Beauty is the BEAST

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Chapter 4-Rember this

The passed 2 days went by faster then I thought with training and looking after Tee. It's currently 9:00pm I just dropped Tee off at Mary's, I've gotten ready for the fight and I've gotten my fighting stuff ready and packed it in my saddlebag on my purple 2017 Harley-Davidson Softail. Once I walked in I was instantly reminded of the first fight I ever watched...

We walked into the old looking warehouse to be met with a modern arena it was absolutely breathtaking their was a ring in the middle with seats all around and space for people to stand. I could see 2 rooms which I assume are changing rooms and a bathroom an bar next to eachother, Jace led my up some stairs into one of the booths so we were watching from above. It was interesting seeing how the fighters had different techniques an the way they could trick the other to get the upper hand I learnt alot from observing the other fighters and it soon became a habit I would pick up on what another fighters technique was and then work out how to use it to my advantage. I soon fell in love with the fighting not only watching it but being in the mitts of it all of it made me feel alive..

I found Jace near the changing rooms since we agreed to meet here I gave him my helmet and went and got changed, once I was ready I gave Jace my stuff since my opponent The knight was already in the ring. I stepped into the ring and the crowd went silent, standing right in front of me was my best friend (only friend) Jarred Jace's younger brother. He gave me a wicked grin and I mirrored it I know were supposed to hate eachother because we fight eachother but we always fight eachother an hangout afterwards whether it be in a hospital room because I've broken his nose or at the gym so we could talk and train. We've fought 3 times this will be our 4th and I'm gonna make it worth it no more going easy on him.

"Hey sweet cheeks....long time no see" he said smirking because he knows I hate that nickname he gave me

"Yea...I just couldn't stay away I miss reconstructing your face" I said while making my lips pout, he just chuckled and then git serious

"Don't go easy on me knight it takes the fun out of it" I looked him dead in the eyes while I said this so he knew I wasn't joking

"Okay sweet cheeks, let's have some fun"

Just after he finished talking we heard the mc get the crowds attention which wasn't hard considering they were all still silently watching our exchange with abit of rogue chatter

"GIVE IT UP FOR THE UNDEFEATED CHAMPION THE KNIGHTTTT!!" The mc yelled while everyone cheered Jarred on you could tell he loved it

"AND HIS OPPONENT THE ONE AND ONLY LEGEND BBEEAASSSTTTT!!!" The crowd went wild the came down from their shock of seeing me back and cheered us on as we started.

I had Jarreds technique down by heart he goes fir the face and only uses his hands so I new excatly what he was going to do when he came charging at me fists high so I side stepped and kicked him right in the ribs on his left side and then when he stumbled back I followed him and started laying my fists into him right where I kicked him, he managed to get away and landed a punch to the side of my head I soon recovered obviously quicker then he thought I would because he had his guard down and wasn't paying attention to me so I toke that opportunity to sneak attack him with a punch to the nose once I heard the crack I knew it was over and then I seen all the blood rushing out, soon he was past out cold on the ring floor.

"THE WINNER AND NEW UNDEFEATED CHAMPION BBEESSSTTT!!!" The mc screamed over the cheers I got changed quickly then went to Jarreds house on my bike.

By the time I got there our after hours doctor was there Dr.Samson he sees us both when we get injured in a fight and we can't go to the hospital for some reason he doesn't ask questions he just treats us gets paid an leaves.

By the time I'mon his porch I can hear him groaning in pain, when I'm inside it takes him a minute to notice me but when he does he gives me the finger while groaning in pain as Dr.Samson finishes putting the plaster on his nose, he gave Jay (Jarred) some pills "here these are for the pain take 1 pill 3times a day" Jay just nodded to soar to say anything I showed the doctor out then went back to where Jay was laying in his king sized bed I had to admit even with plaster on his nose he still looks good currently he's laying down in nothing but basketball shirts that are hanging low on his hips showing off his V line and abbs that I would kill to be able to run my hands over, him clearing his throat brought me out of my trance his body put me through

God I need to get laid- I thought to myself while prying my eyes from his abbs to his own hw had a light smirk on his face like he knew what I was thinking

"Do you wanna stay tonight? we can watch a movie" he said while running his hand through his dirty blonde hair

"Uh..Yea sure what movie are we gonna watch?" I said taking my jacket and shoes off so I'm only in my oversized t-shirt and leggings, I got comfortable under the covers in his massive bed while he looked through Netflix

"How about the nun?"


We just watched the movie for alittle bit until a jump scare scared me so Jay put his hand on my thigh rubbing comforting shapes in my skin I let out alittle moan when he touched my sweet spot he brang his hand up my thigh slowly each inch maker me wetter because of the anticipation he got to my crotch and went up and over so he could take my leggings down I lifted my hips to help him and he toke my panties completely off with them, he brang his hand back to my inner thigh and slowly made it to make throbbing center he felt my wetness then tasted it

"You taste so good sweet cheeks" he said while thrusting 2fingers into my core I moaned in pleasure and pain at the intrusion, he continued to thrust his fingers in and out while kissing me he lifted my top high enough to undo my bra and grab my right breast with his free hand I moaned into his mouth while he teased my hardened nipple pushing me over the edge I screamed out with my climax making my body shake, I was breathing heavy Jay slowed down his fingers then pulled them out and licked them clean.

"Well that was fun" he said with a smirk

"Yes..Yes it was" I said blushing causing Jay to chuckle

"Go to sleep we'll talk tomorrow" he said pulling me into him, I fell asleep with my head on his chest.

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