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Dirty Little Secret

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Chapter 2

SPENCER WAS PISSED. He was fuming. His cousin Vince lost his moving truck and everything in it, and he started work tommorow.

He could do it at home. If he had his laptop. Spencer blew a deadly stream of smoke, in an alley. He didn’t like to smoke around people. Especially kids.

However, his large brooding figure was particularly imposing due to his anger. His tattoos didn’t help.

He had no idea what to do.

Just then—

The woman he immediately deemed Little One walked by him. She was so cute, he hadn’t noticed how sexy she was. And she was sexy.

Brown and curvy, with a heart shaped face, little cute button nose, and full lips, light brown, which he found even cuter.

Her eyes were narrow, like a cat’s and her eyes were dark brown. She was...


As if noticing his thoughts were about her, she stopped walking, facing him.

“Do you need somewhere to sleep?”

Confused, he cocked his head to the right, smirking.

“Do I look homeless to you?”

Maybe he did.

He watched her cheeks heat, his smirk turning into a grin.

“No. I overheard you talking about fucking Vince losing your stuff so...I thought I could put you up for the night.”

Spencer had no words. He was amazed, startled, and angry all at once.

“Do you make a habit of helping strange men in alleys at night?” He winced at her flinch. He hadn’t meant to he harsh, but... it just wasn’t safe and it made him angry.

He was twice her size, and she was thick girl. He could’ve done anything to her. And with a body like that...

His eyes trailed her curvaceous frame. With a body like that...

“I’m sorry,” her soft voice trembled sadly. “I’ll leave you alone.”

He watched her go with a glare, his muscles flexing, teeth clenching in irritation.

Why did he feel guilty? He didn’t do anything wrong. She approached him, which was a very stupid thing to do, by the way—

“Little One, wait!”

What the actual fuck? How did he get here, holding her wrist, pulling her closer?

He had planned on staying in his alley.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be harsh. It’s just,” he looked down, feeling angry at the fact he felt like he needed to apologize. “Not safe. Is all.”

He said the rest to her feet.

“Oh. Well,” She managed a smile, and he found his face conforming at the little dimple in his cheek.

“That’s okay. I wasn’t gonna take you home. There’s a hotel right down the street.”

He knew that.

“That’s an expensive hotel, Little One.” His eyes narrowed.

“I know the owner. He’ll help me out.”

Satisfied that she didn’t tell him where she lived or whether she had money or not, he smiled.

“As long as you don’t pay for anything.”

He trailed her down the street, trying to keep his eyes off her swaying hips. He just found it...attractive that is a natural sway. Not one of those practiced I’m-Gonna-Walk-Away-And-You’re-Gonna-Enjoy-it, type sways.

Did she even know her hips swayed? He didn’t think so. Cutting his eyes, he moved beside her.

Little One was very unaware.

He heard a catcall, a whistle, and a can I have your number? He turned back and glared at each of them, even the woman as hot as that may be.

“How do you ignore that?”

She looked up at him, blinking innocently. “Ignore what?”

It couldn’t be...

“All of that.”

Her nose scrunched up, her eye brows furrowed cutely. “All of what?”

Holy. Shit.

“Didn’t you hear the whistles, the catcalls—”

She laughed gently. “Oh. They’re not at me. Why would I pay attention?”

“Little One,” He said softly. “You’re the only woman on street right now.” Bailey looked around. Huh.

She shrugged it off. “Maybe it was for you.”

Such a strange woman.

As cynical as he could he, Spencer believed in love at first sight. Sorta. He thought it was entirely possible two people could meet, feel a spark that was ready to grow.

Not that he loved this strange little woman, but he did feel something.

He determined he should kill it before it killed him.

“Do you know when your stuff will be here?”

Spence snorted banefuly at the thought. “No. My dumb cousin lost the van.”

Her nose scrunched up in that adorable way again. “How do you lose a van?”

He shrugged, laughing deeply. His voice was booming, naturally loud, deep and low.

“I’ll ask Vince before I kill him.”

Spencer felt good. Better than he felt in long time.

This woman was very amusing, and her responses to things just made him hysterical. He didn’t think he had ever seen such a cute twenty-something year old.

It was odd. His niece was cute; he loved her to death, and kissing her little baby cheeks gave him life.

She was only a eighteen months old, but sometimes, he felt she was his best friend. He had Lily more than his cousin did—and she was his kid.

They watched cartoons together, ate Cheerios together. She even slept the same way he did.

Sometimes he wondered whether Lily really was his. She made him happy. Made him laugh. When he felt down he’d buy her toy and her smile would make him feel better.

Little one was a bit similar...sort of. When she scrunched up her nose he wanted to kiss it. He wanted to hide her away from the world, preserve her innocence.

But he also wanted to cup her full breasts, run his thumb over her nipples watch them pebble under his touch.

He wanted to feel her melt under him, look at him like he moved stars. He wanted her soft touch on his skin, her lips on his—

“Hey!” She tugged on his leather jacket, pulling him out if his explicit thoughts.

Clearing his throat he nodded. “What Little One?”

“Your full name.”
“Ah, yes. Spencer. Spencer Galley.”
“Do you have I.D.?”

Frowning, he fished his wallet out of his pocket.


The receptionist typed silently, before telling him a room number and giving him a key.

Furrowing his brow he glanced at Little One.

“You didn’t buy anything did you?”

She shrugged.

Not believing her one bit, he determined to pay her back.

“What’s your name?” He blurted.

“I’m Bailey.”

Wishing him the best of luck, she left. Spencer went up to his room, fidgeting.

He hoped she got home safely.

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