His Little Fae

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He wanted a Queen, she had no need for a King. He wanted his mate, she wanted adventure. He wanted her close, and she wanted to stay away. But as we all know: Opposites attract. Follow Alexandria as she overcomes her hidden hatred for werewolves, and through the moon goddess' mandate ends up in the arms of the very leader of their kind. The Alpha King himself. Only through forgetting and moving past the tragedies life has thrown her way can she finally be the queen she was always meant to become. But it'll be a very long journey until then.

Romance / Fantasy
4.8 128 reviews
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King Livius James Artemis: Toni Mahfud

Queen Alexandria Liliana Elise Sparrow: Audreyana Michelle

Beta Jayden: Jordan Fisher

Elle Johnson: Dove Cameron

Victoria Williams: Barbara Palvin

Delta Noah Williams: Harry Styles

Mrs. Audrey Valentina: Beyoncé

Damien:Timothée Chalamet

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