Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 2

Maximus carries me back to Darrius’ room and lies me down on the bed, careful not to get my blood on his skin. My neck had healed up on its own and the remaining blood was making my neck sticky. He can’t clean it off for me so I ask for a wet rag and do it myself.

I explain to Maximus everything that had happened and he listens intently, while still smelling very foul.

“So basically everything falls apart as soon as I leave the palace?” Maximus asks, smirking.

“Hell yeah it did,” I whisper, so tired, “I think I should get some sleep, and you need a shower.” Maximus goes a little quiet and then his mouth turns up in the corner in an evil smile.

“You haven’t seen Isobel around by any chance?” Maximus asks, I can hear a menacing tone behind the question and I just smile at him.

“I haven’t exactly had the chance to see her, no,” I answer and Maximus grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze as he stands up.

“You get some sleep, sweetheart,” Maximus says farewells, and before he turns to leave he looks at the bed a bit more closely, the sheets are messed up and he sniffs the air, “No wonder you’re so tired,” Maximus is far too smug as he grins and I blush a bright red.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” I say a little too quickly.

“Mmmhmm…” Maximus wiggles his eyebrows as he backs up towards the door.

“Just go already,” I can’t help but laugh a little at the amazingly happy look on his face, “Go!”

“Sweet dreams Jennifer,” Maximus farewells, “I’ll lock the door from the inside so that no one can get in.”


I don’t think I even hear Maximus close the door, because as soon as I close my eyes I fall into the darkness.

I sat down at a computer in the library section of the palace, looking through documents on the prophecy. Rory sits next to me with his friends Anthony and Carla. They’ve recovered news that there is a new part to the prophecy.

“Haven’t you seen it?” Rory asks with a big grin. I shake my head.

“It looks the same to me,” I respond, confused. Carla and Anthony start laughing and Rory joins in. They refuse to tell me what I’m looking for.

“Look again,” I nearly jump out of my skin as I hear Leah and Owen’s voice next to my ear. I start to feel extremely on edge. Why was everyone being so vague? Why did they all seem so happy but refused to tell me what the difference was?

Before I look back at the screen I can feel my chest tighten and nausea rise steadily within me. Fear starts to creep in every part of my thought process and my breaths become shorter, my chest restricting. Adrenaline seems to pick up but keep me frozen. I felt heavy and useless and helpless.



Not again.

He couldn’t be back, invading my dreams.

What about the witches spell? Meredith’s magic potion?

I force open my eyes and look back at the prophecy. I scroll down to the bottom and see a new line, blood red and in bold.

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