Tell Me You Love Me

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Grayson had only been gone two hours and I missed him like crazy. We had shared a blissful 48 hours together. Wrapped up in our own bubble. One that I knew was bound to pop. And when it did I was scared of what the fall out would be. I knew what we were doing was wrong. But I craved him. I knew it was selfish of me to pursue whatever this was that was between us but I couldn’t help it. I had no excuses. And nothing I could say could make this situation any better. Someone was going to get hurt. I knew it and deep down I knew that Grayson knew it too.

So why couldn’t I stop myself?

This was something I asked myself over and over.

And I still couldn’t answer it.

Unless you counted the fact that I loved him as the answer?

Selina had texted me to say that the hold up was taking longer than she thought it would and I was to start our girls day without her.

So I baked. My first batch of chocolate chip cookies were so good. As were the peanut butter cookies, and the blondies were amazing.

When Selina returned I was slumped on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself.

“Ah my princesa what’s wrong?” She said barely able to contain her smile.

“I have tummy ache.” I whined and let out a faux sigh. “I may have eaten a lot of the cookies I baked!”

Selina laughed softly. “Oh no, you won’t want the peanut butter ice cream I’ve brought home then?”

My head snapped up to see the huge bucket of ice cream in her hands. And the huge smile on her beautiful face.

“Maybe I’ll recover?”

“Of course you will mija.”

Our afternoon spent together was everything I needed. We sat and ate ice cream, watched Pretty Woman, and after dinner Maddy came over. I missed her so much and I couldn’t wait to see her.

Maddy was so beautiful, breathtaking really. She was tall and willowy standing at 5’9 and could easily pass for a model. Her dark skin was mesmerising, dark like a midnight sky but when the light hit she glowed and her skin looked obsidian, her cheekbones were high and her lips were full and beautiful but it was her eyes.

They say a persons eyes are the window to their soul and Maddy’s eyes could knock the breath right out of you. They dark almost black and full of such warmth. And every feeling could be felt when you looked into them I was drawn to Maddy in a way I’d never been drawn to anyone before. She walked into a room and owned it, and yet she never craved or needed popularity like some girls.

She was happiest when sat in a library or a quiet corner. The girl was also smart and wanted to follow in her parents footsteps and become a doctor. And she certainly had the brains to be a doctor. Maddy had the opportunity to graduate early, but like me she was a wallflower despite her sass and she said she wasn’t ready for college at the time.

“Oh my god I’ve missed you!” She squealed hugging me tightly. “It just isn’t the same without you. And honestly Trent is starting to get on my nerves.” She whispered. Trent was her boyfriend of 2 years. Star footballer, but a good guy. The moment he laid eyes on Maddy he was smitten. It was hilarious watching his failed attempts at trying the woo her. But she eventually gave him a chance and the rest they say is history. I couldn’t help but laugh and she continued to squeeze the life out of me.

“I know I’ve missed you too.”

“I’m so happy your back and I get to keep you for the weekend.” She smiled showing her perfectly straight teeth. Seriously this girl was perfection. Everybody knew it, even she knew how beautiful she was and yet she never once used her beauty to get ahead with anything. Despite the fact that the two of us were quiet, we were constantly getting invited to parties. But we only ever attended the after game parties but that was more to do with supporting Trent than wanting to actually go. No, mine and Maddy’s idea of a fun night was a tub of ice cream, a good movie, we watched every from Toy Story, to Labyrinth, Poetic Justice and Clueless. Yes we thought we were Cher and Dion.

“So tell me all about your new friends. Phoebe seems sweet and Finn..seems fun.”

“Yeah he’s certainly fun. But he’s nice and I actually kinda love him a little bit. We should FaceTime them.”

So we did.

“Sugartits, hows it going. We miss you.” I rolled my eyes at his greeting but laughed.

“Sugartits?” Maddy blanched next to me.

“Oh I see your with Queen. Hey beautiful.” Finn said giving her the full power of his beautiful smile.

“Queen?” She asked. Oh fuck not another pet name. I smacked my forehead with my hand and rolled my eyes.

“Yes baby you are my sweet Nubian Queen. Fuck River I’m getting the next plane down to see you and her.” He said pointing at Maddy. He was looking at her like a wolf stalks its prey. I looked back and forth between the two of them and even I could feel the electricity between them through the screen of my phone.


Maddy bit her lip before shrugging off Finn’s comments like they never happened.

But there was something there.

“Hey River. How’s it going?” Phoebe waved frantically into the screen of my phone.

“Good, missing your face though.” I said blowing her a kiss.

“Actually I have something to tell you.” She bit her lip anxiously. “I’ve erm kinda applied to Clemson too.” Her cheeks blazed red and she physically swallowed.

I squealed with delight and started jumping up and down.

“Really? I’m so excited. Maddy’s coming to Clemson too.”

At this I noticed Finn sit up a little straighter in his seat.

“Is that so Queen?” He asked ignoring everyone else and focusing all his attention onto Maddy.

Maddy slowly licked her bottom lip but it felt like she was prolonging the action as though she wanted to draw attention to her lips. “Maybe?” She answered and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I’d never seen this side of Maddy before, not even with Trent. It was like she and Finn were trying their hardest to seduce each other but in a way that wasn’t obvious.

“Ok, good to know.” He mumbled. “So sugartits when do we get you back?”

“Graysons coming back for me Tuesday and we fly back at 4 Tuesday afternoon.” I told him.

“Ah Grayson. I bet he’s missed you.” Finn puts out there and I try to recover from the heart stopping moment of complete shock. Because I wonder if Finn has picked up on mine & Graysons attraction?

“Probably not, he’s spending the weekend with his family.” I didn’t include my mom in that because I honestly had no idea what she was up too. She was still ghosting me.

“Anyway.” I say changing the subject. “Let’s talk about Phoebe and Clemson. I’m so excited.”

We spent the next hour talking and making plans. Finn spent the entire time trying to bait Maddy into conversation and she manages to hold his interest without actually giving him anything. Damn she’s good.

After we hang up, we watch Bad Boys before eating more cookies and ice cream, Selina joined us for the film and it felt like old times. So much so that I found myself looking to the door expecting my dad to walk through. It’s devastating when reality hits and the thing you want the most isn’t going to happen. Selina reaches her hand across and takes mine in hers, giving it a squeeze.

She knows.

This amazingly, wonderful loving woman knows how to love me and I’m so thankful to her.

It hits me then that Kendra doesn’t deserve the title of mom. Selina does.

Ok so I have a question, as I wrote this chapter Maddy and Finn kept jumping out at me. And I *think* I want to write their story. It wouldn’t be long only maybe 20 chapters or so. Let me know what you think.

I won’t be updating on Friday, I’m sorry guys but I’m donating blood (for the first time) but I will try & update on Saturday instead.

Thank you once again to everyone who has added this book to their library. My phone is going crazy with all the notifications. But I’m so thankful to everyone who has taken the time to read it, comment on it & press the ❤️ button. Thank you 🥰

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