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What will happen when a girl who wants to have a love marriage will cross paths with a boy who wants to have a traditional arranged marriage??? Anagha, a beautiful, carefree girl. She was pamplered by her family members. She wanted to to become a Architect. So she was in Mumbai city to follow her dreams like other million people. She was a romantic person, secretly waiting for a prince charming and dreaming of a love marriage. Avinash, a handsome, down to earth boy, leaving at Australia with his parents. He was in a business studies. He was being groomed to take a lead at business empire. He was missing his grandparents and his mother country. He had high cultural values and wanted to have a traditional arranged marriage. So what will happen when their fates crossed their paths??

Romance / Drama
Ilayas Elelat
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The Start

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at writing a story. Please bear with me and my grammatical mistakes.

Chapter 1: The start

It was almost the end of summer holidays. It was a time for college admissions, new friends, shopping for college etc.

For Anagha, It was the last year to live a carefree life at her parents house. She was a sincere but fun loving girl. She likes to explore new places, have adventurers, which gave her family constant headaches. She was a pampered daughter having a loving grandpa-grandma, mum-dad and a very protective elder brother. Their family was the example of a epitome of loving caring family.

But now Anagha have to leave the cocoon of her family for higher education. It was her dream to become a Architect. Now it is about to fulfilled. She scored 89% in her board exams and 191 marks in her entrance exam for architecture. She was selected in best college in Mumbai. She was thrilled and happy for her future prospects.


Anagha came to mumbai for her admission process with her parents. They were living at a hotel near her college so that it won't be a problem to get to college. She was so happy touring Mumbai. Its a golden city and it is everyone's dream to live at a city like mumbai. Its true that Mumbai was a bit too crowded for Anagha's taste, but she let go of that feeling for the sake of her future. Plus if she told her parents about her feeling they would whisk her away her hometown for her education, which she clearly didn't wanted.

Anagha's dad was the lawyer and her mother was a C.A. Her parents took her to tour the Mumbai city as they already visited there. It was a first time for her to roam in the golden city. They were to large malls, boat safari, Fort, Musium, street shopping.

They were enjoying walking on marine drive at night time. It was a leisurely walk, they were enjoying each other's company. All her family were voracious readers. So they seldomely in need for a topic search. Just then her fathers phone rang. It was her grandpa calling. Grandpa said that he contacted his close friend from childhood. He was a businessman in Mumbai. He invited them to his home to discuss Anaghas living arrangement. They wanted Anagha to live with them at his home a their granddaughter.

She said to her dad " what's with these old people? I can live on my own. I am 17 years old now. I certainly can withstand the hostel life."

Her dad tsked " No. You don't understand the threats this city posed my dear. Its better if you reside with our family friends."

She said" not everyone has benefits of family friends living near to your college. Most of them have to live at hostel. I promiss I won't go looking for trouble. Please let me be hostalite. I even haven't met grandpa's Friend. I will get bored there"

She tried every known way to her to convince her parents, But to no avail.

Her parents were worried as they haven't parted with their precious daughter yet. They were worried that something bad would happen to their beautiful daughter. Previously they were thinking that private hostel would be good for her. But now they got a best option. Sure they met the said "Close Friends " only few times, but still it was a good choice for them.


So that's how they were before this huge skyscraper at Cuff Parade. Waiting for the lift to take them to last floor. To Anagha's home for next 5 years of her college.

Little did they all knew at that time that this moment would going to change all their lives! For good or better, its depend on the time to come!


Authors note: So this is the first chapter. Please let me know how you all liked. Criticism and positive comments all are welcome.

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