Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 53

“Supernatural beings will roam the earth and become one with all other creatures. They will merge in with society. However, as soon as they begin to overtake the human population through strength and dominance, there will be a chance to balance back out the power. With the death of hundreds of innocents for the supernatural world to be made, in return there will be an opportunity where all supernatural beings will be under threat of extinction. A human will appear with the genetic make-up to defy all things supernatural, with the power to exterminate supernatural beings. This human has only one weakness, they will be bonded completely to one supernatural being. A supernatural being of immense power. Their souls will be intertwined. If they merge, either light or darkness will ensue. The power of all creatures on earth must always be balanced in order for peace to remain.” A dark, languid but odd voice recites the prophecy to me, and laughs at the very end in amusement.

I try to breathe but I can’t. My throat is closed off in fear and a dark fog attacks my mind, sending feelings of death, terror and anxiety through me. There is a light brush of air against my neck, someone’s breath, it stank of rotten meat, “Such a pitiful, weak, human mind, to be a part of a body with immense power.”

I can’t see anything but darkness, but I feel a sharp blade press to my throat and I scream.

A sick laugh echoes through my mind, and I realise this is not reality. I was dreaming. It was just a dream. This wasn’t real.

“When I come to visit you and your prince, you’ll know you’re not dreaming… I can’t wait to meet you, young girl…”

Who are you?

“I am a supernatural being of immense power. I am your match. Your darkness.”

The dark fog lifts from my mind abruptly, and I feel my conscious rising back to reality.

I gasp awake, jerking upright I breathe heavily, drinking in the air. I feel lightheaded, like I had actually stopped breathing while asleep.

I look to my right and blink a couple of times.

“Jaime?” I ask, she is looking at me, worry lining her face. But she can’t see me. There is a blank look in her eyes. She is sitting on a chair pulled up next to the bed, looking straight through me, like she is possessed by something.

I slowly lean over, outstretching my hand to shake her shoulder but before I make contact, her eyes snap back into focus and she closes her eyes, covering her head with her arms.

“No! Stay away from me!” she cries out.

“It’s just me! Jennifer. Jaime, your awake. What the hell just happened?” I ask her, hoping she’ll realise she is okay.

She looks up at me, and then around the room slowly.

“Oh my god,” she says, barely holding back tears, “Someone, some man –monster, just took over my mind.” I nod, holding the blanket to my chest to cover my naked body I try to calm down myself.

“It happened to me to,” I say quietly, “Why are you here? How did you get in the room?”

“You’ve been asleep for most of the day, I thought you’d wake soon, so Darrius let me in because I asked to talk to you. I thought I could also keep you company when you awoke.” Jaime’s voice is still shaking, “I needed to tell you to be more careful. Don’t leave the palace again. The people who took me will inevitably come after you. So far, we are the only two people that exist that are related to the prophecy…” Jaime trails off, her mind on other things.

“The thing that was just in my head,” I say, “It talked about the prophecy. Said he was coming to meet me.”

“He told me that too,” Jaime whispers nervously, “It actually reconfirms something I was working on. I was talking to Rory, one of the vampires here about the prophecy –”

“I’ve met Rory, he told me he was interested in the prophecy,” I add.

“Yes,” Jaime nods, “He suspects it’s not complete, or perhaps it could be interpreted the wrong way. He thinks there are holes in it, stuff we don’t understand yet. Things we won’t know about until they happen.”

“Like what? What things?” I ask, feeling more and more uncomfortable about the whole prophecy.

“Perhaps that creepy man in our heads?” Jaime suddenly finds the nerves to grin, “Although with all our friends I’d be careful if I was him. You’re friends at the palace are fiercely protective of each other and me and Rafael kick ass,” Jaime manages to make me feel a bit better too and I smile.

“I think I should get dressed and tell Darrius what I dreamt about, maybe we should talk to Rory too,” I suggest.

“Good idea, we’ll go to Rory first. Darrius is busy organising a public execution for Greg Humphrey –”

He’s what?” I cut her off and she rolls her eyes.

“Didn’t you know they brought him back with them after Darrius escaped his imprisonment with the help of Isobel and Rafael?” I shake my head and she continues, “Well, now it’s time for a bit of revenge!”

“The last thing this place needs is more violence,” I state in a dry tone.

“Look, I think we should talk to Rory. You get changed and I can wait outside.”

“Alright,” Jaime gets up to leave and I go to get changed into some clothes.

A monster in my head, Darrius staging a public execution, the prophecy apparently having massive holes in its interpretation…

There were fun times ahead.

For sure.

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