Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 5

I sit down in the middle of the throne room on a chair, tied to it. My wrists and ankles were bound but I didn’t see why they had to go to such great lengths. I could sit on the chair without bindings because even if I tried to escape, I couldn’t. Not with at least fifty vampires now roaming the room.

Darrius is by my side. He occasionally plays with my hair, which is really annoying because I can’t swat his hand away.

“Stop it,” I hiss as his strong but gentle fingers pick up one of my black curls and he tugs on it slightly, “I have bigger issues to deal with right now, I don’t want your hand touching my hair,” I glare up at him but Darrius just smiles wickedly and leans down… closer to my neck.

“I’ll do what I want sweetheart, with you tied up in that chair you don’t have much of a say, now do you?” His warm breath touches my neck and I look the other way, trying to fiercely ignore the weird warm feelings tingly in my stomach from his close proximity.

He might be hot, with his black hair and dark, glossy blue eyes. There were just too many problems attached to this situation right now. He was a vampire, for one. My parents were due to show up anytime soon, apparently. I had no idea if they would be killed on the spot or not. And last but not least, Darrius was my captor and an arrogant prick. I definitely shouldn’t be feeling anything warm and tingly towards him. Definitely not.

Darrius, still close to my neck, catches my eye and gives me a sweet smile, like he knows what I am thinking.

“Piss off,” I growl, wishing he’d just ignore me. I wasn’t that interesting.

I look towards the entrance of the throne room. There are two big double wooden doors, old medieval looking and open at the moment. I could see two figures turn a corner and start walking down the hall connected to the big wooden doors. The figures walk towards the throne room and me.

I stiffen. My parents had come already. I couldn’t see their faces, only their outline as they stalked their way closer. Darrius notices. The King and his body guard behind me declare that they have arrived. The fifty other vampires in the room freeze and wait for the two figures to get closer.

I can see their faces now. My heart misses a beat. My mum meets my gaze and gives me a wink.

What the hell?

I feel Darrius grip my hair and pull my head back, another hand swiftly moves my hair out of the way of my neck and he leans down so his mouth is inches from my completely bared neck.

“Sorry, darling,” he whispers against my skin, “It’s all part of the plan,” I roll my eyes, I can’t help it. One moment flirting with me, the next preparing to rip my throat out. Typical freaking vampire.

“Welcome –” The King says behind me, to my parents who have now stopped at the entrance and take in the vampires all around.

“Is this it?” My mother cuts the king off and then my dad adds, “This is disappointing.” They were decked out in black gear, all sorts of weapons on their belts.

“If you make one move to attack,” The King says behind me, “My friend Darrius here, will rip your daughter’s throat out. So I suggest you don’t move a muscle so we can discuss your daughter’s freedom,” as an added threat, Darrius leans down and presses a kiss to side of my neck. His lips linger and my heart beat increases. He smiles against my skin and I watch my parents anxiously.

Why do they look so damn calm?

“Sorry,” My dad says, “But there will be no negotiating tonight. We’ve come for our daughter and our daughter only. And we will be leaving with her.” I jerk in surprise when Darrius cry’s out and hits the floor. I look to see a large piece of wood has just fallen from the ceiling and hit him in the back of the head. He’s out cold on the floor. The wood was from the roof, and I look up and gasp when I see many vampire hunters, people dressed like my parents, hiding up in the ceiling on supporting beams.

The vampires look up, and as soon as they do, the hunters jump down.

I sit in my seat, my heart beating a million miles a minute, as I watch a blood bath begin to happen right before my eyes.

I sure as hell didn’t expect this to happen.

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