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I made my way down the road not caring where I was going. I just kept driving. I had no phone to call anyone and the loss of blood was getting to me.

I spotted a hospital just passed the miles of dense trees. I rolled in and admitted myself. Once my wounds were treated, I had borrowed a phone to call Emily.

The phone rang a few times before she picked up.

"Hello?" Emily's soft yet assertive voice came through the receiver. She sounded worried. It was my fault.

"Hey Em.."

"Alex?" She shouted with relief. "Where are you? Are you okay? It's one in the morning!"

"I know. I'm sorry. My phone died and I got lost." I lamented with a sigh. I sat in the hospital bed twisting the bed sheets in my hands. I didn't know how to handle what happened what I saw.

"Well, where are you? Where are you calling from?" She sounded like she was putting on her shoes to come find me.

"I'm in the hospital. I'm not sure where.." I winced at my lack of information.

"What? What happened?" Her movements have stopped. She had pulled her mouth away from the receiver to speak to someone. Most likely Sam. Knowing Em, she probably went on a witch hunt to find me.

"I...Okay, don't get mad. This is going to sound stupid and crazy.." I said trying to prep her for the story of a lifetime.

"Spit it out, Allie!" Em heaved.

I sighed before I began. "So, I went to this hotel, okay? I figured I would get a room and try again in the morning after my phone was charged. When I got there, there was this guy...He was hot. So hot. He asked me to join his friends for drinks.."

"Seriously Allie?" Em chided.

"I don't know what came over me okay?" I rushed out. "I don't do these kinds of things but...something about him...Anyways, I changed and went down for drinks and one of the girls didn't like me. She spilt her drink on me on purpose. So, long story short, I went to my room and showered. That girl came to my room and turned into a wolf! It sounds insane! But I saw it. She tried to eat me! Am I crazy?"

I finished my story exasperate. Emily went quiet on the line. "Did she bite you?"

"I'm fine. The doctor said I just have some scrapes but nothing major." Which is weird. It felt like I was being ripped apart..

Emily sighed with relief. "As long as you are okay. Do you remember the name of the hotel at least? That way I can pick up your stuff and come get you."

"What about my car?" I asked. Though it now has a huge dent from the impact of a wolf headbutting it.

"I'll have Sam drop me off and we will take your car okay?"

I nodded to myself. "Okay."

We hung up and I laid down to get some rest. This wasn't hard since I was exhausted.

The gashes in my arm and ankle were just tiny scabs now. It was so strange. I discharged myself but not without strange looks from the nurses.

Before I left to my car, I was inexplicably exhausted. I became dizzy. I held my head as I stepped into my car to sit down in the passenger seat waiting for Emily to arrive.

My driver side door opened and closed. That was fast. Was I that close to Portland?

“You okay? There’s a huge dent in your driver’s side door.” Emily said as she tossed my duffle I had left at the hotel in the backseat and grabbed my keys. She hit the gas and steered us out of the hospital parking lot.

Her cutely tussled blonde hair rolled in the wind as she lowered the windows mumbling that the breeze would be good for me.

She glanced at me and frowned. “Damn Als.” She said motioning at my attire while glancing through the rear view mirror as she merged onto the freeway avoiding the oncoming traffic.

I shrugged. “Moskow mule.”

Emily snorted. She was so pretty. Her bright blue eyes glanced sideways at me as she chuckled.

“Well,” Emily began. “You will need an outfit for tonight. One of acquaintances is having a huge party. Only if you're up to it though."

I became anxious. Any party I went to with Emily was always fun. She always had the hook ups to great parties. All the people she knew were always well off, intelligent, with great personalities. Perfect possible boyfriend. They tend to always go for Emily though since she is pretty and outgoing.

Emily probably read the conflict on my face and smiled reassuringly. “We will make you hot for tonight. I promise.”

“So, what is he like?” I asked changing the subject to her hubby to be.

“His name is Sam. He was dark and mysterious when I first met him. He is kind and compassionate. He will be at the party. He is bringing our friends. They kind together in a private community out of the city.” Her voice became quieter near the end as if she was leaving out some details. I didn’t want to press her to tell me. Emily would eventually tell me. She always did. Or so I thought.

We got to her apartment in the city and began rummaging through her closet panning our night out. I tried on a short black romper. It was low cut with lace around the edges. It was very flattering. I pulled my long wavy brown hair over my shoulder admiring the open back.

“That looks good on you! Shows off your sexy legs!” Emily walked over in a white silky shirt dress that tied around her small waist paired with rose gold heels. She passed me her nude platform heels. “Good thing we are the same size.”

I put on the shoes. I worried if I could walk in such high shoes but with the extra straps it had around my ankle, they were quite comfortable. I suddenly felt dizzy again. I placed my hand on my head and Emily paused. “You okay? What are you feeling?”

I smiled and grabbed my purse. “I’m fine.” I chided. She didn’t seem convinced but didn’t argue with me.

Once it was time to go, we piled into her Prius and drove an hour to the house party. Nothing seemed to be ‘around the corner’ in Oregon. The ominous trees I had driven by before came into view. My nerves began to take over.

She made a turn down a dirt road though the trees. A sign next to the road said private property.

The house sat on a space of land. Many cars were already parked outside. The house was a regular two story house but from what I could see, the party was mostly outside. Lights were strung outside and music blared from the hidden stage where the DJ stood. We parked and I followed Emily who seemed to know where she was going. We walked up the steps and inside passing by several people who eyed us, the newcomers. I felt light headed for a minute when I noticed Emily lift her hand and waved. “Mila! Great party!”

I peeked around Emily seeing a petite girl push through the crowd toward us. I paled. It was her. She looked at me like I was a ghost. Quickly, she turned to Emily and smiled her million dollar smile at Emily then me. “Is this your friend from California?”

“Yes!” Emily said excitedly. “This is Alex.”

I smiled forcefully. “Nice to meet you.” I didn’t want to cause a seen. I doubt that she would attack me with so many witnesses. I would need to talk to Emily when we were alone.

“Likewise.” She sneered. “Where’s Sam? He is not with you?” She started to look around us.

“We decided to come separately since I was bringing Alex.” Emily replied.

“I hope he brings Klaus.” She muttered. I became somewhat nervous. Nick was coming?

“There they are!” Mila smiled triumphantly. “Klaus!” She called and pushed passed Emily and I. Emily turned and smiled toward the door. A tall man with wavy dark brown hair made his way to her not breaking eye contact. He was gorgeous. I was proud of my best friend for finding such a catch. He was in a simple white t-shirt and jeans and still very sexy. He pulled Emily into his arms and dipped his face into the crook of her neck. He breathed in deeply as if he was inhaling her scent.

Emily did the same before stepping away from him and pulled me over. “Sam, this is Alex.”

I smiled shyly. “Hi Sam. It’s nice to be able to put a face to the stories.”

He looked nervous for a moment as he glanced at Emily. “Stories?” Emily shook her head as if dispelling any doubt.

“Nothing bad.” I waved off. “She said you were handsome, dark and mysterious.”

He nodded and smiled. “I hope my first impression was good. I hear you are like sisters.”

“We are very close.” I agreed. Emily smiled and hugged close to Sam’s side. He grinned down at her as he tucked her under his arm.

“You seem like a great guy. I’m relieved I’m leaving my friend in such good hands.” I paused and realized he wasn’t alone.

Sam turned and searched the crowd behind him when a sandy blonde man walk over smiling. Kristian. His eyes were bright as he smiled at Emily.

“Emily. How are you?” He greeted. I didn’t notice before but he had an accent. I couldn’t trace where from. It sounded Norwegian?

Emily smiled at him. “Good. Kristian, this is my friend Alex from California.”

I noticed Kristian gaze at me with recognition before looking me over appreciatively. It made the heat rise on my cheeks. He smiled warmly flashing his pearly white teeth. “Hello Alex from California. You look familiar...Have we met?” he teased.

I thought I heard a growl. I looked around but I did not see a dog nearby. When I looked back at Kristian, his eyes were locked seriously with Sam’s. Kristian scoffed.

“ was nice meeting you again.” He glanced between me and Sam before walking into the crowd.

Emily and Sam looked bothered by Kristian. Emily looked at me warily. “Have you met Kristian before?”

Before I could answer, the man of my dreams with shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes walked over with Mila and some other girl under each arm. Nick. He looked like a rock star with his black v-neck t-shirt, dark jeans, and tattoos peeking out from under his clothes. He was devastatingly gorgeous as usual. The sight of him stirred something inside me again. I had butterflies fluttering in my chest.

He glanced at Sam and nodded at Emily. “Hey Em.” His voice was deep, smooth, and sweet like raw honey. It made my knees weak.

He turned to me and frowned slightly. I did ditch him. Besides, I don’t know the relationship he has with my attacker. I felt nauseous. “Hey Em. I’m going to get some water.” I smiled trying to be convincing.

Emily frowned but then smiled back. “Okay. I’ll go with you.”

“No, it’s okay.” I smiled and made a b-line for the kitchen.

I felt eyes watching me as I made my way through the crowd and got myself a glass of water. Perfect timing Alexandra. Your sick at a party filled with attractive men and the werewolf from last night. I took my time recovering. I don’t know how long I hid. When I went outside to the backyard, I could see she had not missed me at all. She was smiling and laughing with Sam. I was happy for her.

I turned and headed back inside. I had not seen Kristian or Nick. Maybe it was a good thing. Kristian seemed dangerous while Nick...well...he’s probably sucking face with Mila. The thought brought back my nausea. I felt the bile rise in my throat. I hurried upstairs searching for a bathroom. All the doors in the hallway were closed and designed exactly the same. I groaned and opened the first door hoping it wasn’t a bedroom.

I regretted it as soon as I opened the door. Mila was in her pastel pink lace lingerie straddling Klaus on the edge of a king sized bed.. He sucked her lower lip before turning his alluring eyes to me. He smiled. “Come join us?” Was he bitter that I left him at the bar?

My heart plummeted. Mila’s eyes dilated and I suddenly forgot how to breathe. I closed the door and moved to the next trying to escape from being attacked again. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I felt weak like I was dying on the inside. Nausea hit me full force as I rushed into the next room. It was dark but I could tell from the light moans that it was occupied. I glanced toward the bed and I saw a red head sitting in Kristian’s lap. He quickly turned his gaze to me in shock and that’s when I saw them. Fangs. Blood dripping down her neck. His eyes glowered angrily. I stood frozen. Vampires too? Before I could react, he pinned me against the wall. It was so fast. I didn't even see him move.

“You saw nothing.” His eyes dilated as he spoke.

“You walked in on us fucking and left.” He said forcefully.

My head throbbed from hitting the wall. The bile rose into my throat again and I pushed past him to the joining restroom. I fell to my hands and knees in the restroom emptying my stomach. Except it was not food. It was black blood. I was dying. I must be dying. My legs and arms shuddered beneath me.

“Hey...Alex.” Kristian eased slowly toward me. “Are you...?”

I rubbed the wetness from my lips. Black liquid covered my hand. I started to hyperventilate.

“Hey!” Kristian was closer to me but it felt like I was in a bubble. My vision became blurry. “Shit.” He cursed.

“Kristian, did you drink too much? I smell too much blood in here...” It was Nick’s voice. My body relaxed somewhat but then panicked realizing he was going to see me like this. Oh no. I dry heaved and coughed.

“Shit.” Nick cursed. I knew it. Disgusting.

“She’s in the first stages.” Kristian said. First stage of what?

Nick came closer. “We need to go.” He gritted. “Get Sam and Emily. I will bring her.” Kristian backed away from me before vanishing into a blur out the door.

Nick’s black Redwing boots clunked against the floor as he knelt beside me. I felt so cold. My body shook violently. I wanted to run away out of embarrassment. A tear slid down my cheek. Now I’m crying. Great.

“Hey.” I couldn’t look at him. He reached out and touched my back with his fingertips. His fingers were rough but gentle and felt so soothing against my skin.The touch was electric and this time I was not wearing wool. He had pulled away in surprise.

I reminded myself that he didn’t like me until he reached out again and pulled me into his arms in a fluid motion lifting me from the floor. My head fell against the crook of his neck. I could smell a woodsy scent from his skin. It was addicting. My body felt numb and exhaustion hit me as I melted in his embrace.

I felt him carrying me through the house. Everything was dark. My eyelids too heavy to lift. I heard voices but I couldn’t make out what was being said. A car engine revved as we began to drive away and sleep took over.


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