Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 4

I wander around the room. There are no windows. The lights in the ceiling provide the only light source. I assumed I was underground. Vampires couldn’t go out in the sun, after all.

If I was a hostage and I was going to be taken advantage of to stop my vampire-hunting parents, that meant I wouldn’t get hurt. Right? Unless my parents failed to comply with the King of the vampires. Then I would get hurt…. and then maybe killed. Depending on what happened.

For now I would have to wait. Nothing should happen until they contacted my parents or until my parents found me gone. They wouldn’t be back from their ‘holiday’ until tomorrow morning. I had been kidnapped at night, so it wouldn’t be too long now.

I go around to the chair behind the desk. The chair is comfortable and made of leather and I sit down in it, thinking of anyway I could possibly escape. So far, my mind was coming up blank.

I had nothing. Nothing except my wits.

There is banging on my door and I still my rocking in the leather chair.

“Are you in there, girly?” Some guy snarls through the wood and I grip my arm rests of the chair, squeezing the leather with my nails. Holy, shit. Who was that?

I wait as I hear the guy snarling and raging behind the door.

“Let me in! Don’t tell me to back off,” I listen carefully and detect Darrius arguing with whoever was outside my door, “I’ll send a message. I’ll rip her throat out and that will send a bloody message…” there is commotion now behind the door and I still, gripping the armrests of the chair tighter… waiting for the psycho outside my door to leave. There are a few muffled curses and then silence.

I wait, anxiously.

My door clicks open. Darrius stalks his way in, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. His lips blood red… he smiles at me and kicks the door shut.

“I’ll have to stay in here, darling,” he says, “There are a couple of angry vampires lurking about that know you are in here,” I watch as he wipes his bare hand across his mouth, then he sits down against the back of the door, guarding it.

“I guess I should say thank you? For getting rid of that guy…?” I ask. He watches me from his position against the door and lifts a slow rising brow.

“If you like,” he says, he then crosses his arms over his chest and becomes oddly silent like he did before when he pulled me down the hallway.

“Who are you to the king?” I ask him. His eyes snap open and focus on mine again. I wish I hadn’t caught his attention. His eyes were burning with hunger again and something else entirely….

“Never you mind, sweetheart,” he smiles a little, his lips stained red now from the fresh blood he had just drank.

“You fed,” I said, “Are there humans here?” I ask.

“Yes, of course there are,” he says, “What did you expect?”

“Are they slaves or willing?” I ask again.

“Willing slaves,” he says with a smirk, “Why, sweetie? Are you interested in becoming one?”

“Absolutely not,” I snap, and watch in surprise as he leans back against the door and closes his eyes again. He runs a hand through his mess of black hair. I loose interest in Darrius and look around the room again, maybe there was a way I could incapacitate him…

I feel eyes on me and I look back at Darrius. He is watching me.

“In a couple of hours, when your parents react to your disappearance…” he says slowly, “I’ll soon know exactly what we’ll do with you. It could be a sad ending… but I hope it’s not.”

“Is there any chance I’ll live?” I ask.

“If your parents comply, you will live. I wouldn’t say the same for your parents however. Now be quiet, my good little girl. I need a nap,” he says, closing his eyes again.


It was the middle of the night and he wanted a nap, after feeding. He was a bloody vampire for Christ’s sake!

“Have a nice nap,” I say sarcastically. This was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe this was happening! Darrius was taking a nap. A nap! Fantastic!

Hopefully within 24 hours I would be free, my parents would be alive, and my life could get back to its normal routine. School, homework, television, eating and sleeping.

I so hoped it went back to that.

I hoped there wouldn’t be a tragic ending in all this.

Not for me, or my parents.

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