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Chapter 54

I find a loose and comfortable light blue dress in my room, adjoined to Darrius’. I smile to myself as I look through all the dresses and girl clothes he had stored in here – just for me. Then I immediately think of all the other girl slaves he would have kept in here before me and I shiver in disgust. Best not think about that. I was an immortal human princess, Darrius’ wife, I was a part of some bad ass – if slightly confusing and hard to interpret prophecy. I didn’t have much to worry about except staying safe, alive, and keeping my friends out of danger… I needed to work on that last one.

As I walk towards the door I gulp down a lump in my throat.

Poor Claudia, she nearly got her head ripped off because of me. Next full moon I’d be staying well away from werewolves. I would find a way to become more equal with Darrius through peaceful methods.

As I walk out the door I see Jaime holding the key in her hand and I roll my eyes.

“Did Darrius say I can leave the room if you come with me?” I ask, suspicious.

“Yep, he is just worried for your safety though. It’s been a bit tense lately with less humans around. Although the vampires seem to be reeling them in lately, they are so grumpy when they don’t drink regularly,” Jaime explains, popping the key back in her pocket.

“When is Darrius staging this execution?” I ask Jaime as she walks me towards Rory’s room at the underground palace.

“Probably in a couple of hours, they have to feed it into all the live network channels. That’s the plan anyway. Rory’s room is just around this corner…” Jaime points us in the right direction and I nod.

“Where is Rafael? Is he as controlling towards you as Darrius is to me?” Jaime tries to hide her grin.

“Rafael doesn’t control me, he can’t,” she gives a cheeky little giggle, “But he is very protective. I like it. It’s cute,” I try not to laugh at the gorgeous smile on her face. She was definitely smitten by her exotic prince vampire. I still didn’t know where they were from or why they were still here after the wedding was over.

Now we were at Rory’s room, so I’d have to ask her later. He opens it within the first two knocks. His light blue eyes beam with happiness and warmth when he sees us standing outside.

“Hello Princess, Jaime,” Rory opens the door wider for both of us.

“We’re here to talk to you about the prophecy,” Jaime says smiling.

“Darrius let you leave the room did he?” Rory nods to Jaime and directs the question to me.

“Ah, yeah,” I say a bit awkwardly. It was so embarrassing talking about it, being locked up wasn’t something to talk about like it was normal, “Something strange happened before I woke up. Me and Jaime had the same dream.”

“That’s really interesting, you don’t sound too happy about it?” Rory steps aside and I walk into his spacious room. It looked more modern than Darrius’ or Maximus’. It felt more casual with modern furniture – not such a royal vibe about it. The change in scenery was nice. There are two others in the room on the couches.

“It was a nightmare,” Jaime explains. Rory looks worried as he shuts the door and he asks us to have a seat.

“Tell me all about it, this is Anthony and Carla by the way,” he introduces us to the gorgeous vampire with tanned skin, bronze hair and green eyes. Anthony had a human girl beside him. Carla looked about fifteen and gave us a timid welcoming smile.

“Hi,” I say, and she lightens up a bit when I talk to her, “Are you new to the palace?” I ask.

“Yes, but I don’t want to be here –” Anthony sighs loudly and pats her on the head, which gets him a firey glare from Carla, but she doesn’t say anything.

“Poor thing,” he says with both warmth and mockery, “She was so shy and cute, I couldn’t help but take her back with me.” Anthony eyes me with a raised eyebrow and I sit down opposite him, mirroring his expression.

“Oh?” I ask, “Did you ask her permission before bringing her here?” Anthony gives me a warm smile full of brilliant white teeth. Cockiness and self-confidence oozed out of that smile.

“I don’t ask, sweety, I take,” Anthony says smoothly, and Carla grabs a coffee cup from the table and sips at the hot drink, ignoring him. I didn’t trust Anthony, and wasn’t sure if I liked him. But I didn’t know him well enough yet to tell if he was a good or bad vampire.

“Anthony is my vampire friend,” Rory explains, “He doesn’t look it, but he’s been a vampire for at least fifty years. But still acts and talks like a newbie,” Anthony glowers back at Rory and Carla looks up at me nervously again. She was putting on an act of confidence when she talked to Anthony, but she was clearly terrified.

“It’ll be okay,” I tell her, “Just make sure he feeds you.”

“Hey!” Anthony looks doubly offended now after both comments, “I feed her damn well!”

“Ok, ok, can we get to the point of why we came to visit?” Jaime says, exacerbated, glaring like hell at Anthony, “We have bigger issues than your hurt ego.” He puts an arm around Carla’s waist and just glares back at Jaime.

“So why is the Princess here?” Anthony purposefully ignores Jaime and looks back to me.

“Well…” I rant away on the dream both me and Jaime had. Rory listens intently, looking more worried along the way.

“He recited the known prophecy,” Rory reiterates, “And told you he was your darkness? To both of you?”

“From what Jennifer just said, the same things were said to me in the dream,” Jaime agrees.

“Shit,” Rory mutters to himself, jumping to his feet and running away to his desk and computer. He starts rummaging through some papers while Carla and Anthony sit back, relaxed but confused.

“That doesn’t sound good,” Anthony admits, “Lots of drama plays out in your life doesn’t it, Princess?” He asks me, “And it’s weird that you had the same dream.” Jaime just shrugs and I’m about to explain when I quickly shut my mouth. No one else knew that Jaime was also a part of the prophecy. I’m guessing she told Rory, but Anthony wouldn’t know.

“You two should leave,” Rory says while still looking through papers.

“Who? Me and Carla?” Anthony asks.

“Yes,” Rory comes over, “I need to speak with them alone. You can come back later,” Anthony stands up, holding onto Carla’s hand.

“I’ll come back for dinner,” Anthony grins at Rory, “Maybe with another human, you and I can teach Carla how it’s done. Being a good little submissive slave,” Carla’s eyes widen in fear and Anthony notices and has the decency to look a little guilty, “Come on darlin’, let’s get you some more food. I won’t drink you up until you’re 100% healthy and ready for it.” Carla follows him out the door and I feel slightly sorry for her, but I’m more worried about what Rory has to say.

Once Anthony and Carla have left Rory comes over and sits opposite us with a piece of paper.

“I think I found something that might help,” he says, “I asked them to leave because this concerns both you and Jaime, and no one must find out that Jaime is also a New Human, an immortal. It’s better the world believes you are the only one for now, Jennifer,” Rory explains.

“What are you holding in your hand?” I ask.

“I told you I’m very interested in the prophecy and it’s interpretation. Well, I’ve come up with multiple interpretations myself. This is one of them,” he looks me and Jaime seriously in the eye before he adds, “If it’s true, both of you are in big danger.”

“Tell us already,” Jaime prompts, “You’re killing me here.”

“Darrius and Rafael can drink both of your toxic blood,” Rory says slowly, “That makes us believe they are the supernatural creatures bonded to you. However, I had this thought once that maybe that was just something to do with luck or fate – whatever you want to call it. Or perhaps there are more vampires out there that are resistant to your blood. Besides that point – the prophecy suggests humans such as yourselves, are to help balance out the power between humans and supernatural creatures. You are a source of hope for humanity, but with light there is always darkness…” Rory catches his breath and Jaime and I look at each other with worry.

“But that monster,” Jaime whispers. I look to Rory and he sits back in his chair, slouching.

“I think what happened to both of you is serious. The one supernatural creature that can stop both of you, is not Darrius or Rafael, it’s whoever was in your head.” Rory explains.

“I came to that conclusion when you explained that interpretation you came up with for the prophecy. But what does it all mean? He said he is coming to meet us, what happens then?” I ask.

“According to the prophecy, once the two forces unite, other light or darkness will ensue. I’m not sure what will happen, but I do know one thing. Stay safe, and stay out of harm’s way. Just stay hidden. You must tell Darrius and Rafael and they must increase security around the palace. We can’t let this guy find either of you.” I nod and Jaime jumps to her feet.

“We’ll tell them now!” she says, “But Rory, what if we can’t stop this thing from finding us?”

“Honestly?” Rory says, “My best bet is he’ll try to kill both of you. You’re a threat to him, but don’t worry girls. The prophecy said it could go either way. There could be a good outcome.”

“We’ll make sure it comes to that then,” I say, determined to be one step ahead. Even if I didn’t know what I was fighting.

“Good, stay alert girls. I’ll talk to the king – just about Jennifer anyway. See if I can convince him to also be extra vigilant with guards and who is let in and out of the palace. If you dream of this guy again, try to write down everything he says.”

“Thank you for your help Rory,” we farewell him and hurry out into the corridor.

“I’m going to find Rafael,” Jaime says, “You take the keys for Darrius’ room and find him. He’ll probably be in the main hall,” Jaime gives me the keys and they have a small leather lanyard so I put it around my neck.

I feeling of nausea hits me. I put a hand to my stomach. The feelings turns mental – a horrid feeling that overtakes my mind in one wave.

“Jaime,” I call out, to stop her running away to get Rafael. She pauses and we look at each other for a few tense moments, “Do you feel that?” I whisper.

It was quite simply, a sense of dread.

Jaime looks suddenly very pale.

“Yes,” Jaime looks around the corridor, expecting to find a monster lurking, “He’s back.”

“In our heads?” I whisper.

Jaime shakes her head.

“In the palace,” she whispers back.


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