Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Chapter 60

Time passes, maybe half the night at least. I spend the whole time in bed with Darrius – who is hell bent on making sure I can never walk again.

“I wanna... sleep...” I protest to Darrius, who has ordered I lie face down while he kisses every inch of my bare skin. It felt amazing, and I was so sleepy.

“No,” Darrius growls, lightly biting my shoulder, “You can’t sleep yet.”

“When?” I ask dreamily, my face buried in a pillow with my arms hugging it in front of me. Sleep sounded like the best thing ever right now – I was truly spent.

“When I’m finished,” Darrius orders, kissing where he bit me to sooth the pain.

After hours of no intrusion, there is a light knock at the door.

“Darrius,” It’s Leah, “Are you in there?”

“This better be important,” he snarls back at the door. He really was a prince – getting exactly what he wanted. Commanding his followers with that deep, authoritative tone. Just thinking about it suddenly makes me all wet again and I wiggle my hips.

“Johnathan is back,” Leah responds.

I feel Darrius slide off me and get off the bed, going towards his black leather pants on the ground without hesitation.

“I’m coming,” Darrius reassures Leah and I take a moment to register what is going on.

Johnathan was back?

“What about Claudia?” I ask, struggling to get up. Darrius quickly comes back over to me and gives me a cruel hard kiss, while at the same time pushing me back own, a hand firmly on the small of my back.

“You stay right here,” he growls low at me, “Understand? Get some sleep – you’ll need it for later.” The menacing threat does wonderful things to my insides.

Darrius stalks out of the room after Leah – somehow he still has energy.

I lie still for minutes – contemplating getting up. I want to sleep but sleep is held back by a nagging instinct to see what is going on. I slowly slide out of bed onto the floor, taking blankets with me, I stretch as much as I can. Almost all of me aches from Darrius’ glorious love making.

I get to my knees, and with some effort I stand up, half asleep. I wobble to the bathroom and turn on the shower, hoping it’ll wake me up.

I finish with the shower quickly – going to grab a new dress. I choose a red one. Something more formal. I felt more like a princess now; a thoroughly fucked princess.

It felt damn good.

I don’t bother with shoes and make my way out of Darrius’ room. I head straight for the main hall – hoping that’s where everyone will be.


I walk into the main hall to find many vampires looking up towards the thrones, where the King stands, arms crossed against his chest, with Darrius. Everyone is watching.

I push my way through and the vampires make way for the princess. Finally showing me some respect.

I come to a stop just on the edge, because I see that Johnathan is being held down in chains on a chair, looking calmly up at his father and brother.

Darrius glances at me but for once doesn’t seem too concerned about my presence. He is more focused on Johnathan.

“Tell me exactly what made you change your mind, son,” The King asks coldly, “And tell me you are joking.”

“I do not serve you anymore,” Johnathan says in a cold, dead tone, “I serve the Queen of Darkness – my saviour. I pledge my allegiance with Jaime.”

“For the thousandth time,” Darrius growls, “What happened to you?”

“I was enlightened,” Johnathan says with a cold smile, laughing.

“What happened here?” I ask, stepping forward – coming towards Darrius. Johnathan’s eyes snap to mine and he starts snarling uncontrollably.

“Let me go!” He screams at the King, yanking on his chains, “She needs to die – her blood is the death of all supernatural creatures!”

“He has been out of his mind since we found him,” Darrius tells me, putting an arm around my waist.

“Someone fetch Jaime and Rafael,” The King orders, “We need to get to the bottom of what my son is saying.”

“Let me go! She must die,” Johnathan is staring straight at me – eyes alight with fury. All traces of the gentle vampire I once knew are all gone.

“Where is Claudia?” I ask him point-blank. Hoping he gets some sense into him when I say her name.

“Claudia is dead to me.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I ask, hurt.

“Eddrick has changed him, we need to change him back,” Darrius explains.

“How did you find him?” I ask both Darrius and the King.

“It wasn’t hard finding him massacring humans in the middle of the city, body parts being found strewn over the streets” The King explains, and I can hear the confusion and shock in his tone as he says this, “Johnathan has lost control of his blood lust. We don’t know why.”

“But where is Claudia?” I ask once more.

“We don’t know,” Darrius holds me tighter, “No one knows what is going on.”

At that moment Jaime and Rafael enter the main hall, heading straight for the king.

Jaime and Rafael break through the crowd and come to a stop when they see Johnathan chained down to the chair.

“Your highness,” Rafael greets the King, “What do you need from my slave? What happened here?”

“She is my queen now!” Johnathan states, his eyes focusing on Jaime, “You are my queen – my saviour!”

“What the heck?” Jaime mutters, looking from Rafael to the King, “I swear I have no idea what’s going on.”

“I know what’s going on!” Everyone turns to see the girl standing at the entrance, perfectly intact and alive.


“Where have you been?” Leah growls at Claudia.

“I escaped and it took me awhile to find my way back,” Claudia comes forward. All the vampires look on with suspicion.

“Maybe you would care to explain then,” the King asks, giving her an odd look as she walks through the crowd. I grin at Darrius, only to see him also staring at her with an odd expression on his face.

“We were both kidnapped by Eddrick,” Claudia says, coming up to the King and steering clear of Johnathan, “The undead witch both forced us to drink two different potions of blood. Hers,” Claudia points at Jaime, and then looks at me, “And Jennifer’s blood.”

I smile at Claudia and she also smiles back at me.

“Go on,” The King says slowly. The room is tense now – all the vampires look confused. I’m not sure why, Claudia seemed the exact same to me.

What was the problem?

“Jaime’s blood, mixed with Eddrick’s, turned my boyfriend into a monster – he won’t be able to resist the call of bloodlust,” Claudia looks at Johnathan but he just stares back at her with cold eyes, “He is programmed to follow the one that made him like this – Jaime.”

“How do you know all this?” The King asks.

“We turned at the same time, and I overhead everything Eddrick said as he welcomes Johnathan back to life. I escaped while he was feeding Johnathan human sacrifices he had lined up. He forgot about me while obsessing over Johnathan and I escaped,” Claudia goes a bit quiet, “Barely...”

“Where did he take you?” I ask, curious, “Why weren’t you turned into a crazy monster?”

“He took us to the middle of nowhere in the Evergreen Forest,” Claudia suddenly can’t hold back the tears, and she starts to cry, “I was... I was powerless to save him, I’m sorry –”

“Don’t apologise,” Darrius growls, walking up to her and embracing her in a tight hug.

Claudia lets him hug her, but he oddly sniffs her hair and then holds her back at arms length, staring at her with wide eyes.

“Impossible,” Darrius mutters.

“You can thank Jennifer’s blood mixed with Eddrick’s for that,” Claudia says with a smile, wiping away her tears.

“What’s impossible?” I ask. All the vampires were in on it by the look of awe and bewilderment on their faces. The King shakes his head in disbelief.

Claudia walks away from Darrius and up to me, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“Thank you, Jennifer,” she whispers in my ear, “Your blood works as a miracle.”

It finally sinks in as I see her smile at me once more.

Close up.

Claudia’s fangs were gone.

“You’re... human.”

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