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Chapter 46

Jennifer’s POV

“What are you guys going to be up to?” Claudia asks me, I found her in her room by herself. She had just finished taking a shower.

“I just want to get to know Isobel better, and I don’t think she should be locked up either,” I state.

Claudia gives me a key for the door but behind her smile is some suspicion.

“Ok Jennifer,” She says, “Make sure you give me this spare key back later, and don’t do anything that’ll put yourself in danger ok? Darrius wouldn’t be able to handle it right now.”

“Haha, don’t worry,” I fake laugh, “I’m just going to talk to Isobel.” I say it as convincingly as possible and she goes along with it for the most part, “Anyway, I should go now…”

“Okay, see ya,” Claudia sees me out of her room, wrapped up in a white fluffy towel.

“Bye,” I exit into the corridor and pick up my pace as I make my way to Maximus’ room.

As I turn a corner I nearly jump out of my skin as Caitlin nearly walks into me. She had changed into a new white skin-tight dress and put her hair in a braid.

“That was quick. Let’s go get Isobel, I have the key,” I say and Caitlin nods and walks with me, “Have you had any experience with weapons?” I ask.

“I have no experience,” Caitlin admits.

“How long have you been stuck in this palace?” I ask.

“For three years,” she says.

“Wait, so you were taken here when you were…?”

“Only 16,” Caitlin feels uncomfortable talking about this so she changes the subject, “How did Maximus find Isobel? He isn’t usually known to settle down with one girl.”

“It’s a long story…” I explain to her that she was a dress maker for my bridal gown for the wedding. And that she was a vampire hunter as well.

Once we reach Maximus’ room, I put the key in and it turns easily to the side. When it opens Isobel is standing on the other side, grinning.

“Thank you,” she says, “Now what is the plan?”

“First we need some clubby clothes, like Caitlin’s,” I say, walking in to Maximus’ room, “We have to act quickly, I think Claudia has guessed that I’m up to something and she doesn’t want me putting myself in danger because I just got back.”

“Well, come in, and explain everything,” Isobel stands to the side to let us in and then closes the door.

“What is this plan?” Caitlin asks.

On my way to Claudia’s I had stopped off at the weapons room I had once been into see Darrius and Maximus training. I had taken three small daggers with thigh attachments and put them aside for us to grab on the way out.

“It’s simple,” I say, “We’re going to stop a werewolf attack on vampires in the city. I’ve got weapons for us to grab on the way out into the city.”

“What makes you think we can take on werewolves?” Caitlin asks, seeming sceptical about the whole thing.

“Isobel is a vampire hunter in training,” I explain, and Isobel nods, “And I have my toxic blood, lethal to all supernatural creatures, one drop of my blood and I’ll take down a werewolf; multiple werewolves in an instant.”

There is a moment’s silence as they both consider what I’ve proposed.

“I like this plan,” Isobel says.

“I can add in some help too, I know ways to seduce vampires,” Caitlin says, “I’ll get a vampire out into the open to lure in the werewolves and then you both stop the attack.”

“Alright, well Isobel and I need to change into some dresses first.”

“Maximus will probably have some stored away in his wardrobe in one of the draws,” Caitlin adds in.

“Um, what?” Isobel asks.

“He likes to treat the human girls he takes blood from,” Caitlin says, and Isobel looks slightly offended by this, “Don’t worry, you’re obviously special to him.”

Isobel shrugs, “Let’s just find these dresses and kick some werewolf ass.”

“Isobel, you’ve escaped this place before,” I say, “Do you know how to get out?”

“Yes, don’t worry, I’ve got that covered.”

“Once we’ve stopped an attack, the vampire or vampires we save can be our proof just how much we should be respected,” I say with a grin, and the others agree.

And so my plan began.

I just wouldn’t realise how much it would backfire until it was too late.

Isobel’s POV from Book 2, Hunter Maximus, Chapter 15.

I am now wearing a red clubby looking dress I borrowed from Maximus’ wardrobe, which showed off my boobs and thighs. Why the hell he had women’s clothes was bothering me but I wasn’t too fazed because at least I got to change before I escaped with Jennifer out into the late night.

I didn’t realise how cold it would be outside however, so I shiver as I walk.

I walk with Jennifer and a new friend Jennifer randomly brought along with us. Jennifer came to Maximus’ room with this girl called Caitlin, who was our age, maybe 19 or 20? She seemed really pumped about helping Jennifer out on this mission of hers.

However on the streets she seemed more nervous, she hadn’t been outside in the real world for a long time apparently.

“You know the plan,” Jennifer says, trying to reassure Caitlin, walking with us down one of the busiest streets of the city with nightclubs open everywhere, “We have to find some werewolves that are hunting vampires and we’ll save the vampires from attack, with my blood as the weapon.”

“I feel uneasy about this now,” Caitlin states, “Xavier will be on the hunt for werewolves with Darrius and if they bump into us or spot us, they won’t be happy.”

“That’s why we have to find some action, quickly,” I state, pushing my long wavy blonde hair behind my shoulder as it waves about in front of me with the light breeze.

“A nightclub is the best place to kill vampires as inconspicuously as possible,” Caitlin states, “Especially at the human nightclubs, where most of the vampires go to hunt. I should know, that’s where Xavier found me.” This was news.

“So Xavier is the one that brought you to the palace?” I ask, curious.

“Yes –”

“Wait,” Jennifer interjects quietly, pointing up the street, “Did you hear that?”

We listen for a moment longer.

The sounds of a fight, grunting and swearing from one of the alley ways just ahead of us.

“That?” I ask.

Jennifer nods.

“Ready girls?” I ask, “Follow my lead,” I had the training in vampire-hunting and fighting after all, even if I hadn’t been out in the field yet, I knew well enough this fight could be over in seconds and if it was a fight between werewolves and vampires, we’d have lost our chance.

I run forward, feeling safer with the dagger I had strapped to my inner thigh.

Jennifer didn’t let us leave unprepared.

We were armed and ready.

My senses increase and go on high alert as we near the alleyway.

My hunter instincts were pointing towards a strong possibility of vampires around that corner.

I smile at Jennifer and Caitlin, who are right beside me.

I slow as I reach the alley way and peak around the corner.

In the dark I see two male figures fighting off two werewolves.

I walk casually forward to seem inconspicuous, out of a streetlight to see if I can see any clearer into the alleyway without the light interrupting my vision. Caitlin and Jennifer follow me. We all peer into the alleyway and all freeze about the same time.

“Crap,” Caitlin mutters under her breath.

The two vampires have just beaten off the two werewolves, who scamper off whining, and limping, out of the alleyway.

The two vampires won the fight easy, and they turn to look at us.

Oh, shit.

It was two vampires we knew already.

Darrius and Maximus.

It was just our luck.

“Don’t even think about running now, girls,” Maximus says, and its accompanied with a grin.

Maximus wasn’t that surprised about seeing us.

They must have known that we escaped.

Jennifer starts running a second later and Caitlin and I follow.

“Go, go, go!” I yell, sprinting after them. We run as fast as we can, Caitlin points to the nearest club across the road, up one block.

“Club?” Jennifer asks, and we both nod.

“We need a crowd!” I agree. We make it to the club, Maximus and Darrius were obviously not too fussed about losing us, otherwise you’d think they would have used their vampire speed to catch us by now.

Once we reach the club, we bypass the line queued up. Looking back I can see Maximus and Darrius plus a third vampire in a hooded cape, with the hood pushed back, walking casually up the street, their eyes focused on us. Caitlin chucks money at the bouncer and he lets us in with a grin.

Once in the club, we push through the crowd as quickly as possible to find a dark corner off to the side.

“We should split up,” I yell to be heard over the music.

“Ok, let’s see if we can lose them!” Jennifer agrees. Caitlin’s isn’t listening, however, her eyes focused on the entrance. She looks really worried.

Without another word she skitters past us and into the crowd. I turn to see what she has seen.

Darrius and Maximus and the third vampire have walked in. I put the pieces together in my head and realise the third is Xavier, he looked too much like Darrius to be anyone but related to him.

“I’m off, Isobel!” Jennifer touches my elbow as a farewell and goes towards some stairs leading to another level.

They haven’t spotted us yet, Darrius and Xavier push into the crowd and Maximus lazily hangs back, grinning at some of the girls who are already ogling him in their short slutty dresses.

I stay where I am, with a pillar partly obstructing my view.

After smiling at the girl’s his eyes start scanning the crowd, arms crossed over his chest. He wasn’t moving, he was guarding the exit.

One of the girls nearby with a black dress comes forward, saying hello to Maximus.

They start up a conversation.

“Hello, beautiful,” my eyes snap to the side and I focus in on a complete stranger. I wasn’t even allowed in clubs, I was underage by one year. I take in the alright looking early 20-something year old guy with brown hair and brown eyes.

“Hi,” I say politely back.

“Don’t you have friends with you?” He asks, and I can tell he seems slightly worried about me.

“Uh- yes,” I say, “They went to get drinks.”

“I don’t mean to be too forward, but would you like to dance?” He leans in closer when he sees I don’t hear him, and he yells it again into my ear, his hand on my back.

I quickly glance over to Maximus, and I see he has his hand around the back of the girl’s waist now, and he’s smiling as he talks to her, while still occasionally looking for me.


What was I to him all of a sudden, non-existent? A stab of jealousy goes through my heart and I shake it off by looking up to the guy who is waiting for my answer.

It’s stupid, it’s dumb, yeah, he is a complete stranger, but…

“I’d love to dance,” I reply with a smile.

Grinning, the guy leads me to the dance floor, where Maximus will probably see me.

But that was the point.

Yes, stopping a werewolf attack would prove humans are capable of strength. But showing Maximus I wasn’t his slave? That I was free and could be with whoever I wanted to be?

That would show him just how much power he didn’t have over me.

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