Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 47

Jennifer’s POV

My plan sure as hell backfired, it was so far it ruins.

Darrius and Maximus had bumped into us in the city, they sure as hell didn’t seem surprised and had obviously been looking for us.

But how the heck did they know we were gone?

My only possible guess is Claudia figured it out. Maybe she had seen us leave and then alerted Darrius.

After seeing Xavier come in with Darrius and Maximus into the club, I felt like I’d have absolutely no hope of accomplishing my plan to fend off a werewolf attack. I didn’t know how Isobel, Caitlin and I would escape and be able to meet up again to follow through with what we started off to do.

I climb the stairs to the second level, believing I have lost Darrius for the moment. I didn’t know how long the other girls would last before they were caught.

I push through the dancing crowd, trying to look for other exits besides the entrance. I spot a balcony at the far end of the room and make my way towards it, maybe there would be a way out near there, or maybe there was a staircase. I didn’t take any notice when we had been sprinting to the club in a panic.

It’s hard to breath inside the club, the air hot and stuffy, so it’s a relief to get out onto the balcony and breathe in some cool night air. I pull down my dark blue dress, which rode up my thighs while I was running.

I look around, there is no staircase and just as I’m getting my breath back, some tall bulky guy starts to approach me, his face shadowed by the night.

I’m not in the mood for horny creepers so I turn to go back into the club, only to see two guys and two girls blocking the way back into the club. They were all staring at me, their eyes a bright silver.

Just like the full moon.

I look to the side to see the hugely tall and muscular alpha male, Christian, come right at me. I now can see and recognise his long wavy brown hair. I take a step back and my back hits the railing of the balcony. Christian doesn’t slow his approach.

His eyes are glowing the most bright silver out of all of them, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the moonlight shining down on him.

I reach for the dagger strapped to the inside of my thigh but with lightning fast speed, Christian has me pinned against the railing. He grabs both my wrists and puts them behind my back, holding onto both wrists with one hand easily. His other hand boldly reaches between my thighs and yanks the dagger out of the thigh strap, he brings it up into the moonlight and scoffs.

“Cute,” he says with a low growl, his deep voice travels easily. Without another thought he chucks the weapon behind him, then focuses in on me, “What are you, young Jennifer, doing out in a night club on a full moon?”

I don’t answer.

I feel too intimidated and helpless.

A freaking huge alpha male werewolf had me pinned to the railing of a balcony while some of his pack blocked off the way back into the club. If we wanted he could fling me off the balcony to kill me. Yeah, I’d come back to life eventually but damn that would be humiliating if Darrius found me like that.



If he came to find me, and the werewolves found him first, they’d kill him.

“Answer me,” Christian uses his strong deep voice to intimidate me further.

“It’s just a night out –” I start feebly.

“Don’t lie to me,” I look up into Christian’s bright silver eyes and gulp. He suddenly grins, and laughs loudly, a full and throaty laugh. He looks to his pack, grinning, “She’s so scared, isn’t she?”

“Let me go,” I say, “I’m here to have a night out with my friends.”

He focuses on me again, his hand tightening on both my wrists.

“I highly doubt the vampire Darrius would allow you to do that, you came here armed. It’s a full moon, you clearly came here to hunt down some werewolves with your poisonous blood,” I couldn’t deny what he said, it was partly true. A part of me feels slightly guilty, wanting to risk killing werewolves just to prove I was strong.

Suddenly I felt like this whole plan was beyond stupid.

I should have thought it through more carefully.

“She doesn’t deny it,” Christian says to his pack, while staring at me, “Darrius will regret letting you out so easily to roam the city.”

I try to knee him between the legs and he takes a step to the side, laughing.

“Too slow darling,” he reaches down and grabs me around the waist, throwing me over his shoulder.

“Stop!” I yell, “What are you doing?” With a hand on the balcony, he jumps over with me and I scream.

He lands on the ground with ease and with a firm arm around the back of my thighs he starts running down the street.

Members of his pack take their time, following behind us.

“Where are you taking me?” I ask as he runs, “You can’t do this!”

Christian laughs once again.

“I’m an alpha male, darling, I can do whatever I like,” his voice is growly and scary and commanding. How the hell was I going to escape from this situation?

After many turns and alleyways he finally stops in a huge alleyway full of werewolves, all in wolf form. A couple of them finish off ripping two vampires to shreds and I gasp, looking away.

There was so much blood, and parts of vampires littered the alleyway.

“Look what I have here?” He announces to all the wolves, the rest of the pack that comes into the alleyway also morphs into wolf form, clothes scattering on the ground as they change.

There were so many, at least 100 wolves.

I didn’t realise he was alpha of so many.

He slides me off his shoulder and lets me go. When I try to take a step back he grabs one of my elbows, his eyes digging into my own. He had a plan, I could tell.

“What do you want from me?” I ask, glaring back at his now amused expression.

“It’s simple,” he says more quietly, “I’m going to use you to lure in the Prince Darrius.”

“Then what?” I ask, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

“… and then we are going to kill tons of vampires,” He looks towards the rest of his pack, a grin on his face, “We go to the Evergreen Forest on the outskirts of the city! We’ll do our hunting there, this time, the vampires will come to us. Go!”

With yapping and howling, the wolves run off in all different directions.

And the alpha male picks me up once more to follow the rest of the wolves.

I really stuffed up.


I came out into the night to save vampires, and now because of me… I’d be getting heaps of them killed instead.

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