Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 59

“Hold up,” I say, putting both my hands in the air, “Are you sure you want to just pounce on me?”

“I’m sure darling,” Darrius says almost mockingly, with a small smirk, “Do you think I don’t know what I want?”

“What about your brother and Claudia?” I ask, “Aren’t they more important?”

“Everything that can be done, is being done right now, sweetheart,” Darrius reassures me, and then suddenly he turns from me and walks towards his bed. I watch him slowly climb on top and stack the pillows up against the headboard before reclining on them, hands behind his head.

I stand my ground, nervous. Not sure what to do.

“What do you want?” I ask, confused. Why was he lying down for?

“I want you to strip for me, darling,” Darrius says slowly, menacingly, “Cause if you don’t I’ll do it for you and I might not be so gentle.”

“You’re thirsty aren’t you?” I ask, he was more snappy than usual. If that was possible.

“Quite thirsty,” Darrius says lowly, “I’m waiting, darling.”

“What if I refuse, Prince Darrius?” I ask sneakily.

“Slaves obey their masters,” Darrius says, “And if they don’t follow orders, they get punished.”

“What benefit do I get in obeying you?” I ask, wondering.

“You get to squirm with pleasure beneath me, begging for me to finish it,” Darrius growls, “Otherwise if you don’t obey, you’ll be squirming with both pleasure and pain. You’ll still enjoy it, either way. It’s all up to you, sweetheart.”

“No matter what you say,” I state slowly, “It’s always what you want, isn’t it Darrius?”

“Now you’re learning,” Darrius slowly grins, his eyes darkened in arousal, heat and desire.

I couldn’t help but feel turned on by that gaze.

I can’t resist.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I reach for a strap of the light blue dress. I then slowly pull it over my shoulder, down my arm, over my elbow, and over my wrist and hand.

“Is this what you want?” I ask, teasingly. Darrius narrows his eyes at me as I come to a stop.

“The other one,” Darrius orders, his voice erotically low and dangerous. I once again, slowly do the other strap, and once it’s off, my bra is exposed and the dress floats down to lie at my ankles. This was the hard part – getting completely naked.

I look to the ground as I reach behind my back and undo the bra’s clasp. When that is gone too, I slowly look up to the bed, scared to see a disapproving look.

Except the bed is empty.

An arm slips around from behind me and his warm hand lies on my stomach. I gasp at the contact and his other arm also slips around me. He grabs my arm covering my breasts and pulls it down to my side.

“That’s better,” he says quietly, in a husky tone, right next to my ear, “You’re absolutely beautiful, sweetheart.”

“So are you,” I say, trying not to feel so nervous. I was both excited and scared. Darrius was amazing – but I had never done anything like this before!

“Give yourself to me, and I’ll make sure you feel happy,” Darrius growls in my ear as his hand on my stomach slides down lower and his hand dips between my legs, pressing against me. I squirm, panting, because it feels so good, and I gasp when he spreads my lips with his fingers and pushes a finger inside me.

“Oh...” I moan and Darrius lets out a pleased growl. His finger slides in and out of me, and I can feel how tight I am. But it still feels good, “You’re doing a good job at keeping me occupied...” I admit, trying not to pant, relishing the tight warmth of his arms and the things his hand was doing to me down below.

“You won’t be able to walk by the time I’m done with you,” Darrius adds in a satisfied growl, like he knows exactly what he is going to do to me.

His finger leaves me and he puts his hands on my hips to turn me around to face him. I shyly look up at him and he pulls my body flush against his, crushing his lips to mine. The kiss is cruel and hard, but I enjoy every part of it.

While he kisses me, he grabs both my wrists and brings my hands to his black leather pants.

Those damn pants.

Darrius doesn’t have to ask, I know what he wants. I start to undo the button at the top and the zip below them. I can already feel the hard bulge trying to push through. I don’t think he wore underwear on beneath the leather.

Nothing but hard male lay beneath my hands.

Darrius breaks the kiss to grab his pants himself and take them down and kick them aside.

I bite my bottom lip as I see just how big he is.

“You’ll be fine, darling,” Darrius assures me as I stare with wide eyes at it, and then at him.

“I don’t know if it’ll fit!” I say honestly. Darrius didn’t lack size, he was huge. I really wouldn’t be able to walk!

“We’ll see about that,” Darrius reaches down and puts his hands under my ass, hoisting me up so I have no choice but to wrap my legs around his waist. He keeps an arm under me as he carries me back to the bed.

I kiss him more gently as he lays me down slowly on his large soft bed covers, hoping he is gentle with me.

He was a vampire, so he was a lot stronger than the average male human. I hope he held back at least a little.

Darrius’ whole body covers me as he leans down to kiss me, his fang nicks my bottom lip and I pull away in pain. He simply licks it better and starts to trail kisses down to my neck. I arch my neck, ready for him to sink his fangs in. But he doesn’t.

Instead as he kisses me, one of his hands trails down to my open legs and he starts to rub my clit. It’s already swollen and sensitive from his touch and I lose all coherent thoughts as I move my hips in sync with his hand.

Oh God, it felt so good.

I barely register his other hand squeezing my right breast and his lips trailing kisses up to my ear.

“I’m going to sink my fangs in the same time I push my cock into you, understand Jennifer?” he asks nicking my earlobe when I don’t answer straight away.

“Y-yes,” I gasp, “I understand.”

“Good girl,” he says, moving both his hands to my thighs, he starts to push my legs apart. I feel my wetness leaking from me, I was so hot and horny. I wanted Darrius in me, I couldn’t deny it. He fits his hips snuggly in-between my thighs, the head of his cock pushing at my entrance.

He doesn’t push in right away though. He grabs my hips and leans down to press his lips against my neck, where my pulse was throbbing fast from my heart beat.

Before I can fully realise Darrius is about to suck my blood while fucking me, I feel the tip of his fangs on my neck.

He sinks his fangs in the same time he pushes his hips forward, and slams his cock right into me, spreading me as wide and as deep as he can go.

There is a sharp pain – the loss of my virginity. But then I start to feel lost in a wave of pleasure from both my neck and pussy. Darrius holds still in me for a while as he drinks my blood slowly. And as soon as I relax my hips against him more, he starts to pull back out and push back in.

The rest blurs together. I vaguely notice him take his fangs out of me but he continues to pump his cock into me over and over, and I feel warm sticky blood trickle down my neck and onto my chest.

I can feel myself building to a climax as he quickens the pace, and he leans down once more towards my ear.

“This is where you belong, sweetheart,” he whispers, right before he presses his lips to mine again and he starts to thrust in deep. Even deeper than before.

I cry out from the pleasure, feeling myself topple over the edge as I cum all over him. Darrius swears as my muscles clamp down around on him and milk him of his fluid.

Until every last drop is out of him and lying in me.

I’m breathing heavy as he comes to a stop and he slowly grins above me.

“That felt... amazing!” I gasp out, and he simply kisses me once more.

“That’s because I am amazing,” Darrius says against my lips, smiling and happy once more.

He reaches down and starts licking up all the blood that had dripped over my chest, the wound had closed quickly enough. But there was still a mess.

As I lie limp below Darrius, he cleans me up of my own blood, taking his damn sweet time.

“I love you, Darrius,” I say sweetly, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

“Good question,” he says against my skin, now sucking on one of my nipples, biting gently on it.

“Oh!” I’m surprised, I can feel his cock start to get hard once more, pressing against my thigh, “Already?” I ask. I was so spent, and he was ready to go once more.

“I told you, you won’t be able to walk soon,” Darrius says delightfully, reaching up and kissing the tip of my nose, “You’ll be too busy in my bed, keeping me warm, and keeping me full and pleasured. That’s your one and only job, darling.”

“Oh, really?” I ask, smiling against his lips as he kisses me once more. He pulls slightly back and smirks.

“You’re truly mine now,” Darrius growls low, “Every part of you, mine.”

“I’m your equal,” I protest half-heartedly.

“You keep believing that darling, it’s cute,” Darrius then kisses me hard, and I get lost in the pleasure once more.

If being a slave meant being with Darrius...

That honestly didn’t sound so bad after all.

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