Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 58

Raphael eventually drops Jaime off in my room to keep me company as he has to have a word to the King and he also wanted to help protect the palace against the new threat.

“I think this is more serious than we realise,” Jaime says, sitting next to me on the comfy bed, arms crossed against her chest.

“What do you mean?” I ask, lying down and staring at the ceiling. All I knew was everything was unknown at this point. No one knew what Eddrick was up to, and two of my friends had vanished into thin air.

“We all thought the prophecy was misinterpreted, what if we were right the whole time?” Jaime asks, “It’s pretty damn clear about one thing, This human has only one weakness, they will be bonded completely to one supernatural being… Their souls will be intertwined. If they merge, either light or darkness will ensue. I don’t know about you but I think that means Eddrick is going to do something terrible with our blood,” Jaime explains. I listen thoughtfully and think for a moment.

“At least we are in control of our own bodies right?” I add, “He only has some of our blood and we have good protection here, hopefully they find a way to stop him from sneaking into the palace again to get to us.” Jaime goes quiet and I think about mentioning my parents, and wonder if she’ll want to meet them, when there is a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I ask loudly.

“It’s me, Rory, and I have a visitor,” Rory says from the other side.

“Okay,” I reply, and stand up and walk over, I open the door and find Rory standing with a very tall witch with silver long hair. She was wearing a hippie rainbow coloured maxi dress, and it contrasted with her hair. She also carried a bag with her, which clinked with her movements. I knew she was a witch by the distinct tattoo at the corner of her left eye. It looked like a star, “Hi,” I welcome cautiously. The witch smiles briefly before making her way into the room past me.

“This is the most powerful, oldest witch in the city,” Rory says quietly to me, “Her name is Meredith.”

“Rory informed me on what happened to both of you so I invited myself into this sordid palace,” she states in a bold and husky voice, motioning for Jaime to come over closer, “I am here to offer my protection in return for information.”

“What type of information?” Jaime asks suspiciously and she comes to stand beside me to face off Meredith.

“If you both tell me everything that happened in that dream you both received, I can cast a spell on both of you, the most protective spell I know, to give you a strong defence against the monster following you,” The witch explains, she looks at us with eyes that swirl different colours of the rainbow. I didn’t notice until I stopped and looked into them properly. It was eerily beautiful.

“Something else has happened since the dream,” I say slowly, I find the truth spilling out of my mouth and I can’t help but think the witch is using some sort of compulsion on me, “Eddrick came to us.” Meredith’s eyes flash with knowledge and they widen as I say his name.

“I need to know everything that happened to both of you,” she insists, she brings her palm up in front of us, oddly wrinkled compared to her younger face, and she brings up a long sharp nail from her other hand. She cuts a line down the middle of her palm as she says, “I swear upon death I will cast a spell to protect you both if you tell me everything.” She closes her palm and opens it, and I see the blood rise in smoke through the air.

Jaime doesn’t look too convinced, and I still feel unsure.

“She can be trusted,” Rory adds in, noting our discomfort, “Meredith is the strongest good witch in the city. She only uses good magic.”

“The spell I just cast over myself is a promise I’ll keep to my word,” she explains.

Meredith gives Rory a thankful smile and she raises an eyebrow at both me and Jaime.

“Unfortunately the spell I cast to protect these two won’t be in the name of the light, dear vampire,” Meredith drawls honestly.

“What will you’re spell do exactly?” I ask, truly intrigued. Meredith steps closer and reaches out a palm putting a hand on each of our cheeks.

“It will hide you both from Eddrick the undead, he will not be able to track you through the call of your blood or soul. It will stop you falling under his compulsion and mind tricks. My spell will give you both a better chance at life,” She says honestly, “You need all the defences you can have against him. He uses dark magic, and he is wholly evil and will use you both to his own ends.”

“We do need extra protection,” Jaime admits, when Meredith removes her palms from our cheeks.

“Then you better tell me everything you know, dear hearts,” she says lovingly. I feel like it is sweet but almost too good to be true. However something told me she would get what she wanted, and it was better to accept her as an ally than to resist her help.

“We’ll tell you everything then,” I agree. Jaime eventually nods and Rory smiles at both of us reassuringly.

“It’s for the best,” Rory adds, “Especially now that you’ve told us you’ve made contact with the… undead? I guess Eddrick is a vampire.”

“No,” Meredith interrupts, “He is the only undead witch in the world, he resides in both realms. The living and the dead.” That is all the new information we get before we sit down on the couches and explain everything that had happened.

It takes us at least an hour with Meredith asking in depth questions, wondering about every small little detail we have to give. Anything we can remember, she asks us. She drills us for tiny amounts of information about Eddrick, even the sound of his voice and the colour of his eyes.

Once Meredith is satisfied with all the information we have given, she reaches into her bag and takes out a small vial of dark purple liquid.

Holding it in her hand she mutters a few words under her breath and the potion in the bottle starts to bubble.

“Both drink one drop each,” Meredith pronounces each word precisely, so we don’t misunderstand, “One drop only, unless you want to die.”

“I’ll go first,” Jaime says, taking the bottle and smelling the liquid with a look of disgust on her face.

“What’s in it?” I ask, as I watch Jaime shake out a drop of purple liquid onto her tongue. She screws up her face but manages to swallow the drop, passing the bottle to me.

“It is a highly secret potion, I cannot reveal the ingredients,” Meredith explains and I nod.

I shake a drop of the foul smelling liquid onto my tongue and try not to gag. It was a sour iron smell. Like blood. Just worse.

“Oh,” Jaime says, pointing at Rory, “You… have an aura.”

I look to Rory and I notice it too. A reddish aura appears around him, it hums around him slowly.

“I forgot to mention,” Meredith says sheepishly, “It has a side effect of pulling your vision to the other world. But don’t worry, you will only see aura’s of supernatural creatures, and humans. You will not see the fae kind.”

“Faries?” I ask, unbelieving. Meredith winks.

“They live in another realm, do not worry,” she puts the potion back into her bag and thanks Rory with a kind hug.

“Until next time, dear friend,” she says, “Will you show me kindly to an exit? I hate underground dwellings such as these…” she sounds disgusted as they leave the room. I shut the door and turn to Jaime, I can spot a faint black aura floating around her.

“You have one to!” I exclaim, “It’s black. Can you see mine?”

She nods, eyes wide.

“Silver,” she whispers, “It’s beautiful!”

“So is yours, kind of,” I say, tilting my head to the side. Her black aura was thicker and cloggier around her, but went faint from view after I stared at it for a while, “I can’t see it anymore.”

“Yours has disappeared too,” she says, frowning, staring at my waist, “I think maybe that side effect wore off.”

Jaime and I wait to see if there are other side effects of the potion but we don’t feel any different.

“I hope it worked,” I say, “What if because we are resistant to most things supernatural, it just wore off really quickly?” I ask.

“Good point,” Jaime shrugs, “But Meredith should know her stuff, if she is one of the most powerful witches –”

The door slams open and Jaime and I both jump to see Darrius standing there, wet from what looks like rain, which has cleaned off the blood from before. His eyes are wide in worry as he stands there looking at both of us.

“You’re still alive,” Darrius says, relieved, his eyes completely focused on me.

“Why would we be dead?” I ask quizzically, raising an eyebrow.

“I passed Rory and that bitch of a witch, Meredith, as they exited. I knew she came for you. She hates me, so I wouldn’t put it past her to kill the love of my life,” Darrius growls, now stalking up to me and grabbing my shoulders.

“Whoa, calm down,” I say, humorously.

“You didn’t take anything she gave you, did you?” Darrius asks, looking hopeful that I would have refused, “Jennifer?

“Maybe,” I say with a shrug.

“Of course you did,” Darrius says, in a monotone. He pauses for a moment, looking at me with tense eyes, calculating eyes, “Jaime…”

“Yes?” She asks curiously, smiling knowingly.

“…you should probably give me some time alone with my princess.”

“On it!” Jaime winks at me as she rushes out the door.

“You don’t have to leave!” I call after Jaime, but it’s too late. I’m stuck with Darrius, alone.

And he is in a hunting mood.

His eyes were focused on me like a hawk. I had to distract him from the fact I always seemed to piss him off at the worst possible times.

“Any luck on finding Claudia and Johnathan? Oh!” I yell out in surprise as he reaches down and hoists me over his shoulder, stalking his way to the bed, “Put me down! Oh my god!” I squeal as he sits down on the edge of the bed and pulls me down onto his lap, across his knees.

Oh no.

He wouldn’t!

Would he?

“Oh darling,” Darrius says in a growly tone, his arm across my waist, holding me down firmly, “It’s about time you got some real punishment.”

“No!” I struggle in his hold, unable to break free, “I don’t believe you’ll do it!” He wanted to spank me, I could tell. I was trying hard to will him with my mind to make him stop.

I failed.

Wearing a light blue dress certainly didn’t help. He trails a hand up and under my dress and slowly along my lower back, on the edge of my panties.

“You don’t believe me?” He asks dangerously low, his finger hooks in the elastic band of the underwear and slowly slides it down.

“Hey!” I try and hiss, “Darrius! No!”

“When will you learn, sweetheart?” he says easily, his arm still holding me down without any effort, “I’ve wanted to spank your ass since the day I met you.” My underwear slowly drops to the ground, my struggles certainly don’t help.

“You’ve never promised to spank me!” I gasp, as out of nowhere he brings his hand down on my bare skin, smack! It’s not too hard, but I still feel a sting, “Ow!

“You’re beautiful ass is mine, Jennifer,” Darrius lets out a humours chuckle as he smacks my ass again, harder this time.

Erotically, I’m turned on by the whole event and my face flushes with both arousal and embarrassment.

“But what did I do wrong? Ah!” I ask, as his hand comes down again, a little lighter, and then he rubs his hand over my skin, soothing the pain. This was so humiliating, oh my god… why was it so hot at the same time?

“You drank a potion from a witch that hates me,” he says slowly, “You’re always getting into trouble every moment I leave you! You have no idea how to behave like a good little slave should!”

“Meredith was nice! Maybe she doesn’t like you because you’re such a dick!” I attack him back and to my relief he releases me and I scramble off his knees, onto the carpet before him. I stand, hands on hips, face bright red, “You know I’m right!”

Darrius smirks, and I see a deadly fang glint dangerously. I start to take small steps back, narrowing my eyes at him when he looks down at my panties on the floor.

“What are you thinking?” I ask slowly, “Did you find Johnathan and Claudia?”

“No,” he says, frowning, “We can’t do anything else for now. I came back to keep an eye on you. I think I know the best way to keep you out of trouble.”

“Oh?” I ask innocently.

“I’m going to keep you occupied,” Darrius states simply, eyes now narrowing at me as I walk backwards, away from him, “You can’t run, sweetheart,” he says, “And I think from our little experiment before with the ropes… you are more than ready for what I want to do to you.”

I gulp, and clasp my hands behind my back nervously.

“For what?” I ask in a squeak. Darrius grins, fangs both showing off this time.

“I’m going to make love to you, sweetheart,” he says slowly, and my eyes widen, “While I drink your blood.”

Oh crap. I could tell Darrius was on a mission, he wanted to do it and he was going to get it from the look in his eyes.

He wasn’t going to wait any longer…

“W-well… you’ll… h-have to catch me first,” I say.

“Is that a challenge?” Darrius asks, eyes darkening in arousal, he eyes me up and down, and then focuses on my eyes, looking deeply into them.

He slowly stands up, towering over me.

He holds me spell bound. I don’t know what to say, so he answers for me, “You can try to run darling… but you’re not going anywhere.”

I gulp.

This was it.

Darrius was going to pounce, and finally claim me as his true slave.

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