Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 29

Darrius grabs my elbow to lead me out of the random bedroom we came into for privacy and I lean a little into his strong hold. My confrontation with the vampires in the throne room had used up what little energy I regained from the chicken soup I had eaten.

Now I was starving again and even more so I was sleepy.

“I’m not done with this conversation…” I mutter, looking slyly up at Darrius. He ignores this comment and tugs me toward the door.

“Come,” he says, reaching for the doorknob, “It’s bedtime again for you.”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a child –” Just outside of the doorway, there is a jut coming out in the tiles of the marble floor and I conveniently trip forward. I nearly fall flat on my face but Darrius is holding my elbow so he quickly pulls me up and lifts me into his strong arms. My eyes are wide as my heart beats way too fast.

One moment I was heading for a hard fall, the next, I was in Darrius’ arms. Before I can even get the shock out of my system, I feel slightly dizzy from the rush and loss of adrenaline as Darrius quickly stalks down the hallway to my room, with me in his arms.

His eyes flick down to look at me and one side of his mouth curves up into a smirk.

“What did you say about not being a child?” He can’t resist to ask that, obviously.

“Maybe I wouldn’t be so weak if you didn’t drink so much blood,” I counter back. Darrius quickly looks away from me to in front. He snarls, dangerous long fangs glinting from the lights in the ceiling.

“Don’t talk to me about your delicious blood,” he growls out, voice strained, “I’m craving more already.” I scoff.

“Can I walk on my own now please?” I ask, wanting to show I can still make it on my own. He shakes his head, smiling.

“Not a chance, darling,” Darrius’ tone tells me there is no way I’ll convince him to let me walk after I nearly tripped, so I let out a big breath and decide to wait out the walk back. My eyes rest on his handsomely sculpted face. Hard lines, perfect edges… and his eyes… even though vampire compulsion didn’t work on me, I could see how others could fall into the depths of his dark blue glossy eyes which complemented with the jet-black hair on his head.

His eyes flick down once more and catch me staring.

“Don’t look at me like that Jennifer…” he mutters, his voice still coming out in a rough, strained way, “You’re too beautiful for me to resist drinking your sweet blood. Don’t tempt me now,” I suddenly try not to smile. All I did was look at him and he was lusting for me. Ha! I did have some power over him at least. Womanly wiles and sweet-as blood.

I could probably use that against him, to get my own way.

I smile to myself inwardly, yes, yes, I would use that to my advantage. But I’d think about that later.

“What about my dress?” I suddenly ask, “I don’t have one yet to wear for the wedding and it’s in two days. At least let me choose the dress I wear,” because by now I had finally accepted the wedding was going to happen no matter what. I just wanted it to be not totally out of my control.

“I don’t have time to take you out to a dress-shop if that’s what you wanted,” Darrius says surprisingly gently, giving me a warm smile, “Not if you want to see your parents tomorrow night.”

“Well… what am I going to wear?” I wonder. Darrius gives me a sly look under lowered lids.

“You can wear nothing if you like,” he whispers darkly. A blush quickly comes to my cheeks and Darrius finally reaches his room. He opens the door and takes me in.

“I think I’ll stick with the dress,” I say, as he carries me to my room. He laughs.

“Get some rest for now, sweetheart, the sooner your back to full-strength, the sooner I get to feed again,” I roll my eyes, he sounded far too eager to drink more of my blood.

We reach my room, and Darrius comes to a halt in the middle of the archway. I look over to my bed and my eyes widen and I gape.

Oh god.

Maximus has laid Angela out on my bed, and he is leaning over her, kissing blood red lips down her chest, leaving red kisses all across her skin. She is dazed, hair spread out, half-naked from the waist up with blood dripping from her neck down onto my pillows.


Despite Angela’s predicament, she seemed in heaven. Maximus doesn’t turn to see us, he just plants kisses all over Angela’s chest, neck, shoulders, lower still, towards her stomach, smiling to himself.

“Maximus, I have a job for you,” Darrius growls out, an evil-smile on his lips as Maximus quickly looks up, grey eyes taking in the fact he has been interrupted.

“Hmm?” Maximus asks, it comes out deep and rough.

“You need to find someone who is an expert in bridal dresses. Bring them to the palace to help make Jennifer’s dress for the wedding. Maximus glares and he scowls, a fang glinting. When Maximus hesitates, Darrius says, “Now.”

“N-noooo…” Angela’s eyes open heavily and she tries to reach out and pull Maximus’ head back down but he quickly leans forward, whispers something in her ear and then licks the wound clean on her neck before quickly pulling away from her and climbing off the bed.

I watch as Maximus barely glances at me and glares at Darrius as he stalks by us, new strength in each stride he takes.

“Thanks for ruining the fun…” he mutters as he walks by Darrius.

Darrius bursts out laughing, all too pleased in disturbing Maximus’ pleasures. My eyes focus on Angela and my blood-soiled sheets.

“Um…” I stare, knowing I couldn’t sleep there now. Maximus leaves Darrius’ room and I hear the door slam shut.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” Darrius says, turning back into his room, “I’ll get your bed cleaned up and the human removed, you can rest in my bed for now,” he winks at me and I just sigh.

“Okay…” I reply, breaking out into a yawn.

He sets me down on the bed and pulls down the covers on one side for me to crawl into. One more nap, then a more substantial meal and I’d be as good as new.

“I’d stay,” Darrius says after he has tucked me in, “But I have a few things to do first. Don’t leave this room, sweetie, or I won’t be so flexible about it next time,” my eyelids are closing heavily now.

“Whatever…” I mutter, feeling sleep come quick to me now.

I think I hear him say something else about him liking the way I looked so snug in his bed. That he’d maybe decide to keep me in his bed instead of my own from now on.

I’m not too sure if I imagine it, dream it, or hear it for real.

Considering it’s Darrius…

…I probably wasn’t dreaming when he said it.

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