Beauty is the BEAST

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Chapter 5-I can't

I woke up in his arms remembering what had happened the night before, I felt so bad for leading him on when I just can't get into anything right now. He must have noticed I was awake because he opened his eyes and smiled at me "Morning" he said with his horse morning voice " about last night" I said looking away from him "I know after the incident you can't get into anything serious it's okay but it's not gonna stop me from trying" he said with a wink, I love how understanding he is no matter what.

We had breakfast together then I left to get home because Mary was dropping Tee off I turned up just as Mary was getting Tee out of the car I unlocked the door and brang my stuff in while Mary put Tee in bed when she was done I made us some coffees an we sat down to talk "So I was thinking maybe Tee could sleep at your house during the week and when I have fights I'll pay you obviously it's just it'll be really hard with her and I can't do it alone" I said as a tear fell down my cheek "It's okay darl Tee can stay whenever you need yoy know I love yous" she said giving me a comforting hug "Thank you" I said as we pulled away, she left shortly after that so I could get some stuff ready for school I put my books in my bag and got some black ripped jeans with a red strapless top and knee high leather heels ready with my leather jacket once everything was ready I made dinner and ate then fell asleep with Tee in my arms.

I woke up and had a shower then got dressed an got Tee ready to get her dropped off at Mary's by the time we got there it was dinner and Mary being the angel that she is made extra for us I ate an talked then left it hurts everytime I have to leave Tee I was exhausted by the time I got home I went straight to sleep luckily I got my stuff ready yesterday.

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