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Once upon a time, Day fell in love with the Night, and everything became chaos. A short story about how the spirit of Day met the spirit of Night; and how their love story became their demise.

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THIS COUNTS FOR a rare time in which Stella had decided to spend her time watching things beyond her duty.

Usually, the bringer of day only participated in the rising and the setting of the brightest star. However, this time around, curiosity got the better of her.

She craved to know what was happening after her duties ended, and deciding upon a day in which she was the freest, namely the first day of winter where days are short and nights are longer than usual, she hid in the shadows after the yolk of a star disappeared behind the hills.

The small transition from the sun to the moon was the most beautiful palette of colors she had ever witnessed in her entire life. The spread of smoothly layered pinks and purples filled the sky in an effervescence of colors as the clouds of snow-white slowly transitioned to ink-filled pillows. The bright lovely colors in which Stella was used to slowly began to melt away and into darkness. A whole selection of hues that she had never witnessed before filled her entire vision as all her breath escaped her.

As the moon slowly ascended into the now perfectly pitch-black sky, a figure caught Stellaโ€™s eyes from a fair distance away.

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