Beauty is the BEAST

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Chapter 7-Oh shit!

When I got to the gym their weren't many people there so I had pretty much free rain so I decided to lift some weights I was about 20minutes through my workout when Jace came out of his office an walked up to me

"You have a fight tonight against the dark hood apparently he's good but he depends on his kicks so try to tire out his legs first..okay?"

"Yea okay" I said as I change over to the punching bags I swear they are my drug and I'm addicted I love the feeling I get when I'm training I just feel so alive I finish up and head back to school.

The rest of the day go's by quickly I'm guessing since I didn't have any classes with Loki not gonna lie though I kinda missed him since he was something to look at. I go home and get my fighting gear an ride my bike there once I get there and get changed I go into the ring to see a kid from school I scene him talking to Loki at lunch and now I have to fight him

"The Dark hood and the undefeated champion BEAST!" the mc yells over the crowds screaming

I watch as the dark hood runs towards me kicks flying everywhere but I dodge every single one I can see he's getting tired so I decide to end this with one swift punch I hit him right in the jaw an he falls to the ring floor unconscious

"The wwinner and still undefeated champion BEAST" the mc announces while the crowd cheers me on, I look up as I feel an unnerving gaze on me just to be met with ocean blue eyes starring down at me oh shit I thought

Loki McNamara just seen me fight

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