower before heading down. Deciding it would be best to freshen up, I tied my hair up into a bun to not get my hair wet and jumped into a hot shower. As soon as I was done and toweled off, I slipped on a simple skin tight sheath dress and my favorite nude platform shoes. My hair had become slightly wavy from the bun I had put it in giving me that just got out of bed sexy look. Proud of my attire, I to the elevator and pressed the button for the basement level. As I watched the numbers change on the door, I felt nervous and excited to see Nick.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open revealing a modern room decorated in dark blue and wooden furniture with a hint of orange accents. The bar sat in the center with a mirrored bar counter. The lights were dim creating the relaxing mood.

I looked around and spotted them on a couch in the corner of the room. Nick had his arms on the back of the couch which happened to be behind the two girls sitting beside him as they giggled at something he said. I had half a mind to duck out until his eyes found me. His arms came down to his sides as one hand reached for his drink while the other beckoned me over.

I slowly made my way around the bar and over to their table. Nick looked like he wanted me to sit next to him by slightly moving over to make room between him and one of the girls but I chickened out and sat next to the other guy with him. He was also very attractive but he did not affect me like Nick has.

He had met Nick's gaze before turning to me with a wicked smile. "I'm Kristian." He held out a hand to shake. I caught the teasing gaze he sent to Nick who's face turned cold as he took a sip of his drink.

I hesitantly shook it. "Nice to meet you."

He turned to the girls motioning to the dark brunette. "This is Mila and..." He couldn't remember the other girl's name. She pouted and whined 'Jenny'. He chuckled. "Jenny. Of course. It was on the tip of my tongue." She blushed and I immediately realized that they fucked each other at some point.

Kristian lifted a menu and passed it to me. His fingers again touching mine. Nick frowned. "Would you like to order a drink?"

"Sure." I muttered. I tried to focus on the menu but it was difficult under Nick's scrutinizing gaze. I pulled on the long cream knit sweater that I brought with me. More for comfort then warmth. "I think I will have the Moscow mule."

Nick's eyes twinkled. "Would you like to try it first?" He held out his drink. I couldn't help but think that his lips had been on the copper mug just a moment before. I reached for it.

As my finger tips grazed the condensation of the cup, almost touching Nick's long masculine fingers, Mila had stood quickly purposefully knocking the drink into mine and Kristian's laps.

"Oops. I'm so sorry." She said as she pretended to feel guilty.

Nick's jaw tightened as he stood. "Come on. Let's get you cleaned up." He motioned for the restroom. I stood and followed him.

Kristian stood as well and had walked toward the elevator instead with Jenny close behind.

Nick opened the door to the restroom for me and I went inside. I realized he was about to follow me in and I paled. Spinning around I pushed against his white t-shirt covered chest. Pausing just a moment to feel the tight muscles beneath. I gazed up at him and he smiled knowingly. I blushed and pulled my hands away. "You can't come in here."

"Why not?"

"Because it's girls bathroom!" I moved to close the door on him but he held it open and peered inside.

"There's no one in there. It will just be you an me." He smiled.

"Not happening." I gave him a shove and pushed in out of the door way and closed the door. I could hear his laughter just outside.

I quickly tried to clean the alcohol from my dress but it was no use. My legs were sticky and my dress wreaked on liquor. I should go shower.

I walked out expecting Nick to be waiting for me but instead he was by the bar with Mila. She noticed me and pulled him closer to her wrapping a leg around his hips as she spread for him on the bar stool. Obviously not caring if anyone else saw. So I b-lined for the elevator instead. I pressed the number for the first floor. I took one more glance at the bar before the doors shut. Nick had pushed away from Mila annoyed with her antics then caught my gaze. I froze and my heart ached. The doors closed and I headed up to my room.

As soon as I was inside, I didn't care anymore about the smell of my dress and the stickiness of my skin. I just laid on the bed moping. What is wrong with me? I'm acting like I caught my boyfriend with another girl when we literally just met.

I don't know how much time passed until there was a knock on my door. Strange for room service to be stopping by this late...I opened the door. Mila stood in my doorway. "Can I hel-..."

She glowered and pushed past me closing the door. I frowned at her as she sat on the bed and glared at me. "What is this about?"

"He smiles at you and your just puddy in his hands. Listen, there's no way I'm going to let you near Niklaus. He is too good for you." She stood and before I could retort, her eyes freakishly dilated. I instinctively stepped back. Hair grew rapidly covering every inch of her skin. Her teeth became pointed as she transformed before my eyes into a wolf. Watching enough scary movies, I turned and ran to the door not wanting to stick around to the finish. My hand reached out toward the knob just barely petting it as she grabbed my ankle with her sharp teeth and dragged me toward the opposite side of the room under the window. She bit my arm next shacking her head as she tore into my flesh. Blood poured from the wound as I wondered if this was where I was going to die. I cried hoping someone nearby would hear me. There were shouts outside my door but before I could be even feel the hope of being rescued, I was thrown through the glass and out the window. Luckily I was on the first floor and landed on the grass. Holding my injured arm, I lept up and limped toward my car. She lept out the window and began to chase me. I reached my Subaru and swung the door open hitting her before she jumped me. Stunning her gave me time to get in and lock the door. Before she came to, I sped off.


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