Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 1

Darrius’ POV

Seeing my youngest brother tied down to a chair, raving mad, lost in the throes of blood lust, I keep a blank face – showing no emotion. Being a Prince vampire required discipline and control. Johnathan tied down made me feel uncomfortable – the only one I wanted tied down was young Jennifer.

Who couldn’t follow the simplest orders.

It was always at the back of my mind that maybe she was a bit slow witted, or just had a simple mind perhaps. But she was educated and brought up with manners – that was for sure. But her ability to not comprehend the definition of master and slave was extremely annoying.

I think she was starting to understand the meaning of it however – after those hours I spent keeping her in my bed.

It is as I’m thinking of her sleeping peacefully and fully naked in my bed, that a smile slowly spreads across my face... and then I get a whiff of her sweet scent in the air.

She was awake? My eyes dart to the front of the main hall and I spot her.

Here she was again, barefoot in a long red dress, parting the crowd as she entered the main hall. With a slight limp.

I probably handed out more pleasure than she could handle for her first time. But I didn’t regret one moment of making love to her.

She was irritatingly gorgeous too. How was I to say no to her sweet face? But then again, I did say no, all the time, and it was highly amusing to see her become so frustrated and determined. All her expressions were beautiful. She was beautiful.

As Jennifer stands beside me and we try to work out what went wrong with Johnathan...

My other missing friend returns what seems like moments later.


But there is something different about her.

Her walk, her face, her smile.

And she smelt like what she used to smell like when I first met her... when she was a human.

Claudia’s POV

When I first encountered Darrius and Johnathan – they were both incredibly arrogant Prince Vampires. Or at least Darrius was – Johnathan was always sweeter. Which was why when Darrius had made a move on me all those years back I had flirted with Johnathan to piss him off – only to fall in love with Johnathan and his gentle personality and calm spirit.

When I had met them they were both young vampires – recently turned, and we all became fast friends. I was human for a long time – until I fell so deeply in love with John that I wanted to live with him forever. So I agreed for him to turn me.

Now the love of my life had his mind and body transformed by an evil undead witch, into a monster.

Johnathan and I were his guinea pigs in an experiment with two different powerful as hell concoctions. The difference between the potions were the two different bloods used. Jennifer’s and Jaime’s blood. Both human girls were from a prophecy dictating the future of supernatural creatures and the way they co-exist with humans.

Jaime’s blood made Johnathan lose all sense of control.

Jennifer’s blood had another affect all together.

After swallowing her blood mixed with the undead witch’s blood – I felt all my senses dull – and my human mind started to reawaken. Older memories filtered back in. I felt like a living zombie for a few moments. Right before I had realised what had happened to me.

I was no longer a vampire.

I was a human once more.

Jennifer’s POV

"You’re human?" Darrius asks low, wide eyed and tense.

Claudia nods.

All the vampires in the room listen to what is going on. The King is deadly silent also. You’d think a room full of so many beings would have at least some sounds of breathing – the silence was eerie.

It doesn’t last for long.

As the news finally filters through to our large audience.... all hell breaks loose.

Vampires start arguing and talking amongst themselves, infuriated, and they all look at me – a death threat written in all their stares.

Then three of the meanest looking ones band together and start stalking towards our small group.

The King stands by and watches on curiously but does nothing to intervene even when Darrius looks to his father with pleading eyes.

“The Princess is too great a risk to our existence,” the tallest vampire hisses at Darrius, “She must die, surely you understand?"

“You will not lay a hand on her,” Darrius growls, grabbing me and pushing me behind him.

“Gregory has a point, son, everyone here does,” The King growls low at Darrius.

“That was the same attitude you had towards the Queen!” Darrius roars, facing the king and snarling, “That’s why she’s dead. It’s always been because of you! You disgust me!”

"How dare you speak to me like that –"

But Darrius’ furious outbreak is enough to distract him long enough from the approaching vampires. Two of them rush Darrius, taking him by surprise.

The tallest vampire, Gregory, has his focus all on me.

He uses his vampire speed to charge me, I cry out as he tackles me to the ground and my head smashes hard against the marble floor. I scream as his fangs rip into my throat, and then suddenly I am not the only one screaming.

Gregory falls off me, burning to death as my blood burns through his skin on his face and makes the rest of his body bubble and go red. In a few moment he crumples beside me and I gasp when he lands right next to me. I try to roll away and I find Claudia hovering over me, trying to protect me from the angry crowd.

I see Darrius has also now lost his mind, and he has already managed to kill both vampires that tackled him.

“Just breathe, you’ll heal soon,” Claudia says, tears in her eyes, “I wish I could do more to protect you.”

"Who let him go?" The King suddenly roars, forgetting about me. Claudia looks over her shoulder to see what has happened and I also try to take a peek.

Someone had unlocked Johnathan from the chair.

He was gone.

“Oh my god, we need to get you somewhere safe,” Claudia says, trying to help me to my feet.

I sway as I stand up slowly, and Darrius rushes to my side and puts an arm around my waist.

“Take her away from here, Darrius,” Claudia hisses, “I’ll try to talk sense to your father.”

Darrius simply nods, picking me up.

"Everyone calm down!" The King slowly gets everyone’s attention, “We have a lot to discuss. Get back to protecting the Palace. We’ll discuss this new issue formally, do you understand? Stop gawking, make sure that witch gets no access to this palace ever again. Kill Eddrick on site if necessary. Now disperse! You’re not going anywhere, Darrius,” The King motions to his son with a piercing glare, “We need to talk about this.”

Darrius pauses, Claudia doesn’t even know what to say.

Then suddenly as everyone is leaving the room at the King’s orders, a familiar face approaches us.

“Give her to me,” Maximus calls out to Darrius, and when they meet eyes, Darrius seems relieved that he has some back up.

I wrinkle my nose as Maximus comes closer, he is covered in muck and looks like he just walked out of a tip. He smelt gross, like rotten vegetables and vomit.

Maximus frowns as he sees me and my bleeding neck. Darrius gives Maximus a curious look, eyeing him up and down.

“Don’t. Ask.” Maximus says to all three of us, taking me out of Darrius’ arms, he holds me protectively close to his chest, turning and walking from the room.

“What... happened?” I ask Maximus in a hurt whisper as he walks with me out of the room, cradling me close.

“Don’t you mind, darling,” Maximus says sweetly, but I can tell he is hiding something, “Now you can do some explaining of your own, what the hell just happened in there?”

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