Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 15

We go back to the computer-lab and we both use computers next to each other. I decide to look back over the prophecy and other versions of the translation while Claudia looks at cures related to toxic blood.

“I keep on finding bullshit like leeches will suck the poison out, or you should pray three times a day,” Claudia snaps, “I thought finding out what the poison is would help my research but its almost made it worse,” I give Claudia a sympathetic smile.

“Just type in different things like cures to toxins instead of poisonous blood. You might have to word it a certain way to find what you are looking for,” I say and she scowls.

“It’s just frustrating and I’m getting hungry, have you found any luck?” she looks over to my screen and I point to the title on the page, Questionable Translations.

“I’m looking at the translations most people dismiss as false because there isn’t enough evidence to support it. For example, it says here that perhaps the human’s supernatural other-half is the complete opposite of the human. In other words, Darrius gets on my nerves. I’ve just confirmed the obvious,” I laugh and she smiles just as the door opens and Darrius comes striding in. He looks angry and annoyed. His gaze jumps straight to me.

“What a surprise,” Claudia drawls sarcastically, “Darrius looks pissed off,” she turns back to her computer, looking at the screen and ignoring Darrius as he strides over to me.

“You, little girl, are going to have to submit to me,” he snaps, “Right now.” Claudia spins back around and glares at Darrius.

“What the hell?” We both ask in unison.

“The King wants to kill you,” he snaps at me, “he says you are too dangerous and must be killed. I told him that you aren’t dangerous because you do everything I say. Isn’t that right, sweetie?” My mouth hangs open. What was I meant to say?

“Um…” I begin, “Let’s start from the beginning. I’m a kidnapped person right now. How am I dangerous at all? I’m not going to cut myself and then fling my blood at everyone, going on a killing spree –” Darrius cuts me off by grabbing my hand and pulling me up out of the chair. He starts stalking his way out of the computer-lab, pulling me along behind him. Claudia springs to her feet and follows.

“I don’t have time to talk to you about the reasoning behind the King’s wish to see you dead, we have to go to him now and convince him you are not a danger to us at the palace,” I have to jog to keep up with Darrius’ fast stride and Claudia walks easily on the other side of me, keeping pace.

“I won’t let the King hurt you, it’s okay Jennifer,” she says, “Just don’t say anything when we get there.”

“Exactly,” Darrius snaps, “Just look obedient and loyal to me and that will help.”

“Bloody hell…” I mutter under my breath, I would try to look small and insignificant but I wouldn’t like it one bit. However I did value my life so I’d suck it up for now.

We reach a room down one of the halls close to Darrius’ room. When we walk through the door I see it is a meeting place. Or a conference room of some kind. There is a big table and various vampires sit around it. The King is standing, pacing. He turns to glare at us when we arrive.

“Finally,” the King snaps, “You don’t have very long to convince me.” I look at the ground and try not to clench my fists as I stand in between Darrius and Claudia.

“She is my life-mate,” Darrius says, “And she is completely loyal to me because of it. There is a reason fate brought us together at this time,” Darrius sounds furious and when I look up at the King I see the King’s scowl getting deeper.

“Jennifer is ours,” Claudia says, “Imagine what use you could get out of her. She is a weapon for us, against werewolves and other supernatural beings. No one will dare touch us with her in our hands.”

“However,” The King says, “She is a danger to all of us. Especially if she turns on us, what if she has fooled all of you?”

“She hasn’t and she won’t,” Darrius grabs my arm and pulls me in front of him, “She’s mine and does what I say. And I can drink her blood, so I can kill her if she even tried to betray us.” I feel hurt by what Darrius says but I try to remember that this was all for show; to save my life.

“You see, Darrius,” The King says quietly, mockingly, “I find it hard to believe she is your mate. You could be lying to us. She could be just another plaything you have fun with for a while and then discard. Why don’t you prove it to all of us that she really is your life-mate,” The King seems satisfied with this.

“If I prove it to you,” Darrius speaks more calmly back, “Will you leave her alone?”

“Yes,” with that answer, Darrius pulls me back against his chest. What was he doing? He gently brushes the hair away from my neck and grabs my hair with his other hand, pulling my head back.

Oh, shit.

“Relax,” Darrius whispers in my ear before pressing his lips in a soft kiss against the side of my neck.

I try to relax myself but I find it very hard to do. How was I supposed to relax?

Darrius wanted to sink his fangs into my neck and drink my blood.

Well… I guess… it was this or death.

I close my eyes, and I rest back against his chest.

Oh god, I hope this doesn’t hurt!

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