Beauty is the BEAST

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Chapter 2-The past is your present

I need to talk to someone about everything that's happened so I called the only people I trust...Ring..ring..ring


"Hey Mary..Long time no talk"

"Oh my god..Beauty I miss you so much"

"Me too..I was hoping Tiara and I could come over so we could talk?"

"YES! of course darling, when will yous be here?"

"about 30minutes, is that alright?"

"Yes darl I'll make some tea..see you soon"

Once all our stuff is ready I put Tiara in my all black Range Rover it toke us about 25minutes to get there. When I turned up Mary ran over and straight away got Tiara out and toke her inside and I followed them as she sat her in her play pen she brought for her.

" Jace around I need to talk to both of yous"

"Yes he's in the home gym..go get him while I play with Tee"


I walked straight into the home gym to find him lifting weights

"Hey Jace...we need to talk"

He dropped his weights and crushed me in a bone crashing bear hug it felt like he didn't let me go for hours but in reality it was only a couple of seconds

"I've missed you Beauty..let's go in the living room to talk"

I followed him out to the living room where Mary was playing with Tiara on the floor

"Hey guys can I talk to you both for a minute"

"Yes of course darl"

They both came and sat on the couch across from the chair I was sitting in after Mary put Tiara back in her play pen

"Mum left after dad passed a few days ago she left me a notetelling me not to try and find her and that I can do it by myself but I need to make money and hire a nanny while I'm at school but I was hoping you can get me back in to the underground so I can make some money"

"I'm so sorry all that has happened to you but I can look after Tiara while your at school if you would like"Mary said walking up to me to wipe away a few tears when I didn't even know that I was crying

"Yes that would be fabulous"

"I can get you back in the underground but it will be against the best fighters there are they all want to have a pieceof you"

"You know I've always loved a challenge Jace and anyways I've had the best Trainer/Manager there is"

"ha ha well you got that right" he said with a wink

"I better go but I'll call to work out when Tiaras' going to come over and Jace can you message me when my fight is please?"

"Yes of course now go on Tiaras' falling asleep"

We said our goodbyes and I left, I never thought I'd be back under these circumstances.

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