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Chapter 56

After carefully looking out into the hallway, and seeing no dead looking vampires with rotten teeth waiting for us, Jaime and I exit the empty guest room.

We notice our cut palms aren’t healing as quickly as we would have liked.

“Magic resistant metal…” Jaime mutters, “Perhaps?”

I shrug, confused still as I look at Jaime, wondering how we are twins. We aren’t identical but we are related to one another. Why did my parents separate us at birth? I would have to leave the palace again to find out. I would actually co-ordinate with Darrius this time though. It really was a dangerous place outside for me now. Werewolves, people like Greg Humphrey –

“We have to hurry before the execution takes place!” I quickly blurt out.

“Don’t you want him to die for what he did to you and Darrius?” Jaime asks, and I shake my head firmly.

“No way,” I state, “He should be punished, but death is not the answer. Especially a televised death. The human race might be underpowered against supernatural creatures, but imagine how much fuel Darrius will add to the fire if he follows through with it? There is enough anger as it is.”

“Alright sis, whatever you say,” Jaime says with a grin, not too bothered by the so far imminent death of politician Greg Humphrey. I smile back at the sis comment.

“We should get there as quick as possible,” I suggest, and we both nod, and head off to the hall in a run. As we twist through some hallways, which all lead eventually to the main hall, Jaime runs ahead of me and turns the last corner, only to run head long into Rafael, who grabs both of her arms protectively.

“Where have you been, Jaime?” Rafael growls protectively, “I can smell blood, you’re hurt!” He sounds both angry and relieved to find her.

“You won’t believe what happened to me and Jennifer,” Jaime says, smiling cheekily. She loved pissing him off, I could tell. It must be a game they play, like me and Darrius. The vampires trying to be ultra-protective, us consequentially always running into trouble – most of the time unintentionally.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere, it’s time for dinner,” Rafael runs his hand down to her palm and looks at the cut, his eyes snapping to me aggressively, “This happened to you to? What happened. You girls have a lot of explaining to do.”

“I don’t have time, I have to find Darrius,” I say, “You can talk to Jaime, she’ll tell you everything.”

“Ok, come with me,” Rafael gruffly tells Jaime, grabbing her uninjured hand and tugging her along with him, “Be alert Jennifer, the palace has been infiltrated by an unknown.” Rafael advises me and I roll my eyes. Well duh, but Jaime could explain what happened.

I needed to find Darrius.

I run off to the main hall, which I’m now very close to. The double doors are shut and there are two vampires standing guard.

“Let me through,” I say, when they don’t immediately open the doors for me.

“Ok, Princess,” One of them says half-mockingly, slowly opening one door, “But if you faint, it’s not my fault.”

I look at him quizzically before peering through the gap in the door.

My heart drops into my stomach, and I feel nauseas at the scene before me. I quickly barge in, furious.

“Darrius, stop!” I yell, running forward. I don’t care that there is a television crew of vampires filming this live into every newsfeed on television.

Greg Humphrey was in chains, barely conscious, a small whimper coming from him, he was muttering something incomprehensively. He was kneeling, but he was covered in blood from head to foot. Darrius wielded the knife that was doing the damage.

Darrius looks up at me, eyes full of bloodlust.

“Stop,” I say, shaking my head, walking up to him, hands clenched in a torrent of emotion, “You don’t have to do this!” I yell, pointing at the injured man before me. I’m now in the view of the cameras, Darrius is telling me with his eyes that I should leave but I don’t let him speak, “This is wrong,” I hiss, tears coming to my eyes, “This is not you Darrius. Torture and provocation is not the answer to this war. You and me,” I walk up to him and grab the knife from his hand, dropping it to the ground, “Us united is the answer.”

“Please, kill me,” Greg Humphrey suddenly speaks up, looking up to me with blood shot eyes, “Please. Kill. Me. Kill me, please… kill me…” he bursts into tears. Darrius hesitates, almost looking guilty.

Almost too quickly another vampire I’ve never seen before steps out from behind a camera, and walks up to the politician with deadly intent.

“No!” I yell out, about to jump forward to try and intervene but Darrius holds me back.

“Don’t try it, sweetheart,” Darrius whispers to me, a mix of emotions in his voice. I don’t know what to think.

The vampire stalks up behind the politician and puts his hands on his neck. He snaps Greg Humphrey’s neck the next moment, and snarls at the main camera aimed on the politician, “Let this be a lesson to all pathetic humans that you are all our slaves, and you are all weak,” he glances at me with furious eyes as he says this and I feel Darrius’ hand tighten on my arm, when I look into his eyes, Darrius has his full attention now trained on the new vampire that intervened.

I then see another vampire step away from the cameras, “It’s done, the camera’s aren’t rolling anymore.”

“Perfect,” Darrius hisses, before shoving me behind him and running straight for the vampire who killed Greg Humphrey.

I watch as the vampire is punched in the face by Darrius, and they start fighting. He struggles against the Prince momentarily, but Darrius is a far stronger vampire. I gulp down a lump in my throat as in an attempt to back off and accept defeat the vampire slips and falls to the ground. Darrius grabs his hair and jerks him back up, standing behind him.

“No one talks to the Princess like that,” Darrius puts an arm around the vampires neck, ready to snap it in half, “You will all show her respect,” I flinch as Darrius snaps the vampires neck, and the vampires watching on look guilty but not scared. I notice he doesn’t bother to rip the head off, which meant the vampire would eventually heal and come back to life.

When Darrius is done he stands and glares at the two doors, one still open slightly with one vampire looking in.

“Who the hell let her in?” Darrius snarls, and the vampire opens the door all the way, looking nervous but nodding at Darrius.

“It was me,” he says.

“Did I not tell you to let no one in?” Darrius asks.

“Yes –”

“Exactly, I think you are all forgetting what happens when you disobey royalty,” Darrius looks around the room, “You do as I say, as all the members of royalty say, and you will live longer lives, understood? I’ll have a word to the King to start enforcing more rules.”

All vampires stay silent but respectfully listen as well.

I’m still angry myself, beyond angry.

Lying at my feet was a dead defenceless human, yes he did bad things but he had no hope. This wasn’t a fair end for him.

“Fuck you, Darrius,” I say coldly, tears in my eyes as I walk to the exit.

I don’t even care about telling him what just happened with Eddrick – a new threat. I just needed to get away from him. I couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Go back to your room, Jennifer,” Darrius growls lowly, a warning in his voice. I ignore him and just walk away. I wanted to go to my room anyway. So I could have a good cry and then face Darrius stronger, ready to take him on. He had tortured that man, been a complete savage. Darrius was better than that.

Just outside the door the two vampires look anywhere than at me.

“Thank you for letting me in,” I say to the vampire who opened the door. He nods but avoids my gaze. I start to walk down the hall and see Maximus walking towards me. I actually don’t mind seeing him for once, but he has a deadly expression on his face.

“Why are you out in the hallways?” Maximus growls, “Go back to your room where it is safe.” I’m about to snap a reply back when he pauses and stops next to me, “Wait, have you seen Claudia and Johnathan at all?”

“No,” I state, “Why?”

“We were infiltrated by someone who slipped in and out of the palace, real quick,” Maximus explains, “Since then, no one has seen Claudia and Johnathan.”

“I met the intruder,” I say and Maximus quickly grabs my arm, “Come on then, you have to tell us everything.”

“I don’t want to see Darrius again,” I snap.

“Too bad,” Maximus growls, “We have a problem, and we are going to deal with it. Claudia and Johnathan are missing, they might have been kidnapped.”

“Fine,” I grumble, I would suck up my emotions and deal with the current issue…

Eddrick. The undead witch.

My friends were in danger once more.

The question was if they were kidnapped… what the hell did Eddrick want with two vampires?

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