Unexpected - *Book Five*

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Bonus Chapter 1 - Kitchen Table Fun

A/N: This is a little scene that happens the first night they spend together, between chapters twelve and thirteen.


A faint rumbling noise wakes me from my light slumber, and my eyes fly open. Damn, I didn’t plan on dozing off—at least not until I had another taste of the woman in my arms. Shit, she already turned me into a fucking addict.

I tighten my grip on Kaitlyn as she stirs. “What was that sound?” I lift my head to meet her gaze.

“Uh, well...” She sits up, blinking at me with a sweet, sexy smile that’s got me staring at her full lips rather than her naked breasts. Damn. “That might have been my stomach. We kinda skipped dinner.” She shrugs her shoulder, and the cutest blush suffuses her cheeks.

I chuckle at her shyness. If I told anyone this woman was squirming underneath me just now, screaming my name, they wouldn’t believe it. I sit up too and cup her cheek with my hand. “Yeah, we went straight to dessert.” I brush my lips over hers, and she leans into me with a soft moan that’s making my dick twitch. No, first things first. I pull away before I lose control. “Let’s feed you.”

I get up from her bed and grab her hand to help her up. Once we stand in front of each other, I can’t resist the urge to press her body against mine. I bury my nose in her hair, and my hands gently stroke her back. When they reach her ass, I grumble. “Tell me again why you’re wearing your panties?”

“Old habit,” she murmurs. “Sorry, can’t help it.” She rests her forehead on my chest, drawing in a sharp breath when my hands slip into her underwear to squeeze her butt. The sounds that escape her turn into moans, and I go harder with her every inspiration that makes her breasts and hard nipples brush over my bare chest.

“Fuck,” I growl. “You’re asking for it, babe.” I move my hand to her front, to her center that’s already—or still—dripping wet. An appreciative sigh escapes her when I plunge two fingers into her soft core with ease and pump them in and out while I press my thumb down on her clit.

She gasps. ”Oh my! Damn... that’s... yes! Oh, Aaron!” Her screams get louder as I increase pace and pressure, and she grabs my shoulders, digging her fingers into my flesh.

I pull away an inch so I can study her beautiful face with that expression of sheer ecstasy. I already love watching her come undone. When her legs are about to give in, I wrap my other arm around her lower back to keep her steady. She buries her face in the crook of my neck, muffling her moans, before her whole body tenses up and she tightens her inner muscles around my fingers. “Let go, babe,” I breathe in her ear, and within seconds, she obliges. Her body trembles, and she digs her fingers harder into my shoulders. When she comes, my name falls from her lips in a long, loud moan—for the fourth time since we left the pool a couple of hours ago.

I let her ride out her climax before I remove my hand from her panties and wrap her up in a tight embrace. She needs a few minutes to come back down, but once her breathing is less erratic, I murmur into her hair, “Can I let you go now?”

She nods as she loosens her grip on me. She takes a step back, giving me a satisfied smile. “Phew,” she says on a long exhale before she gently presses her lips on mine.

Fuck, those soft kisses of hers send just as an intense shiver down my spine as her soft core wrapped around my dick. “We better put on some clothes,” I tell her. “Otherwise, I’ll devour you once more. You need food; the night isn’t over yet.”

Lowering her gaze, she chuckles. “Damn,” she mumbles. “What about you?” Her eyes shoot up from what I suspect was my erection.

I bite my lips, which stretch in a wide smile. “I can wait. Let’s eat first, or we won’t be getting out of your bedroom for the next few hours.”

Another soft moan leaves her before she turns around to grab her top. Once I convince my dick to wait his turn and we get dressed, we make our way to the kitchen, where we find some leftovers that we eat in comfortable silence. We steal glances at each other, and we both have these silly grins on our faces.

Damn, I act like a teenager around Kaitlyn. I can’t remember the last time I spent my time with a woman after sex doing anything but having more sex. By now, I’m even sure I’ll stay for the rest of the night.

After we finish the food, we clean up the table. I load the dishwasher while Kaitlyn stows away the remaining leftovers. “Do you want some dessert?” she asks with an innocent smile.

Oh, yes, please!

She rolls her eyes when she sees my smirk. “Aaron! I meant maybe some ice cream with chocolate syrup.” Shaking her head, she chuckles and gets a bottle of that syrup and a spray can of whipped cream from the fridge.

I stand behind her, resting my hands on her waist. “While ice cream sounds delicious, I like my initial idea.” I turn her around, close the fridge door, and take the things out of her hand. Once I securely placed them on the countertop, I press her up against the fridge. She gasps due to the slight chill, I suspect.

“And what exactly is your initial idea?” she asks.

“Your sweet pussy can be my dessert while you ride my face.”

She squeezes her eyes shut and groans, and I’m sure not entirely out of arousal. I know she’s shy as far as dirty talk is concerned. “Don’t say things like that. At least not yet.”

I chuckle. “Why not?”

“I don’t know. It makes me cringe. I told you I’m not that brazen when it comes to sex.”

“I don’t get why.” I narrow my eyes at her. “Next thing you’re probably gonna list your body’s alleged flaws.”

She grimaces, letting me know that even though she didn’t intend to name those things, she has a list.

“Kaitlyn,” I say just above a whisper, and I enjoy how that makes her shiver. “I’ll tell you what I see. Your breasts are perfect because they perfectly fit into my hands. Your soft, round ass is so squeezable, and just looking at your curves makes me want to run my hands and tongue all over your smooth skin. And the taste and scent of your arousal make me go painfully hard. And pounding into your–”

I can’t finish the sentence because she crashes her lips to mine, starting a passionate kiss that leaves us breathless soon. Panting and moaning, our hands explore our bodies. Goosebumps erupt over my skin when she runs her hands through my hair, and she moans louder when I press her groin closer to mine. Her knees give in, so I pick her up and wrap her legs around my waist, walking over to the next best thing to lower her onto—the kitchen table.

My mouth only leaves hers to remove her shirt, and instantly, my hands and lips are on her breasts, caressing and teasing her hard nipples. She leans back, bracing herself on her hands behind her on the table. She pants harder with every flick of my tongue and squirms more the closer my fingers inch to her hot core.

I’m not sure how my brain even functions with all my blood flowing through the lower half of my body, but a thought pops up in my head. Kaitlyn gasps and grumbles when I step away, but I’m back in front of her in no time—with the chocolate syrup and the whipped cream.

She furrows her brows, alternately looking at my face and my hands. “What are you doing?” she asks.

The grin on my lips widens. ”As I said, forget the ice cream; you’ll be my dessert.” I shake the spray can before I push the button. Kaitlyn screeches when the cold whipped cream hits her chest, and she sucks in a sharp breath when I lower my mouth to run my tongue over her breasts to lick them clean.

“Oh, Aaron,” she moans over and over, and I have to hold myself back from sinking into her body. She’s so responsive to everything I do to her, and that is such a turn-on.

I repeatedly spread the whipped cream and also the chocolate syrup over her chest, licking and nibbling at her skin before she grabs my wrist to take the bottle of syrup from me.

“My turn,” she says with a wickedly sexy smile. “Strip,” she demands next, and I laugh at her forwardness. Yes, that’s it, babe! So hot.

I get rid of my t-shirt and sigh with relief when my dick is finally free from the confinement of my shorts—it was getting way too tight in them.

With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Kaitlyn lathers my chest in chocolate, and I watch with a lustful gaze how she runs her tongue along my burning skin, making my heart race and my body tremble with desire.

She still sits on the table, and I stand in between her legs. When she scoots closer to the edge, my erection touches her belly, and with that, all my self-control is out the window. With a deep guttural groan, I push her back onto the table and rip the panties off her. I lick the remains of the chocolate from her belly before I spread her legs wider and sink to my knees in front of her. Once my mouth is on her, sucking her clit, and my fingers tease her entrance, she writhes and pants and moans, sending jolts of lust through my body. My impatience grows, but I will make her scream my name again first.

With the taste of her arousal mixed with the chocolate and whipped cream on my tongue, I suck harder on her clit and crook my fingers that I push inside her wet center. Fuck, this is heaven—my new favorite place.

“Aaron!” she screams. “I’m gonna–”

Before she can finish the sentence, she reaches her climax, once again tightening around my fingers and bucking her hips. I get up and look down on her naked body while she recovers—such a beautiful sight.

She takes a few deep breaths before she opens her eyes. Her gaze locks with mine, and the corner of her lips lifts the tiniest bit. With a chuckle, she sits up and wraps her arms around my shoulder to press herself closer to me and find my mouth in a hungry kiss.

I groan because I have zero patience and control left. “Let’s move this to your bed.”

“No,” she breathes. “Let’s stay here.”

I pull back from our kiss and raise my eyebrows at her. She bites her lips, but they still stretch in a subtle smile.

Well, who am I to deny this woman her wish? I grab the condom I luckily have in the pockets of my shorts and tear open the foil pack. Within seconds, I’m ready to sink into her, and that I do. After a few slow thrusts, I’m finally buried deep inside her. She clings to my shoulders, responding to my thrusts with moan after moan, which I swallow with a hot and wet kiss.

With all the built-up sexual tension, it doesn’t take me long to be close to orgasm. Luckily, Kaitlyn is right there with me. All it takes is a few more thrusts while I rub her clit with my thumb, and we both fall over the edge.

We clasp each other while we wait until we’re able to move again and form a coherent thought. But rational thinking has been a hopeless endeavor ever since her lips first touched mine a few hours ago. My brain is on standby, and my dick is in control; he already has the next move planned.

I pick Kaitlyn up, sliding out of her in the process, and I already miss her wet heat wrapped around me. She lets out a long, slow breath when she tightens her grip on my shoulders and locks her feet behind my back, clinging to me like a monkey. She rests her head on my shoulder as I carry her to her bathroom, where I put her down in front of the shower.

“Let’s get clean so we can get dirty again.” I give her a sultry smile before I turn on the water and pull her after me under the spray. The smile she gives me in return tells me she’s on board with that plan.

And that’s when I know this will be an unexpectedly great summer.

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