Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 50

Jennifer’s POV

Rory drops me off in Darrius’ bedroom and I pull down my dress and face Rory, feeling extremely guilty about the whole night.

“You okay, Princess?” Rory asks. I’m taken aback by both his concern and the way he addresses me.

“Um, I don’t know,” I reply, “The whole night turned out to be a huge mistake.”

“I’ve read the prophecy a thousand times,” Rory says, “I’ve been interested in it for the last couple of years, and to me it’s obvious that these are not going to be easy times. Wars will happen, death will happen. Try not to blame yourself, you can’t help the position you’ve been put into,” I smile at Rory, but I still feel sick to my stomach after nearly watching Claudia die in front of me. After everything she had done for me since I was kidnapped by Darrius...

... in return I nearly had her killed.

“Thanks,” I reply, “I think I just want to be left alone now,” Rory nods and turns to leave.

“I’ll just be outside,” he says as he closes the door... and locks it.

Darrius’ POV

“Where’s Maximus?” I growl to the stupid young vampire who was leading a human into Claudia’s room, where my brother sat by her side and held her hand as her body repaired itself.

“He doesn’t want to be disturbed,” the young boy replies nervously, handing over the human girl to me. I grab her wrist and pull her forward.

“Thank you,” I dismiss the boy and bring the girls wrist up to my lips. She slightly jerks as my fangs penetrate her skin, she is nervous and frightened. She was one of the new humans captured and brought to the palace, not use to her slave status yet.

Reminded me of someone I knew.

“Hurry up,” Johnathan snaps at me quietly, and I quickly move the girls wrist over Claudia’s mouth to let the blood drip past her lips. Claudia was barely conscious, her body’s energy focusing entirely on repairing the mortal wound to her neck. If she was human she would have died in seconds. Fortunately she was a strong vampire.

“She’ll be fine,” I say quietly to Johnathan, “Hey!” I yell at the boy who is about to leave the room, “Have you seen Xavier at all? I have not heard from him.”

“I - I don’t know anything,” the vampire boy says, “I haven’t seen him around or heard from him.”

“You can go now,” I snap, standing up. My leather pants were caked in werewolf blood and my own wounds were just finishing healing up now. I decided I needed a good long shower before I could properly deal with Jennifer.

Bloody Jennifer.

She was rebellious, defiant, reckless and impulsive. She didn’t use to be like that, at the start she was more quiet and sweet and scared in a cute kind of way. Now...

She needed to be taught a lesson.

What she did tonight was unacceptable, and it cost the lives of many loyal vampires.

I was beyond pissed off at what she did, of the risk she put herself and my friends in.

It nearly cost Claudia’s life.

This time... Jennifer had gone too far.

Jennifer’s POV

I decided to take a long hot shower. I was a mess after all. I had leaves and twigs in my hair and dirt on my elbows and legs. In the shower I wash it all off, until I am crystal clean. It didn’t wipe away the guilt however.

Or the fear of what Darrius would do to me when he got back. He was always going on about how I needed to learn my place. I was a slave to him. Tonight I fully stepped over that mark.

What would he do?

Lock me up forever in his bedroom?

Have guards placed on me wherever I went?

I didn’t know what to expect.

I turn off the hot water and step out of the shower, wrapping myself up in the biggest fluffiest white towel I could find.

It’s as I open the bathroom door that I nearly jump out of my skin when I see him, standing right outside the door, still covered in blood and newly healed wounds.

I hold the towel close to my chest, looking into Darrius’ dark midnight blue eyes. He looks me up and down, but he isn’t smiling.

I try to scoot past him, his gaze far too intense for my liking, but he just grabs my wrist and holds it tight.

“Uh, uh,” Darrius scolds, “Not this time Jennifer,” before I can protest he steps in front of me and leans down, picking me up over his shoulder.

“What are you -?” Before I can finish the sentence he runs to the bed and lays me down at the head of the board. He grabs both of my wrists and holds them above my head. He easily holds them both in one hand and with the other reaches to his bedside table, into the first draw, and brings out a piece of rope.

I gasp.

He wouldn’t!

“I’m going to have a shower,” Darrius explains, “Rory can’t guard the door all day long, and I’m simply sick of you running off.”

“But isn’t locking the door enough?” I ask, “You don’t have to do this too -”

“Don’t talk,” Darrius scolds, “I’ve had enough of your shit tonight.” I watch with wide eyes as he brings the rope over and ties my wrists to the headboard, my towel is still covering my naked body but I try not to move because little movements might loosen the towel and it might fall off.

“You’re going to have a shower?” I squeak, barely comprehending he just tied my wrists to his headboard.

Darrius looks down at me, surveying his handiwork.

“Mmmm,” he says, his eyes becoming more focused, “And when I’m done...” he trails off, thinking intensely about something.

“...and when you’re done?” I ask, trying not to sound so nervous.

Suddenly his eyes focus on mine, but he doesn’t smile.

“Sweetheart, I’ll finally get to show you what it really means to be my slave,” I gulp and watch him turn around and start stalking his way into the shower.

Oh boy, what had I gotten myself into?

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