Unexpected - *Book Five*

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I lie flat on my back on Kaitlyn’s bed, staring at the ceiling, waiting for her to finish drying her hair after our shower.

Running my hand over my face, I let out a slightly frustrated groan. Unexpected feelings have a firm grip on me. It’s not relief and elation that define my current mood but remorse and anguish.

Kaitlyn said she needed the shower to wash off the events. Turns out I needed it just as badly—only it didn’t help, and she knows it. I see it in the way she looks at me. She sees the guilt on my face, notices it from my actions. It’s my reluctance to touch her and draw her close. Close is where I want her—need her—but that is where she wasn’t safe.

It might be over now, but the bad conscience remains. The things she had to go through because of me are unforgettable—unforgivable. It’s all I can think about while Kaitlyn does her best to occupy my mind otherwise. Running my hands and lips all over her body did send me into oblivion for a few short moments, but now I’m back to brooding. Maybe it will take some days for her to realize what I’ve done, and then she’ll send me packing.


Kaitlyn’s soft voice makes goosebumps erupt all over my skin. I lift my head and watch her approach the bed, still naked, with her brown waves falling over her shoulders. Instantly, I itch to bury my fingers in them. My gaze wanders over her body, her delicious curves with the smooth skin I want to run my tongue along, from her beautiful breasts with the already hard nipples all the way down to her hot core, which fits so perfectly around my dick.

“I told you to stop it.” She narrows her eyes at me as she comes to a stop at the foot of the bed.

With a frown, I prop myself up on my elbows. My gaze stays on her as she kneels at my feet before she places her hands on my shins. “I need to feel you, Aaron,” she whispers, moving her hands up my legs.

I’d give her anything she’d asked of me, but I’m not sure I should indulge in something that could end in disaster. I’m terrified of losing myself in her, her touch, her comforting embrace—all of her—just to lose her shortly after.

My body has a different opinion on that matter, though, and my dick betrays me when I watch her crawl toward me with that gleam in her eyes. I go harder the closer she gets, and once she wraps first her fingers and then her lips around me, I’m done for. My brain shuts off, but one last thought lingers: she gives me so much affection I don’t deserve, and it’s only a matter of time until she realizes it.

But that thought gets pushed back further and further due to the lack of blood flow to my brain, and it’s not long until I can only concentrate on one thing. “Fuck, Sunshine. That’s—fuck, yes!” With a groan, I fall back into the sheets, panting and writhing under her touch.

She sucks me off with a passion she hasn’t shown before, and I’m trying my best to hold back my release. While I solve complex mathematical equations, Kaitlyn luckily pulls back; I wouldn’t have lasted another minute. I lift my head and watch her grab a condom from the nightstand. She only breaks eye-contact for the few seconds she needs to tear open the foil pack. She rolls the condom over my length torturously slow, making my heart beat even faster, and my desire to plunge into her grows exceedingly.

Once we’re all protected, she straddles me, pressing her chest to mine to find my mouth in a kiss that turns me on even more. When our tongues meet, she lets out a moan that makes my dick twitch. I fucking need to be inside her or I’ll spontaneously combust.

I grab her ass, lifting her and guiding her over my erection. Luckily, she doesn’t hesitate to reach between our bodies to place my tip at her entrance, so all I need to do is push up my hips, and I’m finally buried deep inside her.

We both moan and pant as I thrust into her again and again until she sits up, taking control over pace and intensity of my thrusts—something she wouldn’t have done when we first started sleeping together. Within a few weeks, she’s become more confident in herself, and I couldn’t be prouder.

I let her have her moment—let her ride me hard and fast—before I take over again. I sit up, grab her hips, and flip us over with one quick move. She gasps when I continue to thrust into her in the same hard and fast manner. Sitting up, I place her right leg on my shoulder so I hit that spot inside her that makes her scream. When I rub her clit to make her moan louder, she moves her hips in a circular motion, and I drive deeper into her with every thrust.

Our gazes lock, intensifying the burning heat between us. I savor every second we’re connected because I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to enjoy her luscious body like this.

She grabs my hands, intertwining our fingers, and meets my every thrust with a tilt of her hips, urging me to go faster. Her inner muscles tighten around me, indicating she’s close to her climax.

“Come, babe.” I lean down as low as her leg, which still rests on my shoulder, allows, pinning her hands next to her head. My lips hover over hers while I look deep into her eyes, searching for that ardent desire I always see in them when she climaxes. Once I detect it, there’s no holding back. She throws me over the edge with her, and we both gasp for air when release floods our bodies. Taking her leg off my shoulder, she wraps it around my waist with her other, pressing herself as close to me as possible.

I let out a long, slow breath. She did it. In my completely saturated state, I feel nothing but relief that I have her back. “Fuck, Sunshine,” I murmur into her hair while I’m still buried inside her. “My dick missed you so much.”

She chuckles, and that sound erases the last bit of heaviness from my chest. “Only your dick?”

I lift my head with a smirk. “No, my lips missed you too.” I plant a feather-light kiss on her mouth. “And my hands.” My palms stroke over her legs and up her sides until I reach her breasts, which I massage gently. “And my tongue missed the taste of you.” I kiss her again, this time enjoying the sweetness of her mouth. “All of me missed all of you,” I tell her in my obviously crazy state of mind.

Well, there’s no denying I’m crazy—for her.

“I’ll be right back.” With another quick kiss, I slide out of her, making her gasp. I chuckle as I get up from the bed to go to the bathroom and get rid of the condom.

When I return, Kaitlyn is already snuggled up in her blanket, eyes closed, looking utterly relaxed. With a goofy grin plastered on my face, I watch her, and warmth floods my body.

“Stop staring at me, you creep,” she mumbles without opening her eyes. “Come to bed.”

I don’t hesitate to comply. My smile doesn’t falter when I lie down behind her, snaking my arm around her waist, pressing her sweet body against my chest. “Good night, Sunshine,” I say as I press a soft kiss on her shoulder.

“Good night,” she mutters, and I expect her to fall asleep within the next few moments.

What I didn’t expect was her insatiability.

“Stop pressing your ass against my groin like that,” I growl, “or I can’t be held responsible for my actions.”

Of course, she doesn’t, and I make her come one more time before we fall into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

We spend the next three days in bed, only getting up to raid the fridge or take a shower. We fuck, we eat, then we fuck some more. And in between, we talk about how sorry I am she had to go through this ordeal, and about how she doesn’t blame me but is glad we’re finally reunited. It’s hard for me to grasp how forgiving she is, and confusion makes my chest feel tight. On the one hand, I don’t want to let her go, but on the other, I’m completely overwhelmed by the things she makes me feel.

It’s still three weeks until Kaitlyn’s aunt is due to return. The date she plans to go back home to North Carolina is approaching way too fast. I need to figure shit out in those twenty-one days because let’s be honest—this is scary as fuck. It’s been more than something purely physical between us from the start, and as much as I believe I don’t deserve her, I don’t want this to end. As all this is entirely new to me, I have no idea how to handle the situation.

Problem is, as soon as I’m close to her, my mind shuts off and all I can think about is touching and kissing her and making her scream my name.

“Stop staring at my ass.”

At hearing Kaitlyn’s words, my eyes snap up to hers. We’re in the kitchen, where I sit at the table finishing my coffee while Kaitlyn stands at the kitchen isle with her back turned to me, cutting up fruit. She looks over her shoulder, and after catching me ogling, her lips stretch in a smirk. Well, I wasn’t exactly ogling because I hadn’t realized my eyes rested on her sexy backside clad in only some skimpy panties.

With a chuckle, I get up from my chair and walk over to her, coming to a stop right behind her. I run my fingers along the exposed skin between her panties and the hem of the camisole she’s wearing and lower my mouth to her shoulder. “I wasn’t staring,” I breathe on her skin. “I was admiring.” I cup her ass and give it a good squeeze.

“Aaron.” My name comes out as more of a whimper when I wrap my arms around her waist to press her body closer to mine. “Damn, we just got out of bed, where I lost count of how many times you made me come.”

“Once more won’t hurt.” I turn her around and lose no time to devour her sweet lips. The moan that comes from deep inside her throat vibrates through my body, spurring on my need to feel her. For a second I regret we put on clothes, preventing me from just lifting her leg and thrusting into her.

My hand wanders between her legs, caressing her through the thin fabric of her panties. She lets out another long moan as she grabs my shoulders because her knees give in. “Fuck, Aaron,” she pants.

Because I don’t want her to slide to the ground, I grab her ass to pick her up, and instantly, she wraps her legs around my waist. I walk us over to the table, where I sit her down. “I have some fond memories of this particular piece of furniture,” I murmur onto the skin of her neck.

She tilts her head back and buries her fingers in my hair. “I think you need to refresh my memory.”

“Happy to.” I close her mouth with another passionate kiss. Kaitlyn scoots closer to the edge of the table—closer to my groin, where my erection is waiting to be freed so I can sink into her.

But before I can take this any further, someone clears their throat. With a squeal, Kaitlyn pushes me off her and jumps off the table. It takes us a moment to realize what’s going on—that someone entered the kitchen.

“Aunt Jannie!” Kaitlyn screeches. “What are you doing here?” She darts across the room and falls around her aunt’s neck.

Jannie laughs. “Hey, honey!” She wraps Kaitlyn in a tight hug when she explains, “I had to cut my trip short.” She holds up her right hand, and only now do I notice the bandage. “I sprained my wrist so I couldn’t take any more decent pictures. And,” she adds with a wink, “I was getting homesick.” She wraps her arms around her niece again.

After a heartfelt welcome, Jannie lets go of Kaitlyn and scrunches up her face. “I’m sorry I interrupted... whatever was going on. Oh, um... hey, Aaron!”

“Hey, Jannie.” I give her a tentative smile before I rub the back of my neck, avoiding her gaze. I look at Kaitlyn, who covers her flushed cheeks with her hands.

Jannie chuckles. “No need to feel embarrassed, kids. I’ll leave you to it and go unpack.” She turns to leave.

“No,” I stop her. “Stay. I’m sure you’re both eager to catch up.” My eyes meet Kaitlyn’s. “I need some fresh clothes from home anyway.” Before anyone can protest, I walk past them and grab my clothes from Kaitlyn’s bedroom.

Once I’m fully dressed, I meet Kaitlyn at the front door. With one last scorching kiss, she sees me out. “Thanks for that,” she says with a soft smile. “I’ll call you.”

“Take your time.” I return her smile as I walk out the door to my car.

With a deep sigh, I get behind the wheel and just sit there for a few minutes, staring ahead of me. A heavy realization hits me. Jannie is back, and her return makes my stomach roll. A slight shiver runs down my spine because the only thought in my head is that with her aunt being back already, Kaitlyn might return home earlier too. So I probably don’t have three weeks but mere days.

I start the car and make my way to my apartment. I keep pondering until I walk through my door and straight to the couch, where I drop down with the umpteenth weary sigh within the past half hour.

While I stare at the ceiling, a thought pops up in my head. Maybe it’s not that bad if she returns home. Maybe it’s for the better; maybe some distance will do us some good after the turmoil we had to endure.

Yes, some time apart from her where I don’t have to worry about her safety might help me clear my head and figure out what the fuck I’m feeling.

Even if it’s at the risk of losing her because she might finally realize she deserves better.

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