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We climbed into Sam's black Jeep Ranger to head to a party his new mate, Emily was invited to. She loved social events and Kristian and I were more than happy to attend with her. Except for Samuel. He was more of an introvert.

Sam gripped the wheel and glared at Kristian and I through the rear view mirror like we were children asking for the millionth time if we were there yet. We both smiled noticing we were really working on his nerves.

The venture helped with keeping my mind off Asa. Or Alex. It was like seeing a ghost when she walked in. I thought that maybe my dreams had started to affect my reality. The same face, eyes, lips, hair, and curved body. It was her. My Asa.

When she saw me with Mila, my chest ached with guilt. I never had a woman affect me as much as she did and now she was gone. Maybe my frustration was due to not being able to bed her at least once. Or not having her for years. Or maybe it was that she didn't remember me.

"Is it too much to ask if you two could not cause a scene tonight? We do not want to expose ourselves again and spend the whole night erasing our existence." Sam gritted as he put the car in drive.

"Look. I apologized and I took care of it didn't I?" Kristian smiled as he looked out the window. Kristian accidentally exposed his vampire tendencies last month when he was caught drinking some girl's blood. Luckily when you are a born alpha like us, you can do a little mind control. With the exception of Kristian. Mind control and vampires is a two for one package. But I guess he is an alpha in his own society as well.

"Sam just wants to impress his mate who he had been waiting for the past one hundred years. I think we can manage not make a scene." I winked at Sam through the rear view window and he relaxed somewhat. In our pack, my word was law. Last thing I wanted was to prove that on the side of the road with and angry alpha lycan.

"I really like Emily in a non-meal like way." Kristian added. "She is fun and you're not."

Samuel growled. "Klaus.." He silently asked for me to control Kristian. Sam was on his last nerve.

"Calm down Samuel. He's just teasing." I shrugged. "But it is true."

"Aw. Mom, I think I angered dad." Kristian nudged my arm I couldn't contain my chuckle. I tried to massage my jaw to dispel the growing smile.

"We are here." Sam gritted.

Ugh. It was Mila's house. She was fun in bed but her talking was...anyways, I suppose I could find other ways to occupy her mouth.

Sam parked and pushed passed the crowd to seek out his mate. Kristian browsed the crowd as if looking for a snack. "Please try to be inconspicuous. Mila invited humans to her party."

"Of course." Kristian smiled and headed inside. Before I could follow, I felt an arm wrap around my waist.

"Klaus. I didn't know you were coming." The girl was petite with her small arms wrapped around me. She was pretty. I think I had sex with this human before. I must have if she knows me.

"Who's your friend?" She motioned toward Kristian's retreating figure.

"Would you like for me to introduce you?" I asked. I could already see Mila approaching jealously.

"Klaus." She gritted. She glanced between me and the girl next to me.

"Mila." I cooed. Hoping she would relax and not cause a scene. It was not like we were mated. "Why don't you join us. I was about to introduce..." I fished for her name. I think she expected me to forget. She smiled and said Julie. "Introduce Julie to Kristian."

Mila smiled. "Of course. I saw him with Samuel."

Mila was a lycan as well. I had changed her a few months ago when she found out what I was and begged to become a lycan. She's aware of the whole soul mate thing but doesn't truly believe it. Should have just erased her memory and left her human. She's been a pain in my ass ever since.

Sam found Emily while she was attending Oregon's university. He still does human like things like go to school.

He turned Emily and mated her within a few months. More her idea then his. She was very excepting to the knowledge of lycans.

We headed inside together. I had one girl under each arm. I heard a growl from Samuel with my sensitive hearing as well as a familiar sweet scent. Asa...

I followed her scent in a daze and found Samuel and Kristian glaring at each other. Kristian spoke to a girl I couldn't quite see before he walked off into the crowd.

As I steered us toward Samuel to get a better look, I saw Emily tucked under his arm. "Hey Em."

I looked at the girl that Kristian had spoken to. It was her...Her deep brown eyes looked into mine and I felt a tightening in my chest. I was lost in her eyes once again. I wanted her. I remember feeling this way before.

When I felt the shock from our hands last night, I thought that maybe my years of waiting for her finally ended but I was never able to verify after what happened last night. I thought I would never see her again. With her sexy long legs. Her outfit was small and showed so much skin. I was salivating as my eyes drank her in.

She smiled at Emily. "Hey Em. I'm going to get some water." I watched her walk toward the kitchen until she disappeared around the corner. My jaw tightened as my beast roared in sexual frustration.

I dragged my eyes from her retreating backside and lead the girls to Kristian who stood in the corner of the room trying to woo his next meal. "Kristian, I would like you to meet Julie." He looked over Julie appreciatively.

"Hello Julie." She blushed under his gaze as if his accent was not alluring enough. I had practiced talking more like an american ever since we moved here before World War 1.

Asa er...Alex was avoiding me. It pissed me off. She isn't Asa. She was just her reincarnation or something. Not the same person. There's no way. This must be the work of Loki and his tricks.

Instead of going to find her, I leaned down to Mila and whispered into her ear. "Let's go to your room." She smiled.

"You know the way." She said attempting to sound sexy. I smiled as I lead the way to her room leaving Kristian to his snack.

I walked into her room and plopped down on the edge of the bed. She closed the door and began to slowly remove the little clothing she had on leaving on her lacy pink lingerie. It was if she knew she was going to have sex with me. This put me off slightly. I need to stop seeing her. If only she wasn't such an easy lay.

She climbed onto my lap, straddling me on the bed. I ran my hand lazily down her right side. She shivered against me and ground her hips against mine. She lowered her head to the nape of my neck and sucked. I hissed in a breath. She trailed her soft kisses up my neck to my jawline as she grind against my hard on.

Before she could kiss my lips, I took her lower lip between my teeth and bit her. She moaned. I knew she would like it. Mila likes it rough. I grind against her earning a moan. As hot as I was, thinking about Alex, I just wanted to erase this pitiful pining I had for her...

That's when the door opened. There she was. The source of my cravings. Her watching me turned me on even more. I wanted her to see how frustrated she makes me. To see exactly what she is missing.

I decided I wanted to coax her into bed with me. Emily and Sam could hate me later. I needed to taste her. I was salivating from the thought.

"Come join us." I used my alpha command on her. Only more dominating lycans could possess. It was unfair. I was manipulating her to do something against her will but I needed this. She can be mad after. The despration clawed at my insides as I waited. Salivating.

Instead of doing as I commanded, she backed out and closed the door. The sound of the door closing between us angered me. My blood boiled in my thick veins. Bubbling under the surface of my skin.

I felt rejected. I clutched the sheets and growled trying to control my unexplained rage. What is wrong with me?

Mila had acted like nothing happened. I clutched her jaw in my grasp controlling my strength so I would not crush her jaw. I looked into her eyes. "Go downstairs and entertain your guests."

She blinked then moved away putting on her clothes before she left. I laid back on the bed relieved slightly that my command still works.

I sat there alone disgusted with how pitiful I have become over some girl. But she wasn't just some girl. She was Asa.

Suddenly, I could smell a strong scent of blood. I sighed and followed the smell to the next room. I opened the door and saw Kristian in the doorway of the conjoined bathroom.

"You did it again didn't you? I smell too much blood in here..." I looked passed Kristian seeing her. She was kneeling over the toilet puking blood. She looked sickly as she shook on the tile. Her eyes lightened in color to a golden brown. She was transitioning. "Shit."

"It's just the first stage." Kristian said saying exactly what I had already deducted. There goes causing a scene.

"We need to go." I growled. "Get Sam and Emily." Kristian backed away from me before vanishing into a blur out the door.

She was pale and shaking. It reminded me almost of my first shift. I knelt beside her and watched as a tear glistened against her cheek.

I let out a sigh as I leaned in gently reaching for her. "Hey." I called her gently. She had me once again. Her pain resonated inside me. I ached because she did. I was wrapped around her finger. I didn't like seeing her like this.

She shut her eyes tightly and groaned fighting back the fever. I reached out and touched her back with my fingertips as an attempt to ease her into my arms to carry her. Just as my index brushed the soft skin of her back, her skin came alive against mine in an electric current. I froze removing my hand from her soft skin thinking that the feeling was again temporary but when I reached for her again, it stayed coming in waves. Mate. My beast sighed. Four hundred years. I never would have believed she would have come back to me.

My heart swelled with relief and happiness that Asa is here. She is mine. She has always been mine.

I craved to touch more of her to smell her scent to embed her body with mine. In the back of my mind, my beast growled possessively. I pulled her into my arms and cradled her tightly against my chest. Her head lulled into the crook of my neck.

She was exhausted. I felt her breathe in my scent and sigh. The innocent gesture was arousing. I walked out of the room before I decided to lay her down and taste every inch of her. I tucked her tightly to my chest as I made my way downstairs and through the front door.

"Klaus! Where are you going?" Mila called behind me. I ignored her and walked outside. Kristian had gathered Sam and Emily.

"What did you do?" Sam growled prowling towards Kristian. His shoulders hunched as he towered over our brother.

"I swear it wasn't my fault!" Kristian waved off Sam insignificantly. "Alex is the one causing a scene."

"Alex?" Emily began to panic until she saw her in my arms.

"What happened?" She rushed to us touching Asa gently and brushing her hair from her face. I could tell Emily loved Asa deeply.

"She is transitioning." Kristian muttered. His eyes darted around and body slightly turned away, trying not to draw attention from the humans nearby.

"I knew it! I'm so stupid. " Emily looked to Sam who was also in shock seeing Kristian's eagerness to leave.

I glared at Emily. "You knew?" Sam stood in front of her to protect his mate.

"She said she was attacked at your hotel. I didn't know she was bit!" She countered.

I growled. What idiot touched her?

"Klaus!" Mila ran up behind me. "You're not leaving yet are you?" She grabbed my arm and pulled me back making me almost drop Asa. I bristled underneath her hand. I couldn't pull back the possessive growl that ripped through my throat. Clawing to the surface.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" My beast roared. Mila leapt back in fear. Her eyes wide. I've never acted this way towards her until now. I regretted it as soon as it happened. My beast was very protective of Asa since we have already lost her once.

Kristian pulled Mila off of me and held her gaze. "We had to leave and you said goodbye so you could go entertain your guests."

He let her go and she smiled mechanically. "Bye!"

Sam rushed to the Jeep and opened the door for us before passing the keys to Kristian. "I'll go with Emily."

"I want to go with Allie!" Emily argued but Sam stubbornly pulled her to her Prius.

I climbed into the back of the Jeep and pulled Alex closer, cradling her in my lap. I was still unwilling to release her. She was so small. So soft.

Kristian hopped into the driver's seat and started the Jeep and quickly drove us back to our home. He glanced at me through the rear view mirror. Ignoring his stare, I brushed one of my hands through her silk brown hair.

"So she is your mate." He said surely. He smiled as he turned his eyes to the road. "Waited long enough I suppose."

Kristian seemed deep in thought before he spoke. "She saw me feeding."

He eyed me through the rear view mirror. I was to preoccupied with the girl in my arms. It did not matter to me what she saw or what she thought. She was mine and I was not going to lose her again.

We turned down a dirt road heading toward our private property deep in the woods. We stopped at the gate. Kristian hit the remote and the gate opened allowing us onto the massive property where my pack slept soundly in their nearby homes. Sam and Emily were driving up behind us.

We quietly exit our vehicles and went into the house. I carried Alex to my room upstairs. Emily wanted to follow. I growled warning her to stay back. Her wolf knew the meaning even though her human instinct did not. She stopped and waited with Sam and Kristian.

When I reached my room, I gently laid her down on my bed and took off her shoes. She curled into the bedding inhaling my scent in the fabric. My chest swelled with pride. She sighed and stayed asleep.

I slipped from the room and headed downstairs. Emily stepped forward while Sam had a firm hand on her forearm.

"She's asleep." I said to ease her concern.

"Can I stay with her?" She asked.

"She could accidentally rip your head off." Kristian chuckled. "Let us make sure she has a steady transition first." He glanced at me. I could tell he was trying to give me time and space with my mate.

I nodded once. Part of me wanting to keep her locked in my room away from others. I never would have imagined I could feel this way. It now made sense why I was pitiful around her. My sweet Alex. My Asa has come back from the sea.

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