Unexpected - *Book Five*

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The next morning, I wake up with my nose buried in strawberry-scented hair. My arm encircles a slim waist, and my legs are intertwined with thighs that were wrapped around my hips a few hours ago.

I take in a deep breath, and with that, the scent of the woman pressed up against me. It’s not only strawberry I register. It’s also the fragrance of her skin that mixes with the lingering scent of our passionate night. And damn, what a night this has been.

I rarely do the morning-after routine. But with Kaitlyn, everything is different, which means I spent all night in another woman’s bed for the first time in forever. And for the first time in forever, I was comfortable staying.

When I tighten my grip on her, she stirs. “Good morning, Tinkerbell,” I breathe in her ear.

She turns in my arms, groans, and grumbles, ”Tinkerbell? This name-thing is getting more and more ridiculous.”

I chuckle when she glares at me. “Oh, you’re not a morning person, I see. But I can understand you’re tired after last night.”

Her groan gets louder. “Shh, stop talking.” She buries her face in the crook of my neck, and I bury my nose in her hair again.

“Can I kiss you?” I murmur when she’s reluctant to look at me.

She shakes her head with her face still pressed up against my neck. “Haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“I don’t care,” I say as I run my mouth over the soft skin of her shoulder. “But it’s fine,” I continue when I roll her onto her back. My lips reach her beautiful breasts, and I place a few tender kisses around her already hard nipples. “I’ll do the kissing; you’ll do the moaning.” I caress and massage her breasts using my hands and tongue and teeth, and she obliges and moans my name as she squirms underneath me.

“Damn, Aaron,” she purrs.

“That’s what I’m talking about, Sugar Buns,” I say as my mouth wanders over her belly down to the waistband of her panties. I’m not sure why she put them on because I knew I would peel them off her first chance I get, and now’s that chance.

“Ugh, seriously?” she half moans, half grumbles. “Don’t call me Sugar Buns.”

“Okay. And now you shush. Stop being difficult, and let me make you come. Open your legs for me, babe.” I lie on top of her and run my lips and tongue over her stomach while my knee spreads her legs without any resistance. My body slips between her thighs, and I lower my mouth to her hot and most definitely wet center. My fingers tease her entrance, and I gently suck on her clit because I already know it drives her wild. She’s so impatient. And as I suspected, she arches her back and growls in protest.

I love how responsive she is; it makes it easy for me to figure out what she doesn’t like and what turns her on even more, and teasing her is definitely the latter—I did that to her three times last night, and they all ended in a powerful climax.

Before her frustration turns into desperation, I slide one finger inside her and suck on her clit a little harder. Her moans get louder, and when I add another finger, she tightens her inner muscles and tilts her hip. Yeah, she likes that. So I continue to lick and suck and pump my fingers until her whole body tenses up. She comes with my name on her lips, which makes my already rock hard dick twitch. Damn, it takes me all I have to give her a moment to recover and not plunge right into her sweet softness.

I kiss my way over her still quivering body up to her earlobe, which I nip gently. “You’re even more gorgeous when you come,” I breathe. I brace myself on my hands, which I place on either side of her shoulders, and wait for her to open her eyes again and look at me. When she does, I smile and lower my head. “Can I kiss you now?”

She frowns. “I still haven’t brushed my teeth.”

“That’s fine,” I say with a smirk. “I still have your taste on my tongue from licking your–” Before I can finish the sentence, she gasps and covers my mouth with her hand. I laugh. “Oh, sorry. I forgot you’re shy,” I mumble under her hand, which is still on my mouth.

“Shut up,” she tries to grumble, but she fails miserably; she can’t keep the satisfied smile off her face.

I chuckle and remove her hand. “Make me,” I say before I finally crash my lips to hers, starting a kiss that grows more passionate with every rapid beat of our hearts and every pant that leaves our mouths. Kissing her is intoxicating; I’m already addicted to her sweet, full lips. I can’t fully grasp yet what this woman does to me. One thing is sure though: being with her feels better than anything ever has. I know she’s only here for a few weeks, so we need to make the most of the short time we have together. And being inside her is without a doubt time well spent.

But before I can enjoy that once again, I remember something. I pull back from our kiss and groan. “Oh, wait. Shit.”

She looks at me with wide eyes. “What?”

I frown. “We used all the condoms I brought, so unless you have some more hidden in your bedside table, we need to stop right here.”

Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “We used all of them?”

“Well,” I say with a smirk. “I’d still have one if you hadn’t insisted I fuck you on the kitchen table.”

She gasps. “I did not! It just–” She clears her throat, and a hot blush creeps up her neck and cheeks. “It got a little out of hand with the whipped cream and the chocolate syrup.”

A wide grin spreads on my face. “Yeah, that was awesome. But to come back to our initial dilemma: no more condoms.”

She studies me. “I can... take care of that... you–,” she says hesitantly.

I lift a questioning eyebrow at her. “Is that another thing you believe you’re not good at? Because if it is, I can’t wait for you to take care of that.”

She rolls her eyes and pushes me off her. “Stop teasing or I’ll bite.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Ugh, can you stop for a minute? I’m nervous. I’m really not good at this.”

I give her a warm smile and pull her closer for a tender kiss. “No need to be nervous. You don’t have to take care of me. But honestly, I’ll like anything you do as long as you’re comfortable with it.”

“Okay. Because I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel,” she whispers before she kisses my lips once more. She brushes her mouth over my jaw and neck and leaves a trail of more tender kisses all over my chest and abs, and the farther down she moves, the more my heartbeat accelerates. My skin burns with a desire for more wherever she touches me, and the need to feel her mouth on me grows exceedingly.

She finally kneels between my legs, and with a shy smile, she runs her hands up my thighs. I keep my eyes on her as she wraps her fingers around my cock and slowly strokes up and down, only applying a bit of pressure. Her touch is barely there, but I feel it all the way down to my toes. My eyes flutter closed, and I draw in a sharp breath, enjoying the grip she has on me, which is getting firmer with every stroke.

She places her soft lips on my tip, sucking lightly and swirling her tongue before she takes me in inch by inch, sucking a little harder, and with that, she makes me tremble with desire. Her warm and wet mouth feels so soft around my hard length, and it drives me out of my ever-loving mind in no time. She could ask anything of me right now; I’m putty in her hands – or rather, her mouth.

“Fuck,” I growl. I open my eyes again and watch her. When she notices my stare on her, she sits back, removing her sweet mouth from me, but still holding onto my hard length.

“Is this any good?” she asks. A low growl escapes me as I sit up and bury my fingers in her hair. I pull her face closer to kiss her deeply, letting her know what she does to me. She moans into the kiss, and I pull her back with me. I need her closer, as close as possible. She lies half on top of me, still stroking my hard-on while one of my hands has a firm grip on her perfect ass. She picks up the pace, and I’m seconds away from my badly-needed release. I tilt my head back and draw in a sharp breath and come harder than ever before from a hand job.

All I’m capable of for the next few minutes is lying there with my eyes closed and my heart racing, panting like I’ve just run a marathon. “Damn,” I say when I finally open my eyes and look at the beautiful woman who rests her chin on her hand, which she placed on my chest, smiling at me. “Are you bad at everything?” I laugh. “You really–"

Her smile falters. “Don’t say it!” she yells as a smug grin spreads on my face.

But of course, I’m so going to say it. “–sucked,” I finish the sentence.

With a shake of her head, she gets off the bed, grabs a shirt from a chair, and pulls it over her head. She picks up her panties, and as she puts them on, she tells me, “Now clean up the mess and meet me downstairs. I’ll make breakfast. You already know your way to the shower,” she adds with a wink as she disappears from my sight.

After freshening up, I meet Kaitlyn in the kitchen, where she’s prepared a small but delicious-looking breakfast. I gratefully accept the mug of steaming coffee she hands me and sit down next to her at the table – the same table I had her squirming underneath me just a few hours earlier. I can’t help but smile at the memory.

Kaitlyn looks at me and rolls her eyes. “Please tell me you’re not thinking about what we did here.”

“How could I not?” I wiggle my eyebrows and grab a piece of toast. “That was hot.”

With a shake of her head, she takes a spoonful of her cereal, and we enjoy our food in companionable silence. When Kaitlyn is done, she shoves the empty bowl away from her and grabs her cup of coffee. She leans back in her chair and studies me.

“What’s on your mind?” I ask with a subtle smile.

She shrugs. “I was wondering... why did you show up here yesterday? If I remember correctly, you told me to call you once I’m ready to see you again.”

I finish my last piece of toast and take a sip of my coffee before I turn to her. “I know I keep telling you I can’t give you any details, but the thing that happened at work stresses me out. And when I’m with you, I feel calm. I must be a little crazy for saying that, but you’re good for me and my nerves right now. So I had to risk it and see you, even though I didn’t know if you were ready yet.” I lean closer to her and stop just before my lips touch hers. “Luckily, you were,” I add before I kiss her slowly and deeply.

When I pull back, I rest my forehead against hers. “Do you want to accompany me to a party on Saturday?” I ask her as I lean back.

“A party?” Her eyes widen. “Really?”

“Sure. Why not?”

She sighs and bites her lips. “I don’t know,” she says with a shrug. “Maybe I’m a little worried you didn’t want to spend any more time with me now that...” She lets the rest of the sentence dangle in the air.

“Now that we fucked?” I laugh. “Babe, I plan on doing this again. And again. And then some.” I lean closer to her to continue with our kiss, but we are interrupted by the front door opening and closing, and sure enough, a moment later, my dad walks into the kitchen like he owns the place.

“Fucking shit, Dad,” I say. “You can’t just come barging into other people’s houses like that.”

He comes to a sudden halt and studies us. He opens his mouth to say something, but he changes his mind and closes it again. Instead, he clears his throat. “I’m sorry,” he finally says. “Your aunt called and told me she couldn’t get a hold of you this morning.” He throws me a glance. “Now I know why,” he mumbles before he comes closer, holding out his hand to Kaitlyn. “I brought you your note pad. You left it on the lounger, and I thought you might need it.”

Kaitlyn accepts the note pad with a shy smile, and her flushed cheeks are a sure sign that this is a little awkward for her. “Thanks, Philip. I’ll call Jannie back. Thanks for telling me.”

With a warm smile, he nods before he turns to me. “Aaron,” he says, without the smile. “I need you to take me to the pharmacy. I’ve run out of pills and forgot to replenish. And my blood sugar is a little high; I shouldn’t be driving.”

I roll my eyes and groan. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I get up from my chair. “Go ahead, Dad. Wait in my car.” I grab my keys from the kitchen isle and throw them to him. “I’ll be right there.”

With one last glance at us, he turns around. As soon as I hear the front door shut, I turn to Kaitlyn. I cup her face with my hands and kiss her deeply one more time. “I’ll call you,” I tell her before I go.

“Okay,” she breathes when she looks after me.

When I get into my car, I can already feel my dad’s stare on me. “What?” I ask as I turn the key in the ignition.

“You slept with her,” he says flat out.

I clench my jaw and grip the steering wheel. “I don’t see how this is any of your business.”

He sighs. “I worry about her. Don’t break her heart.”

“Thanks for the lecture, Dad. Stay out of it, though.”

And that he does. At least for now. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about anyway because what he doesn’t realize – it might be my heart that’s on the line.

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