Beauty is the BEAST

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Chapter 3-Training

I woke up to the sound of my ringing I was about to turn it off when I seen that it was Jace

"Hey Jace, what's up?"

"Hey can you come down to the gym for abit? so we can talk about your next fight and so we can do some training to see if you need to work on anything."

"Yea sure can Mary take Tee while I'm with you?"

"YES" She yelled in the background while me and Jace chuckle at her excited

"Okay I'll be about 40minutes"

"Okay see ya"


Once I hung up I got Tees' stuff ready to go to Mary's then I had a shower and got into my gym shorts and sports bra and chucked my runner's on by the time I was finished getting ready Tee was awake so I dressed her and we had breakfast. The drive to Mary's wasn't bad so once I got to her house I dropped Tee off and went to the gym which is only 10minutes away from Mary's house.

"Hey Jace" I call out as I walk in the gym

"Hey Beauty come in here so we can talk" I walked in his officer and sat down across from him and nodded to tell him to go on

"okay your next fight is at the warehouse at 11:00pm Friday night which is 2 days since it's Wednesday so you have training today, tomorrow and Friday so you can be ready to fight since your first opponent is an undefeated champion"

"Who is it?"

"The Knight"

"I've fought him before I know how he fights so I'll be all good I just gotta keep my guard up since he likes to destroy people's faces" I said this with confidence because I know I can win

"I know you have but you havent fought in nearly 2 years so we have to train hard to make sure you do your best"

"Okay but I start school next week so I'll have to train after school"

"That's fine let's go train" Once we were in the actual gym part I stretched and warmed up because I know this was gonna be intense

"Okay start with 100push ups, 90squats, 100jumping jacks, 80mountain climbers, 40minutes on the treadmill and then we'll go to the punching bags."

All up everything toke about 1hr an 50minutes to do so it wasn't that bad. Once I was at the punching bags I didn't everything he told me to which was a mix of japs, crosses and upper cuts when we were done I went back to Mary's while Jace stayed at the gym.

I got there and went inside to find Mary making cookies while Tee sits in her high chair

"Hey Mary"

"Hey darl how was training?"

"Good I was hoping you could watch Tee for training tomorrow and Friday also if she could stay Friday night because I have a fight I would pick her up Saturday"

"That's fine, do you want me to pick her up in the mornings that yoy have school and she can stay every night you have a fight so you can rest and recover" she said the last part matter of factly so she's pretty much telling me there isn't any room for debate

"That would be amazing thank you" I got up of the stall I'd walked to not long ago and gave her a hug. She's been more of a mother to me then my own was and more of a grandmother to Tiara

"Okay well I'll go take Tiara home save me some cookies for tomorrow"

"Bye darl"

I got Tiara and left, once we got home I made dinner and then put Tee to sleep and fall into a dream less sleep

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