Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 55

Jaime and I nearly jump out of our skins when the lights flicker in the hallway and we both look at each other with wide eyes.

“We have to find Darrius and Rafael,” Jaime whispers, “But I don’t think we should split up.”

“Let’s go to the main hall,” I suggest, “Maybe they’ll be together.”

We both start to walk with a fast pace down the hall, a couple of vampires wondering about either glare or give us lustful smiles. Like they wouldn’t mind having a bite. Too bad for them our blood was poisonous.

The lights flicker once more in the corridor and Jaime and I pause in our progress. As the lights flicker back on again, I nearly scream as I see a vampire standing before us. He had no pupils, just white dead eyes.

“Run,” I whisper to Jaime, and as we are about to turn around, we find that we are trapped. We see another dead looking vampire behind us as well. They both appeared from thin air, from absolutely nothing!

A door creaks open to the left of us and we both see the dead looking vampires raise an arm each, gesturing for us to enter the room to our left.

They start to walk forwards, a grin on each vampire showing rotten looking teeth, and jagged fangs.

“Oh my god, what the hell?” Jaime asks, grabbing my elbow and pulling me to the door, “They want us to go inside this room.” I watch as she reluctantly pushes the door in, her eyes on the inside of the room, mine on the dead looking vampires, “There’s no one in here,” Jaime urges me to come in all the way and I gasp when the two vampires suddenly disappear into a vapour of mist as me and Jaime fully enter the room. I spin around and come face to face with nothing but an empty guest’s room.

“The vampires just disappeared,” I tell Jaime, we both stand close together, our eyes scantily searching the room for danger.

“I don’t think they were vampires,” Jaime replies, “They were something different…”

The door slams shut and Jaime and I turn to see it lock by itself.

“They were an illusion,” the dank, odd and deep voice fills the room. As we slowly turn back around we are no longer alone.

Jaime and I grab each other’s hands as we come face to face with an average height, grey skinned man, who had only a few wisps of hair on his head. When he smiles, all his teeth looked rotten.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I am your darkness,” he replies, he waves a hand in front of him and a wooden table appears before him, out of nowhere. On the table is a sharp, wide knife, and two wooden bowls, “Or more precisely, I am an undead witch – the only undead witch.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Jaime asks, glaring at him, “And how can you do all this stuff? Illusions? Getting into our heads? Our dreams? Making stuff appear from thin air?”

“It’s called power,” The undead witch picks up the knife and eyes both of us, “I need both your blood. That is all for today.”

Jaime and I share nervous looks.

“You’re not here to kill us?” Jaime asks.

The undead witch goes silent and he smiles, showing off his disgusting, green and brown teeth.

“Tell us what you want,” I try to say it with confidence.

“Just your blood, girls,” He snarls happily, “Come here now. I don’t have all day…”

“If we refuse?” Jaime asks. The undead witch brings his hand over the bowl, opens his palm and raises the knife. He cuts his own hand, letting black blood drip down into each wooden bowl.

“Don’t mistake me as someone who shows mercy. Listen to me, and simply do as I say. That way we can make this as quick as possible,” He drawls, eyeing us with his black eyes.

“We are not going to just give in and let you cut us,” I snap, “Tell us who you are and want you want.

“My name is Eddrick, and I want supremacy in the supernatural and mortal world. And one thing I have lost in my time in this realm is patience,” With a final hiss, he raises his cut hand and mutters a few words in a different language.

Uncontrollably, Jaime and I start walking towards the table and Eddrick. I can’t speak, it’s like my throat is closed off as I raise my arm in the air and give Eddrick my hand. Without another word he raises the knife and cuts down the middle of my palm. My hand closes in around on itself and squeezes, letting the blood drip into the bowl in front of me. He does the same to Jaime and when he is finished the spell releases us from its hold and I’m able to take a step back, breathing heavily.

“What happens now?” I gasp out, closing my fist, trying to numb the pain of the cut.

“Now,” he looks at both of us with malicious intent, “I can finally figure out who shall live and who shall die.”

“You mean one of us?” Jaime asks, tears in her eyes.

“It’s all a part of the prophecy,” Eddrick exclaims.

“But there is two of us,” I blurt out, maybe he has answers to the prophecy we don’t know about. Maybe I could make him talk more and give us some god damn answers, “The prophecy claims there is one human who will be different to all others. The prophecy is wrong –”

“You are both one whole,” Eddrick says with a comically raised eyebrow, “You are both stupid as well it seems.”

“What are you talking about?” Jaime questions, glaring at him, “You are talking to us in riddles.”

“It is hardly a riddle,” Eddrick, “You were both born at the same time. One twin will be useful to me, the other will unfortunately have to die. I have got what I came for, now I must leave,” there is a huge amount of mockery in his farewell as he and his equipment disappear in a thick cloggy mist. It slowly dissipates.

The heavy weight on my shoulders seems to lift and I don’t feel that feeling of dread anymore. The anxiety and fear have also left.

“He’s gone,” I mutter, still clasping my cut hand tightly.

“Did you hear what he said?” Jaime asks, eyes wide.

“Yep,” I answer.

“We’re apparently twins.”

“He wants to kill one of us,” I say, “Too bad for him we are immortal, right?”

“Jennifer,” Jaime holds out her cut hand and nods to my own, “Is it even possible?”

I shrug.

“There is only one way to find out,” I say, “I was never adopted.”

“I was,” Jaime quickly adds in. I take a moment to consider Eddrick was actually onto something. I thought he was probably just slightly crazy and talking rubbish. Maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all.

The prophecy wasn’t as wrong as we had all thought. There was just a minor change.

Jaime and I were twins.

Or, more like, long lost twins.

My parents had a lot of explaining to do.

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