Beauty is the BEAST

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Chapter 6-School

I woke up earlier then my alarm so I decided to call and see if Tees' doing okay after having a long chat with Mary my alarm went off signalling it was time for me to get dressed so I put everything I had chosen yesterday on then toke my hair out of it's braids so it had curls I decided I didn't need much make-up so I just put some red lipstick and mascara on.

I rode my Harley to school so you can imagine how much attention I got not that I was looking for it, I parked near the school and turned my bike off once I had all my stuff I made my way to the office I could feel everyone's eyes on me and I didn't mind they can stare all they like for all I care as long as no one gets in my way it'll all be fine by me.....after 5minutes of looking around for the office I found it I went in an got my schedule and locker number an combination it wasn't that hard to find my locker considering all of the seniors lockers are in the same hall as the office.

I got to my next class a little early to introduce myself to the math teacher her name was Mrs.Jensen and she's very sweet once the rest of the class was here she shhh...them

"Okay love introduce yourself please" she said smiling at me

"My name is...." as I was about to finish my sentence the door got opened rather roughly making it bang into the wall

"Mr.McNamara late again I see SIT!" Mrs.Jensen was angry an that was rather amusing to me

"Sorry go on love"

"I'm Beauty Tatiana"

"What kind of name is Beauty?" one of the girls said glaring at me

"Obviously not one you'll ever be called" I said with a smirk while all the class said burnnn

"Alright that's enough Beauty go sit next to Mr.McNamara" she said pointing to an empty seat in the back corner, I went and sat down I did my work peacefully until I felt a poke I looked to my right to see the guy from earlier looking at me with an amused grin "Hey I'm Loki" he said holding his hand out I toke it an start away felt warm "Beauty" I said as I let go and went back to work but not even a minute in I felt another poke I chose to ignore him then he did it again an again until I turned to face him not impressed "Touch me again and I'll break your fingers" I said bluntly "Feisty I like it" he said smirking I just ignored him the rest of the lesson, lucky for me I had a free period next so I put my shit away an ran outside to my Harley I lit up a smoke and turned my bike on I could feel someone watching me but I just shrugged it of and headed to the gym.

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