Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 16

I feel the two sharp points of Darrius’ fangs on my neck, they lightly brush my skin before they quickly sink in. I stiffen for a moment from the sharp sting and I grit my teeth and close my eyes so I don’t cry out. In the next instant I feel warmth spread where his fangs are lodged into my skin and it dulls the pain.

I vaguely notice his strong arm around my waist, holding me up and his other hand is still holding my hair but more gently now as he drinks my blood. It feels nice at first as I continue to close my eyes.

I loosen up and relax more while Darrius continues to suck the blood slowly from my neck. I start to feel a little dizzy…

“Darrius,” Claudia hisses quietly from next to me, “That’s enough!” I slowly open my eyes as I feel his fangs lift out of my skin and then Darrius’ tongue glides across the wound. He reluctantly lets me go but grabs ones of my hands when I step forward and spin to face him.

He gives me a wicked smile, blood stains his lips which he licks clean in the next moment. My blood. I raise my hand to my neck and there is no wound. It’s healed already. He tugs me toward him and I stand to his side to face the king. His grip on my hand is tight now, more possessive. He leans down and nuzzles my hair with his nose as he positions his lips close to my ear.

“Delicious,” he whispers, “Thank you, sweetheart,” I feel a blush spread across my cheeks and I hear a snort from Claudia.

“See!” she motions to me and Darrius and then back to the King, “They are clearly infatuated with each other and Darrius has her under control. She’ll do anything he says. And remember, we’ll get so much use out of her too, she is a weapon in our hands!” The King looks angry that Darrius proved his point and he also glares at Claudia.

“Fine,” The King’s voice drips with venom, “You better keep her that way,” he looks to Darrius, “We aren’t completely done here yet, there are issues bound to arise with her in our hands. She must obey. I can’t quite believe you found your life-mate, son,” The King’s voice is also mocking now and I look up to Darrius to see him smirking.

“It’s a shame you never kept your life-mate,” Darrius says casually and I can feel the furious vibrations coming from the King from all the way over here.

“Don’t push me. Get out,” The King snaps at Darrius, all patience gone.

“With pleasure,” Darrius’ voice drawls out mockingly, so similar to the King’s.

“Thank you,” Claudia says to the King just before Darrius turns and pulls me along with him. The King doesn’t reply and Claudia turns to leave with us. Darrius strides out of the room quickly and takes me back to the computer-lab with Claudia in tow. I don’t say anything until we are in the lab as we pass various vampires in the hall and I was too embarrassed to speak about what just happened with others listening in.

Now that I think about it in the computer-lab, I was too embarrassed to speak of it at all. I look anywhere but at Darrius. I had pulled out of his grip and was standing near the computer I was last on. Claudia comes to stand next to me, smiling sympathetically.

“You did it,” she says, “You’re safe now.” I reluctantly look up at Darrius to see his arms crossed over his chest, a smirk on his face and a new sort of glint in his eyes.

“Darling,” he says to me, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Damn it, there was that arrogance. It was time to do what Claudia said, don’t give in. I straighten my back and cross my arms over my chest. Mirroring his stance, I try to look confident. I shrug.

“It was scary at first but yes, it was fine,” I state, and it comes out colder then I intend it to.

“What’s the matter now?” He asks, his smirk turning to a scowl, frustrated.

“Nothing,” I say, “Other than the fact I still can’t believe I’m bonded to you. I don’t know how we are going to get along.” He waits a moment, giving me a heated stare.

“Claudia,” Darrius finally says while staring at me, “Leave the room.” I give him a confused look and then look to Claudia when she sighs and takes a step forward.

“I have to check on Johnathan anyway,” she says, “I’ll be back in a sec,” she gives me a cheeky smile, scowls at Darrius and then leaves the room.

“Why did you ask her to leave?” I ask.

“To prove a point,” he says, stalking towards me. I back up a step until my hands rest on the back of the chair behind me.

“What point do you need to prove?” I ask, as he reaches out a hand to cup the side of my jaw and neck. I stay still as his hand smooths down my neck, leaving a trail of warmth.

“You’re mine,” he says. Instantly I narrow my eyes and move his hand away from his touch.

“No,” I say, “Only I own myself, got it? I’ve been reading through more translations, the different ones, and I found something that suggests we are the complete opposite of each other. It doesn’t say we will get along,” I snap. Darrius gives me a calculating look, his deep blue eyes burrowing down into my own.

“Are you trying to deny the attraction we have for one another?” He asks. I open my mouth to say something but I can’t deny that I want him. He leans in closer until his nose is nearly touching mine, “I hope not, little girl, because that would be a very dangerous thing to do.” He starts to lean in closer, like he is about to kiss me but I work up the courage to put my hands on his chest and push him back a step and glare at him. He gives me an amused look just as Claudia comes charging back into the room. Darrius turns to face her. He was so damn infuriating!

“Back so soon?” He asks, giving an irritated look to Claudia.

“John was awake,” she says in a rush, “I told him Jennifer’s blood was what poisoned him and he suggested that the cure might have something to do with you,” she points a finger at Darrius. She comes closer and stands right before him, “You can save John.”

“How?” He asks, truly interested.

“You can resist the toxins in her blood, you must have some sort of cure in you,” she explains.

“It makes sense,” I add in, “If Darrius is the complete opposite of me in every way, then maybe his blood is the cure?” I suggest, feeling slightly ignorant for not thinking of this before.

“Exactly,” Claudia says, a new spark in her eye. Hope.

“Well?” I ask Darrius, “What are you going to do?”

“Let’s go see my brother,” he says, reaching for my hand. I step to the side and he glares.

“I don’t need to hold your hand,” I say.

“Out there, you do, I just told everyone you’re my mate. You have to act like it,” I glare at him and he snatches up my hand. I don’t let it go this time as we exit the lap and head for Johnathan’s room. Maybe we could save him after all. Claudia walks with a spring in her step. Darrius also looks hopeful. The look in his eyes right now was the other side in him.

Darrius did have a good side, whether he wanted to admit it or not. He just didn’t know it.

I’d have to try and change that! It’d hopefully make things easier to deal with when it came to his need to prove he was bad. It could be sexy but bloody annoying at the same time.

I sigh inwardly… I’d focus on John first for now. I wanted Claudia to get her life-mate back! Hopefully our plan would work!

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