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Chapter 12

After being blind-folded for the 3rd time that Darrius had taken me back with him, I am again inside the palace. Trapped, captured, with no escape. However, in some weird way... I was almost... almost glad that I was back here. I think I had made a friend in Claudia. Darrius on the other hand I wasn’t too sure about. I wouldn’t exactly refer to him as my friend. He was still my captor.

And to be honest, staying at home wouldn’t be very pleasant anymore. My parents weren’t home, my mum was god knows where and my dad was maybe or maybe not alive. And not to mention I was nearly murdered by my uncle just under an hour ago. This palace was beginning to seem safer than any other location I could think of right at this moment.

Darrius walks me to my guest room, only two doors down from his own room. However before my hand reaches the door knob, the door swings open and I stare up at a very tall, ugly looking vampire. He had a twisted nose, thin lips and a massive forehead and a receding hair line. He must have been turned when he was at least in his late 40′s. The vampire eyes me and then Darrius.

“Hello, nephew,” he says to Darrius in a croaky voice, “What have we here? A tasty morsel?” He reached out to grab me but Darrius jerks me back and snarls at his apparent uncle. I couldn’t really see how they could be related though, this guy was so ugly compared to Darrius’s masculine beauty.

“Don’t touch her, Thomas, when did you move in here?” Darrius asks, annoyed.

“Just now, why are you so unwelcoming? You should be nicer than that to me boy. Or I’ll have to have a word to your father about your manners,” Thomas leers at me again and Darrius curses under his breath. He grabs my hand and takes me with him down the hall.

He takes me down to his bedroom, opens the door and lets me in first. He follows and I look around into his room for the second time. Yesterday he had shown me the location and given me a glimpse, but I had been too annoyed to look at it closely. Now I could.

“Holy crap,” I say, “Why is your room so much bigger and better than the others?” I walk around in awe at the massive room, the high ceilings, a chandelier, a fire place, a sitting area, a four poster bed, a wardrobe. The walls had intricate detailing in the cornices and the walls had patterns of gold and cream. The furniture was all wooden and old-world looking.

“This hallway is full of the biggest rooms,” he says, “For the royal family and such...” he watches me with his arms crossed over his chest as I trail my fingers over the top of the fireplace.

“This is beautiful,” I say.

“I’m glad you’ve calmed down now,” he says, “I’m sorry about your room, you’ll have to stay with me. I won’t let you stay anywhere else.” I take my fingers off the fireplace and turn to look at Darrius wearily.

“You want me to stay in here?” I ask, “But there is only one bed,” I point out. He smirks and shakes his head.

“Don’t worry darling, I have an adjoining room built onto this. Follow me,” he walks to the end of the room to an archway. I follow into a much smaller room with a smaller bed. It was still very nice but it was an odd arrangement. No door? A bedroom leading to a bedroom?

“What is the point of this?” I ask, walking over to sit on the edge of the bed.

“It’s a room for the willing slaves I was talking to you about the other day. They can stay here if I choose or they choose.” I stand up and eye the room with speculation.

“Why do you have all this? And you don’t expect me to act as a willing slave? For one, I wouldn’t be willing, obviously,” I narrow my eyes at his bemused look.

“No, sweetheart, it’s just a room for you to sleep in since everything is full up again. Family must be visiting. I need to keep you close, you’ll be safe here.” I watch as he walks to me slowly and cups my cheek in his palm, “But if you ever change your mind, you can always become my willing slave. Id teach you everything you need to know.” He leans down and his nose brushes mine, his eyes look deep into mine and I stare back. Having him this close was nice, refreshing and warm. I blink and some sense comes back into me when his gaze almost turns hopeful, like I’ll say yes.

Not happening.

“Piss off,” I mutter, pushing his hand away and taking a step back, “I won’t be a slave to anyone. You can’t even drink my blood. I’d be a crap choice as a human slave for a vampire.”

“Not necessarily,” he says suggestively. I roll my eyes. I better change the subject.

“You have a father?” I ask, “Did your whole family get turned?” I wonder. It seemed that way. He had a brother, an uncle, a father. Why not everyone else?

“It’s complicated,” he says, “And yes, most of them were turned.” He looks uncomfortable now, and an irritated expression appears in his beautiful blue eyes.

“You didn’t answer my question, who is your father?” I ask. He glares at me for a few seconds.

“You should behave. I ask the questions. Don’t test me sweetheart, I’m the vampire, you’re in no position to pretend you are equal to me,” he says this in a threatening drawl. Freaking hell, I thought I was making progress with this guy, obviously I had touched a sensitive subject. Still, I believed now he wouldn’t necessarily hurt me. He couldn’t drink my blood and he had saved my life before.

“I’m just curious,” I say, “And get over yourself, I thought we were becoming almost friends. Sort of. You saved my life before,” I can’t help but smile as he scowls. It’s almost comical, seeing him this uncomfortable, “Who is your father?” I repeat for the third time.

“I don’t refer to him as my father,” he says, glaring at me, a warning in his eyes. He is telling me with just a look not to push him too far. I was curious as to just how far I could push him.

“So, who is he?” I ask.

“He calls me his friend, I just call him by his title,” I give him a funny look.

“His title?” I ask.

“The King,” Okay... what? What did he just say?

“Ah...” I’m lost for words, he looks more and more pissed off, “Are you... a...”

“I’m a prince, yes,” he says, his eyes turn hungry.

“Well, that’s... surprising,” I say, taking a step back when he takes one forward, “What are you doing?”

“You should know your place,” he says dangerously, reaching out and putting one hand on my neck and one on my waist.

“You didn’t have to answer the question,” I say quickly, “You chose to. I’m... I’m sorry you aren’t that close to your father,” I add in. He stares down at my lips for a while and then he leans down slowly.

“Stop talking,” he says, lowering his lips to mine.

“If this is another kiss, you are losing another favour,” I tell him, and his lips smile against my own. I look down to the floor, avoiding his piercing eyes which were a little too intense to handle right now.

“Look at me,” he says and I hesitate a moment then reluctantly look up, “I’m sure I can think of other ways to get more favours off you. I saved your life, that’s something,” he says, his lips literally a bare millimetre from my own, “I don’t know why you intrigue me so much, darling,” being this close to him, to his warmth, firm hands and dangerous fangs is almost too much to bear. I want him to just kiss me, right now. What was he waiting for? I decide to be a bit bold...

I hesitantly press my lips against his and then he pulls me closer, into his embrace as he parts my lips with his and I feel a few scrapes of his super sharp fangs against my lips. He groans into my mouth, his tongue sliding in and tasting me. It’s such a nice kiss, better than the first one. I press to him tighter.

As we kiss one of his long fangs accidentally bites onto my bottom lip a little too hard. The skin on my lip breaks and I freeze. It stung, but not too bad. He opens his eyes and looks at me as his tongue darts out to catch a drop of my blood.

I watch in horror as he tastes my blood and I jerk out of his grip.

“You idiot!” I yell, watching his smile grow wider, “You’ll die!”

“I don’t think so... it should have burned me, it didn’t,” he says quietly, “Isn’t that interesting...” he says to himself, “Your blood isn’t toxic towards me.”

“How?” I ask, so confused.

“It’s a part of the prophecy your uncle mentioned,” he explains.

“What? I don’t understand, I thought my blood was toxic to all supernatural beings.”

“You’re blood is toxic to all but one, sweetheart. It’s in the prophecy that’s been around since the creation of the supernatural world,” he says.

“You are telling me, you are immune to my blood? Oh god... so you can drink it,” my voice trails off into a whisper. Suddenly I didn’t feel so safe around him anymore.

“There is a reason I could taste you without being harmed. You’re the chosen one,” he says, “My life-mate.”

“Umm...” What was I meant to say to that?

“Haven’t you ever heard of soul-mates, sweetheart?” he asks, looking amused and happy and arrogant.

“You better start explaining to me what the hell this prophecy is! I don’t believe you for a second!”

“Maybe I’ll take another taste just to prove my point then,” he says quietly, dangerously, his eyes narrowing.

“No, no you won’t,” I point an accusing finger at him, “I don’t believe you! I’m not doing anything until you explain to me what the hell is going on.”

“Mmm... angry and feisty. I like this side of you,” he licks his lips, “And I was right, your blood is divine. The best I’ve ever tasted,” he smirks at my shocked expression.

“Darrius,” I hiss, “This isn’t a time to be flirting. I need to know what the prophecy is,” he holds out a hand for me to take.

“I’ll show you,” he says, “Take my hand.”

“Bugger off!” I scowl, stalking past him, “I’m not taking your hand. And I’ll be damned if you’re my soul mate! Why do these things happen to me?” I feel like screaming in frustration. Darrius chuckles behind me as he comes to walk beside me.

“Sweetheart, calm down before I decide to keep you in here a little longer,” he threatens. He opens his bedroom door and I stomp out, beyond angry.

“Show me this stupid-ass prophecy,” I snap.

“Will do,” he looks me over with those dangerous dark blue glossy eyes, “Come, follow me.”

I follow, enraged and confused and irritated. Of all the people I could have been destined to end up with... was bloody Darrius.

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