Prince Darrius ➛ [Abducted by Vampires Bk.1]

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Part 2 Chapter 3

Darrius’ POV

“Jennifer is not a threat - her blood is not a threat,” Claudia states from beside me, pleading to the King to make him see reason. We are in his office, standing as he sits on his big leather black chair. He agreed with the majority of vampires that her ability to turn vampires back into humans was a way to eradicate all of the vampires from the earth.

Hence she was a danger.

Claudia and I requested to talk to him alone, knowing that other vampires would just get in the way with their biased, selfish opinions. We’d have our say - then the King could talk to the rest of the disgruntled vampires.

“We don’t even know how much blood Eddrick has,” I growl, and my father looks at me with hostility. Ever since I lost my control on my anger and blurted about my mother - the Queen - I had made a big mistake. It wasn’t going to win me any favours with my father.

My mother had been a good Queen, and a loving mother. The King never trusted her though - despite her being his wife.

She wasn’t just a normal vampire - she had been a Hunter like myself. Vampire hunter turned to hunt it’s own breed of humans. However she was the exception.

She used her assumed bloodlust towards vampire hunters - to save them and others from death.

She was always a great believer in freedom, equality, fairness. Jonathan inherited all those qualities. Me and Xavier didn’t understand why she was so damn sympathetic to the enemies, however she was our mum.

So we loved her dearly.

And now she was dead.

“What I do know, son,” My father sneers at the word, “Is that your pathetic princess has blood with the potential to wipe out our race of beings.”

“Not if her blood stays with us only, not if we protect her, properly,” I try to keep my calm as I glare at the King, he knows I am referring to his inability to protect the Queen.

“Then I suggest you drain her accordingly,” the King says with a cold smile - as he knows this will anger me, “We need to keep her low on blood - if you want to keep her inside these walls. The less blood she has the better.”

“That will make her very sick,” Claudia speaks up once more, but ever since she walked back into the palace human - my father didn’t look at her the same anymore. She wasn’t a respected vampire, just another weak human slave, “You can’t just drain her of most of her blood then keep her in that state, she could die from that.”

“That’s not my issue, you need to find another solution Darrius,” My father looks at me with arrogance and a tilt to his head, “Or there will only be one option left and you know what that will be.”

“You’ve always been one to take the easy option,” I hiss, “Every time.”

“Actually, I make the right decisions to keep vampires alive - to protect every single one of us from being over powered by the other threats out there in the world!”

What he says suddenly give me a brilliant idea.

“Wait,” I say, looking at Claudia and then at my father, “We haven’t been looking at the full picture.”

“What else is there to question? We know what the situation is,” My father doesn’t believe I have a good idea but I’d prove him wrong.

I look to Claudia and her eyes look knowing - she has also figured it out.

“Jennifer’s blood mixed with Eddrick’s cures vampirism,” I state, “But what does it do to werewolves? To witches?”

“Even the fae kind,” Claudia adds in a whisper, but that option isn’t as realistic. No one ever saw fairies - they probably didn’t even exist.

“Hmmm...” The King rumbles and Claudia smiles while I only smile inwardly. We had come up with another option, “Depending on what the affect is - we will soon find out if we have ourselves another valuable weapon. But, we need to find out, don’t we?”

“I guess we’ll be paying a visit to your best buddy,” Claudia grins at me and punches my arm. The force in her punch she use to have is completely gone and I smirk back at her.

“Weakling,” I tease.

She has the audacity to look shocked.

“I am not weak, Darrius!” she hisses playfully back.

“Heh,” I give her a mocking look that I know will annoy the crap out of her and then I look towards the King for his approval of the new plan and he nods, but still frowns.

“You better get a move on, you’ll need Eddrick’s blood too,” he adds.

“I can help with that,” Claudia crosses her arms over her chest and gives me a challenging look, one eye brow raised, “You ready to confront Christian? Darrius? I’m sure the alpha werewolf misses your company.”

“Let’s get a move on, we have to figure out a plan first,” and as Claudia nods and turns to walk out I quickly lightly punch her arm and skit to the side - too fast and too out of range for her human responses to figure out what just happened.

“Idiot,” Claudia mutters, glaring at me, while opening the door and waiting for me, “Princes’ first.” I shrug and as I walk by she kicks my shin - hard.

I growl low in my throat and dive down and grab her around the waist, chucking her over my shoulder - like the good ole days.

“Oh, let me go!” She starts laughing while I grin. She couldn’t go up against me anymore in fights - I’d always win.

As we walk down the corridor - Claudia complaining and slung helplessly over my shoulder, I hear the King whisper to himself, annoyed, “Where the hell is Xavier?”

I frown as I remember my older brother.

I assumed he was off teaching his runaway slave a lesson or two - but he should have been back by now.

Where the hell was he?

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