Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 37

They put me in a hotel room close to the original government building I had been taken to with Darrius. Darrius was therefore all alone and I had no idea how to help him out. For 12 hours already I had been locked into the small hotel room with nothing but food being delivered, only once I might add. I was starving.

I had no idea when the execution was being planned to take place.

So I was even more edgy.

It was about 2pm and I had a large window, looking out over the city, which I sat in front of. I had changed into a pair of jeans and a black top. The wedding dress wouldn’t help me right now, it was currently lying on the bed. My ring on my finger was constantly warming against my skin, suggesting I was in or near great danger.

There is a knock at the door, and I look over my shoulder from my position on the ground, kneeling by the window wondering how I could fix the situation.

My eyes widen as I see two guards usher Jaime into the room.

“Jennifer!” Jaime yells out my name and runs up to me, a big fake smile on her lips. The guards yell out “10 minutes!” before shutting the door and leaving us be.

I still as Jaime comes over to kneel beside me and she takes my hand, a panicked look in her eyes. The smile is now gone.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, “Where is Rafael?”

“He doesn’t know I’m here,” she replies, “He is already trying to find a way to bribe guards into giving up the location of Prince Darrius. He has lots of connections, I think he’ll figure out a way to save Darrius,” Jaime’s voice is quick and rushed, “Jennifer you need to find a way to escape.”

“Obviously!” I whisper back, “Why do you look so worried?”

“Truth is, I’m terrified to be here,” she whispers back, “I’m... I’m from here.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, suddenly aware that there is more to this girl than I know.

“I’m... I’m like you,” she says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You know what I mean, Jen,” she reaches into her baggy tracksuit pants, down to her thigh and she pulls out a gun. I quickly let go of her hand and give her a shocked look.

“Um, what the hell?” I ask.

“Shh, don’t let the guards hear you.” Jaime hands me the gun, “Rafael rescued me from this place,” she adds, “He would freak if he found out I was back here.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!” I refuse to take the gun from her.

“The prophecy isn’t translated right,” she explains, “You aren’t the only one human with enhanced blood. Take this, trust me.”

“Is your blood... like mine?” She nods and shoves the gun into my hand so I’m forced to take it from her.

“You have two choices on how to get out of here. Shoot as many guards as you need to or shoot yourself. They don’t know you are immortal. They’ll give your body back to your parents and you’ll come back to life, free of here,” Jaime looks content now that I’ve taken the gun.

“What did they do to you?” I ask.

“E-experiments,” Jaime whispers back, the blood draining from her face, “This is where I first was placed, before they took me to the building beside this one. It’s a government science building -”

“That’s where Darrius is,” I add in and her eyes widen.

“Oh, okay, I’ll tell Rafael!” She stands up, “I have to go and so do you, please believe me Jennifer. You don’t want to be stuck here, they’ll do horrible things -” Jaime pauses as the door swings open. A second before the guard sees I sit on the gun and try to look casually relaxed as I lean against the floor to ceiling length window.

“That’s enough time, come on out,” the guard says this to Jaime who has a big smile plastered on her face again.

“It was so nice seeing you, Jennifer! I miss you in school!” Jaime farewells me and I weakly wave back to her. School? She must have pretended to be a long lost friend...

“Ah, yeah,” I watch as the guard takes Jaime out, shuts the door, and locks it.

I take a moment to process what Jaime just told me.

My life just couldn’t get any more complicated could it?

The prophecy was interpreted wrong.

What else would I find out that would change everything I already knew about the world?

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